Anwar “Believe Me Now..?” Even SAPP feels it..

When Lucien aired his views in Vox Populi on Expect more than 40 to defect it makes very interesting political reading. a quick check with the rural BN boys and the feedback on the ground especially in the Bidayuh hinterlands does not look good for BN. It seems according to a Parti Rakyat Sarawak divisional leader from Tebedu,” the sentiments on the ground is for a change.” The waves from the urban tsunami March 8th has had the after shock from Permatang Pauh August 26th to Sarawak 2011 he adds.

 I have harped on this subject to BN that all is not well and development funds are one thing but the parties should be reaching the grassroots now. If we wait for changes its not changes but REPLACEMENT that will come. This is a political awakening and if PKR Sarawak Chief is coming out with such a statement,”Please for goodness sake,start moving your machineries and do something.”  

Further prove to substantiate Pakatan’s claims comes from a report from our correspondent in Sabah Bugi Wijaya who filed this report,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi came and went to Sabah last night.His program was to attend a breaking of fast ceremony with BN leaders, senior government officers and servants.  

While I was having my Kuching laksa in Gaya Street this morning, the headline of Sabah Daily Express shows a photo of an empty table of the breaking of fast ceremony.  Guess whose it was reserved for?  Yes, its for the thorn in PM’s flesh, SAPP.
A quick phone call confirmed that only Datuk Raymond Tan, deputy president of SAPP was present at the “break fast” with PM.  A close aide said he has to be in attendence as he is the Deputy Chief Minister and a senior member of the state cabinet.  Other notable absence were Datuk Frankie Chong, Deputy State Assembly Speaker, Puan Melanie Chia Chui Ket, Assistant Finance Minister and SAPP Youth Leader Au Kam Wah.
An interesting note was that this time the State Government sent out a blank invitation card ( Two component parties has confirmed this) for this “breaking of fast” program with PM.  An office administration staff said, “we are suppose to fill it in ourselves”.
If this is true for all those that were invited, it does not give a good reflection on the overall administration of the state under the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman.  Imagine a simple invitation cannot be delivered what more the so-called multi-billion allocation for development of Sabah under the 9 Malaysia Plan and Sabah Development Corridor.
If we can’t do the small thing correctly or can we be trusted to do the big things properly?  A staff of the City Hall who was sharing table with me exclaimed, “peduli lah itu politik. Pakatan pun tak jadi. Nasib itu mega belum ada orang kena lagi”. (forget about the politics. pakatan takeover not on. luckily no one has strike the mega (refering to the sports toto draw)).
Yes, looks like the fate of the people of Sabah is down to their luck.  As the saying goes, You reap what you sow, You deserve who you elected.  Meanwhile for SAPP, the guillotine will drop sooner than we can blink our eyes!
The ground is really moving and even an ex Executive Secretary of a BN political party who was seen coming out from a PKR divisional office “tsk tsk tsk”said that she might consider joining Pakatan as it is could be a NEW PLATFORM for the voices of the youths. We keep on asking ourselves in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND that its getting nearer (12 days before 916) .Will they be an earthquake and also an eruption of the volcano. Anwar will answer me by then you see audie61 how many are behind me in this press conference and we are on the way to be sworn in…BELIEVE ME NOW…..   

9 thoughts on “Anwar “Believe Me Now..?” Even SAPP feels it..

  1. hostage88 says:

    Spot on Audie.

    I have spoken it earlier at your blog. It is awakening and voters your race are waking up.

    Real issues are not addressed.

    Taib Mahmud have been too arrogant like those UMNO goons.

    I just ask, what is the 12 dam for, we are worried about our bread and butter. The dam will serve no purpose as by than we would have died on hunger!!!

    Development funds. For what?? Next 20 generations to benefit!!! Well this is Taib Mahmud’s farsighted views and I bet you Mr Taib Mahmud, you are behind time.

    My stomach need food for the energy to work and make a living.

    Have you seen some office workers eat!!! Their lunch consist of plain rice and half a salted egg and plain water!!! This is what i see along Jln Satok in Kuching.

    The development funds will flow more funds into the pockets of the powers that be.

    AAB just make a call to East Malaysian states to speed up development with funds just allocated under Budget 2009!!!

    Why the need to rush? No planning needed!!!

    Do you know who owns KJ 10 Q?
    Do you know the owner of KJ 10 Q have paid a consultant millions for a massive project in Sarawak?

    That probably sum up the rush for a fat budget and the call by AAB to get moving before BN fall!!!

    Wake up every one, including those that hold the power equation. Wake up before our future generations throw rotten eggs and spit your descendants for what you fail to do. And that is pulling out of BN and not being part of what befell our future generations.

    I foresee Malaysia being worst than, the poorest country in Asean Region.

    Now Mr Taib Mahmud that is what I mean by farsighted and that is we will be worst than Vietnam in 10 to 20 years.

