“Gila-Gila” What a Headline ….?~ Malaysiakini

***Updated 11.05 am**** Written by Zora Chan in todays 11th September 2008 local daily SS not aware of sacking of headmen quote “I’ve never heard about it. This is the first time that I’ve heard about it,” he told reporters here when asked to comment on the news that was reported in an Internet portal. (HellOooooooooo!! Can some one tell me what’s WrOoooong..?) ..The 7 Headmen,Dr.Patau,Nansian or Wilson Baya somethings WrOoooong HEREeee..

Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89448 had this headlines March 8: “The day Malaysia woke up” which refers to a book launching for journalist and playwright Kee Thuan Chye. Good and congratulations to him for coming out with The collection of interviews and contributions from various socio-political observers was compiled following the historic election results. The morning local English daily had the headlines:”BN not crumbling:PAK LAH but what was about to come from my father inlaw was very surprising. I answered the phone and he said turn to “page 9“.

Of course I flipped to that page.Guess what,”Gila-Gila Way to lose job.” and the subheading was small printed ‘Appointing younger leaders a necessity when village chiefs no longer deliver’ What has got my inlaw angry was that how could the SPDP Tasik Biru assemblyman Peter Nansian Ngusie uttered such words. My father in law is a Bidayuh from the area and he feels that this is an unnecessary and it has got everyone in the community talking about it.

Is it going to be another misquote from the context? The statement is,”responding to a report on an Internet news portal, said the four grounds for termination of the services of ketua kaum are: non-performance, becoming obsolete, old age and ‘gila-gila’ How do i defend such a statement coming from a Yang Berhormat from my inlaws area.

Next he is going to tell me that he doesn’t need their votes is it? How can all our YBs suddenly become so vocal in the wrong way by expressing words which should not be used and it will be very hard to take it back. Does he want to be reelected or does he just want to spoil his chances at the next state elections? Or is there a political motive to remove himself from the “equation” as the Bidayuhs are known to be very unhappy on the ground? Whatever it is these words should never be used,”GILA-GILA” means Crazy or Mad.

The full report can be read on Page 9 of todays local daily and you all can judge for yourselves the damage he has done to himself. Sorry Peter as much as i want to support you but you must know Family comes first,Political alignment third after Religion. You should not have open yourself to this type of “Publicity” and I hope for your sake something can be done. I have tried to squeeze myself out by keeping quiet the whole day but I know as a politician when we are embroiled in “SALAH” words used we must apologise in the correct manner. 

I still have to go back to my dad in laws kampung and like it or not I have to say “SORRY” and “Minta Ma’af” to them for you. Don’t say I do not need to as I am still a Parti Rakyat Sarawak Divisional chief within the BN 4 family in Sarawak until if and when I decide otherwise if ever.

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Anwar Marathon Now-“September 16th 2009 or 2010” ~ Malaysiakini

****Updated 11.10pm*** The public forum ends as the moderator Stephanie Bastian brings the curtains down,”The mystical date, “916”, a date of power-shift as proclaimed by the defector leader, Anwar Ibrahim of the Parti Keadilan Rakyat has further heightened the speculation, anxiety and hope of change.” Bugi wijaya and Cindy made their way to Kuala Lumpur for this forum. We thank you on behalf of audie61 for your strong support. Bye from KL..

****Updated 11.05pm*** Q & A- Hisham said that 916 is zero and would not happen BUT he is sure that Anwar will be Prime Minister.

****Updated 10.55pm***Encik Haji Zaid Kamaruddin (President, Pertubuhan Jemaah Islah Malaysia, [JIM] ) briefed the crowd on the constitution that final decision of constitution on who command majority 2b PM is KING. He also talks about ISA.

