Anwar..Now 916″BO..HONG”~ Malaysiakini

There is always a difference between “A full tank and a halftank.” In this Malaysiakini report which has Sin Chew Daily: We did no wrong. The editor in chief has also come up in support of the reporter while to us Ahmad has made a call to see the PM and DPM for a closed door meeting today at 12.40pm at PutraJaya. Even the Army chief has come out to put a stop to this stirring up of racial sentiments. To us in our earlier report we have said,”ENOUGH and STOP IT..!!”

Let the matter rests and let the BN find solutions to solve all its problems. Ahmad even said this,” The most important thing now is national security.” So we say maturity in this difficult circumstances will overide all adversities. Both Sin Chiew and Ahmad are FULL TANKS and the noises should stop now. It’s better as nobody benefits if Harmony and Tension DETERIORATES.

As I was having my evening meal with my friends from UMNO Sarawak, they said to me,”Don’t you think Anwar is BOHONG on his 916 concept. Question is Why..? First its 4 MPs, then Jeffrey Kitingan came with 13 after his win at Permatang Pauh, then the lists shown as 42, PKR Chief of Sarawak  Dominique even said Pakatan Rakyat coalition could now count on more that 40 MPs to cross over from Barisan Nasional in his earlier press conference on 3rd september. Now they say they have 32 gone down as most of them have “Jetset and Hijacked” to Taiwan. Its all TIN TALK and HALF FULL for all of us to believe. Of course I would love to see Anwar looking in my eyes and say,” Audie do you believe me now.” No need even See Chee How PKR legal advisor will tell me ,”I told you so….”

You know I would say at least we have written about it from “Lompat Jauh,Triple Jump,Submarine volcano’ etc etc. Another joke in Hocken language as we know that in Malay “BOHONG” means Lie. However in Hockien as my UMNO friend puts it laughing loudly when told BO means “NO.. HONG means WIND’. So now 916 is no wind or another one interjected BOH the tea brand ONG strong..Anwar everyone is either too stress or worried that you might pull out a Rabbit from the Hat but while we are having our Berbuka Puasa now, its NOWIND and STRONGTEA.  

Its has been a stressful day for all and there are no hard feelings as we have taken words to destress the wonderful day God has given to us in Malaysia. We just hope that there will be many more days like this in Malaysia and as Anwar likes to say,”A NEW DAWN” while Pak Lah will say THANK YOU BN.

July13th”Fear and Wonder” Sept 9th “916 and Racism”~ Malaysiakini

In this Malaysiakini portal report Najib said that the Taiwan trip is not link to 916 but also reserves his right for the decision on Ahmad Ismail. There are a lot of people who tries to drive FEAR upon the “weak and helpless” but usually the coin turns on the “tail side” on them. No point in mentioning WHO does that as its just a “General’ statement but those who do that will point “A Finger at someone not knowing also FOUR others point back at them.”  

But on a serious note the July 13th,”Fear and Wonder” which we listed down has many additions to it and with 916 only a week away the headlines news for the country is “the Ugly Head of RACISM“. These two factors are very serious to the country and it has also affected our neighbour THAILAND.

Most analysts will agree with me if I say that A country’s Political Turmoil will only drive the Tourist Dollars Away and the Foreign Investors Confidence will be shaken. Even the Armed Forces reminded the government not to allow racial issues to get out of hand. General Abdul Aziz Zainal called for stern action to be taken against those who raise racial issues and such issues have the potential to create chaos in the country. Besides chaos the following will be affected and suffer a lot of consequences. 

  •  Our tourism sector 
  •  Investors will be wary of the country’s instabilty.
  •  Stock Market
  •  Bulk Cancellations of Foreign Tourists means Hotels,Eateries,Transport,Attractions suffer.
  •  Current political 916 and Racism will cripple the economic growth.  

It will be an economic squeeze and the government cannot carry out its development and economic policies as it will be too “entrenched in political uncertainties and manouverings“.  

There is too much Tension in the Air and it takes a Brave man to say,” Nothing is wrong in “MALAYSIABOLEHLAND”. We do hope that does who are employed to do the strategic political planning get it right sooner rather than later. The tickets are all sold for the ” Premiere Show ”  of September 16th 2008. We heard that Black Market prices are astronomical. Cindy,Bugi and Natasha can’t wait as it’s just a week away……..


There has been too much writing on this subject amongst which if I may quote from Malaysiakini report and also other on the blog sites 1. 2.darkjustice-lazarus.blogspot and a whole hosts of blogs and the whole nation is talking about it.(from the coffeshop to the offices to the dinner table)

Does anyone know what is the “darkside” in racism? Have they ever experienced the hate,the punches thrown,the gang fights,the carnage that follows. I am not an expert on this subject but looking back in the eighties I experienced it first hand as a MALAYSIAN studying in the UK.

What is this? The PM has already said STOP IT! STOP IT! What more does everyone want until he starts taking the necessary action like” ARRESTING AND PUTTING EVERYONE CONNECTED WITH RACISM INSIDE-MEANING IN JAIL” It’s Malaysia’s choice to “prolong” whereby the country will have to face the consequences or STOP IT !!  One other thing I think mosts of these people dont even know what is RACIAL VIOLENCE.

If I may enlighten from what I wrote on July 12th “Rat Race,Dawaning of a New Era” The excerpts,”In 1977 a Seven piece band from Coventry which started of as “Automatics” embarked into the music industry with their infectious mixture of ska,reggae and punk. That was the time in England where RACIAL TENSIONS were at its highest and the bands came together to try to diffuse the situations with mixed white and black members. They changed their names to “Specials AKA” They hit the music industry with songs like”gangsters”rat race”too much too young” “ghost town”many more and also “Dawning of a New Era”.

They played to packed houses but what made them was not so much the hip of their music but the messages of social,economy and political well being for the country at the time. Britain was facing unemployment,high inflation rates,housing woes, economic downturn,racial tensions.(and it did blow up in April 11th 1981 into the Brixton riots one of the most serious riots of the 20th century in London and it affected also a hosts of other British cities) The Specials tried but music or concepts helps only to a certain extend but it is the legislators in Parliament who must WALK THE TALK“. 

We in Malaysia do not want to be faced with all this economical downturns,unemployment,social,political problems as they will escalate to a boiling point. The dirty linen being thrown at each other by all the POLITICAL BIG WIGS does no good to the country’s image. I so happened to be in the vicinity of Brixton,London as a student during my time in England and I did not like WHAT I SAW.

Politicians should be deliberating on that platform given to you by the rakyat to see to  all the country’s needs and addressed whether it is economy,social,housing,employment and welfare.

Again in Malaysia,please lah everyone ENOUGH and STOP IT..!! “1981 to 2008”. 27 years later and 1969-2008-39 years later. Politicians enough and stop using this as a PLATFORM for political gain or mileage. We are all MALAYSIANS no matter what race,religion,colour and we achieved our independance in 1957.

A clause article 11 sub section (g) in Party Rakyat SARAWAK Constitution on AIMS AND OBJECTS Of the Party for me which is very meaningful and reads as “To imbibe amongst the RAKYAT a sense of friendship and racial harmony towards all races and to inspire all communities to live in the true spirit of tolerance,cooperation,understanding,self reliance and honest endeavour. 

The countrys leaders needs to solve this teething problem. We need to go back to the drawing boards and let the politicians THINK..Need I say more….Nope..ENOUGH and STOP IT…!!!