    Already Bn government are traing our woman to be good domestic helpers in the hope that we can supply domestic maids overseas when now we are having luxury of employing Indon and Filipion Maids!!!

    Dont you see how MCA Ng Yen Yen look at her crystal ball. She is already telling us there is no future with BN. We will move back wards and I can guarantee everyone, this is exactly what will happen if we are too sentimental and stick with BN in Sarawak!!!

  2. Patek1472 says:

    To Be Or Not To Be, That is the Question. (Nak jadi ke tak jadi, Itu Soalannya)
    Phrase from William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

    To be, or not to be, that is the Question:
    Whether ’tis Nobler in the minde to suffer
    The Slings and Arrowes of outragious Fortune,
    Or to take Armes against a Sea of troubles,
    And by opposing end them: to dye, to sleepe
    No more; and by a sleepe, to say we end
    The Heart-ake, and the thousand Naturall shockes
    That Flesh is heyre too? ‘Tis a consummation
    Deuoutly to be wish’d. To dye to sleepe,
    To sleepe, perchance to Dreame; I, there’s the rub,
    For in that sleepe of death, what dreames may come,
    When we haue shuffel’d off this mortall coile,
    Must giue vs pawse. There’s the respect
    That makes Calamity of so long life:
    For who would beare the Whips and Scornes of time,
    The Oppressors wrong, the poore mans Contumely,
    The pangs of dispriz’d Loue, the Lawes delay,
    The insolence of Office, and the Spurnes
    That patient merit of the vnworthy takes,
    When he himselfe might his Quietus make
    With a bare Bodkin? Who would Fardles beare
    To grunt and sweat vnder a weary life,
    But that the dread of something after death,
    The vndiscouered Countrey, from whose Borne
    No Traueller returnes, Puzels the will,
    And makes vs rather beare those illes we haue,
    Then flye to others that we know not of.
    Thus Conscience does make Cowards of vs all,
    And thus the Natiue hew of Resolution
    Is sicklied o’re, with the pale cast of Thought,
    And enterprizes of great pith and moment,
    With this regard their Currants turne away,
    And loose the name of Action.

  3. Patek1472 says:

    QUE SERA, SERA -(What Will Be, Will Be)(Apa Yang akan Jadi akan Terjadi)

    Meaning of Que Sera, Sera:
    (Maksud Que Sera, Sera:)

    The expression “What will be,will be” is used to describe the notion that fate will decide the outcome of a course of events, even if action is taken to try to alter it.

    (Ungkapan “Apa yang akan jadi akan terjadi digunakan untuk maksud Takdir akan menentukan keputusan kejadian-kejadian seterusnya walaupun tindakan diambil untuk cuba menghalangnya.)

    (Lyrics written by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
    for Alfred Hitchcock’s 1956 re-make of his 1934 film
    “The Man Who Knew Too Much” starring Doris Day and James Stewart.)

    When I was just a little girl,
    I asked my mother, “What will I be?
    Will I be pretty?
    Will I be rich?”
    Here’s what she said to me:

    “Que sera, sera,
    Whatever will be, will be;
    The future’s not ours to see.
    Que sera, sera,
    What will be, will be.”

    When I was just a child in school,
    I asked my teacher, “What will I try?
    Should I paint pictures”
    Should I sing songs?”
    This was her wise reply:

    “Que sera, sera,
    Whatever will be, will be;
    The future’s not ours to see.
    Que sera, sera,
    What will be, will be.”

    When I grew up and fell in love.
    I asked my sweetheart, “What lies ahead?
    Will we have rainbows
    Day after day?”
    Here’s what my sweetheart said:

    “Que sera, sera,
    Whatever will be, will be;
    The future’s not ours to see.
    Que sera, sera,
    What will be, will be.”

    Now I have Children of my own.
    They ask their mother, “What will I be?”
    Will I be handsome?
    Will I be rich?”
    I tell them tenderly:

    “Que sera, sera,
    Whatever will be, will be;
    The future’s not ours to see.
    Que sera, sera,
    What will be, will be.
    Que Sera, Sera!”

  4. DY says:

    Just read the Malaysiakini that the stupid Ahmad Ismail will not apologise for his racist slur. I am wondering why till now there is no action taken against him by the PM. Don’t they realise that more and more of this kind of racial extremists are going to push UMNO nearer to its graveyard?

  5. bgees says:

    Now you see…how arrogant is UNMO. Why should the immigrant tied up with UMNO. Should the component’s parties pull out for a better future of the immigrants? or to be with UMNO for more insults?We M’sians have pride and not sure if MCA,MIC,PPP,IPF,Gerakan have one.

  6. DY says:

    In the past, we have seen many changes of kingdom and dynasty in every part of the world. 916 will just be remembered as a day when a new PR Dynasty replacing a declining and deteriorated BN Dynasty in Malaysia.

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