****Updated 10.35pm***PKR MP Subang Sivarasa”Any change by Pakatan will be constitutional thats a Guarantee.Until 308 Msian were scared of change but 308 change all that, If n when d transfer of BN 2 Pakatan they will be no uncertainty. The role of civil society must be vigilany n must keep d politicians honest n have 2 b d check and balance 4d govt of day n not rely on d opposition.There will be mistakes made by Pakatan n civil society must play their role. Pakatan commitment are clear. 1) return freedowm back to all Malaysians 2)Bring good governace and transperancy 2 all 3) To bring economic equity to all that no community be marginalised. If there is a referendum now majority of Malaysians want 916 to take place.” 

****Updated 10.20pm***Sivarasa earlier said that Politics is an art of deception.916 might happen not because of Anwar but bcos ppl want it.Malaysians want it.BN dug its own grave on 4th june 2008 by increasing oil prices after that all things went up. Its not the date for it to happen but its a date when Malaysia is BORN. even now as he is speaking discussions r going on.He believe in transparancy of gov’t but the whole discussion has to be done quietly and swiftly. Thos who are confirm crossovers have to be kept secret or they will be HARASSED. Its a real possibility but its not on 916 cos MPs cannot stay in Taiwan forever.

****Updated 10.10pm***SG Dtk Richard Yong says if d current political  scenario is status quo Malaysia is Doomed. D rakyat is beginning to believe that 916 tak jadi but only the gov’t believe as they shipped MPs on study tour to Taiwan. Tawau MP Datuk Chua Soon Bui among the spectators here,Treasurer Dtk Wong Yit  Ming,Supreme Council member Dato Dr.Wilson Yong and former youth Exco Tony Sing are present too. Sabah writer Dr Oh Ei Sun is here too. Earlier they were all seen together with DAP MP Teresa Kok.  

****Updated 9.40pm***Ng Choong Soon and YB Sivarasa has spoken and made their points. The crowd of 350 is now listening to the SG of SAPP Dtk.Richard Yong. Bugi Wijaya said the wifi crashed and he had to sms me on now.

****Updated 9.25pm***Also there is no cabinet lineup as in other countries there is a “Shadow Cabinet” Here there is none.

****Updated 9.20pm***Hishamuddin Rais (Veteran Columnist) says that he is convinced that 916 will not happen. The crowd looks disappointed but he says that is the truth. Everyone should get on with their life. The economy package by Pakatan does not impress him.

****Updated 9.10pm***Bugi Wijaya is in KL attending After Permatang Pauh, is 916 an opportunity of change?” jointly organized by the Youth Section of the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall (KLSCAH Youth Section), Empower (Persatuan Kesedaran Komuniti Selangor) and JIM (Pertubuhan Jemaah Islah Malaysia)


Hijacked and Jetsetting” BN MPs are now to be blamed as Anwar’s 916 meaning September 16th 2008 is “Held Back” Malaysiakini portal http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89433 reports,” Anwar, 61, had earlier said he had information that the MPs would not be allowed to return from Taiwan before Sept 16 in order to thwart his plans.

Natasha said as far as she knows Anwar has never mentioned it’s 2008 unless she herself has failed to picked it up. It’s always been “916” says William “PKR Stampin Divisional Information chief” online as we doublechecked before we “posted” this report. Updated 10.00pm (Ha,ha we got everyone. At least people are checking up on us. Of course Anwar said it. So many F@#$LS or so called “Intellectuals” sms us and BLASTED us who say we do not check facts. Of course we do. Read between the lines guys.Get your own BLOGS if you want to express yourselves.Even Tony Fernandez Air Asia supremo is blogging.Natasha says,”Don’t criticize people if you cannot have the GUTS to write. ) 

Looks like David Copperfield the “illusionist” best known for his combination of illusions and storytelling needs to be hired to solve this mystery. Eric a Pharmacist also said to Natasha that he has always heard 916 only. Very true…Anwar is gooooood huh doooon’t you thiiink..?

An UMNO Sarawak member when contacted reinforced his earlier statement that Anwar is still “NO WIND” Do I need to say more..? You see,you see huh..! from this STAR newspaper pointing to me,”After discussing with PAS and DAP, the date can be postponed even though our target was Sept 16. He went further by saying,” Of course after tomorrows Pakatan meeting he will blame BN as 49 BN backbenchers are in Taiwan on an agricultural study trip till September 19th. He says he will have 4 BN MPs defect to 42 on his list why not I say I will have 30 Pakatan members in my hand by September 16th 2009. Does he want 13th GE..? Say so lah, as UMNO and the rests of the BN coalition are now ready for Pakatan. 

Meanwhile, MCA SG Ong Ka Chuan said in an interview in TV3 that this is just Anwar’s,”psycological warfare” just to rattle the Barisan Leadership. What other “surprise” does Anwar have as his plans of takeover of 916 will soon be over.

 Maybe Anwar is going to say 2009 or 2010 Natasha said and this time he will tell the Rakyat to forgive him as BN has hijacked the MPs to Taiwan. Will the Rakyat let him off..? We shall see as maybe after September 16th 2008 there will be a “sequel” for 2009 for the script MALAYSIABOLEHLAND.

By the way,David Copperfield has just invited aspiring storytellers to join him on his next tour. Taiwan is out as BN has learnt the ropes of being agriculturalist and America looks good for the port of call for Pakatan members as Anwar has often been termed a good friend of the United States. The quest for the throne of the “Prime Ministers in Waiting” Anwar and Najib will go on as a Marathon Race 2009/2010.  


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UMNO’s “Prerogrative”~ Malaysiakini

It seems that “everyone” wants some sort of action against Ahmad Ismail.  Even the BN meeting held yesterday left it to UMNO as this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/89379 has PM saying that Umno supreme council members would convene a meeting on the 10th at noon. Its splash all over the papers both local and internationally and the International Herald Tribune has even this as headlines,” Malaysia to punish official for Racist remarks.”

So everyone will wait for what UMNO will do to one of its own. I am not a Supreme Council Member of UMNO and if I was I will air my thoughts without “Fear or Favour” It involves an UMNO party man and there are clearly provisions and terms stated in UMNO constitution which the party can fall back on. Like any establishments the organisation folllows a set of rules and the people/media/component parties have had their outpour of anger made known. It is up to UMNO now. 

If I may quote from “Party Rakyat Sarawak” constitution which I am more familiar with it will fall under Article V of the said constitution and it has the heading under Expulsion of Members (a) to (i) and the Procedures of Expulsion (a) to (c). Hang on…! There is also a disciplinary committee which usually takes the necessary action. In courts we say,”No one is guilty until he is charged“.

UMNO will deliberate amongst its members in the Supreme council and may even put to vote in this instance. In PRS the highest policy making body of the party is the Triennial Delegates Conference and Im sure UMNO is the same.

All avenues are to be looked at before one is put on trial as Ahmad is both by the people of Malaysia and the international press/media. He may even be given a “chance” I say “chance only to defend himself before the disciplinary committee before action has to be taken or even he may be removed as an UMNO member after todays meeting. In PRS constitution under No.5 it reads”The decision of the Supreme Council on expulsion of a member shall be final and shall not be questioned in any court of Laws or any other Tribunal.”

As this matter is very serious in nature and it has even convened an emergency BN meeting yesterday it will be the Prerogrative of UMNO to take the necessary action. Everyone especially those who had felt the wrath of the words mentioned and the tearing of the poster photo will want justice. We just hope that the necessary JUstice is done and like what Ahmad said which was caught on TV,” the countrys national security must be observed.” PM said that there will be a “stern” punishment and we hope that its the correct one. Obviously the Code of Ethics mentioned should be given to each and every BN member. It’s a right step and even Pakatan should take a leaf out of this. BN or Pakatan,”No More” “No below the belts” please as the boxing referee will say.  UMNO will decide on one of its own…………….