PRS “Wings of Hornbills”~ Malaysiakini

How do you define morality let alone loyalty? Malaysiakini’s headlined :PKR sec-gen defends crossover as rumours fly with this full report by Terence Netto can be read  if you subsribe to full fees . What we have picked up from this report is this,” “Whatever you may say to attack the morality of their crossing over and the motives of the one persuading them to do.”

Great… “morality and motives” will be the basis we use for our report of what has happen to Parti Rakyat Sarawaks earlier report on “TDC” says Gang of “10” is about to bear fruit if negotiations which are in the final stages are agreed upon. There has been many sms flying about in this Hornbill State and together with the sms it seems to have carried with it in the wings with a message.

Its not about divisions leaving PRS but joining back to one “united front” Anything wrong..? Sms like ‘turncoats’ “loyalty’ and “unappreciative” is an internal affair and its not necessary to employ “outside” non members in the party for assistance to solve a divided party. The “Gang of 10″ actually is trying to get the two top leaders to sit down and sort the problems out and if one side is too “hard headed” “stubborn” “egoistic””point of no return” “bleak” what more can we do. No one can blame anyone in the gang of “10” of not being moral or loyal. They are trying and their efforts seems to have caused tensions and insecurities within the party. Disagreements can still be solved as both sides are still in BN or unless one side decides otherwise to join “Pakatan”. It has been said September 7th 2008 is a day of reckoning for PRS. 

Firstly lets talk about morality. Morality according to the Oxford dictionary are

  1. Conformity to the rules of right conduct:moral or virtuous conduct.
  2. Moral quality or character.
  3. Virtue in sexual matters:chastity
  4. A doctrine or system of morals
  5. Moral instruction: a moral lesson precept or utterance

A youth exco of SUPP said to me after our brief meeting as we parted “there are no enemies in politics and no friends are permanent.” True.. and we in the political battlefield knows only too well as we look at the national politics in our country now with the leaders in PAS,DAP and Keadilan who were after each other’s throats 10 years ago. If we are more matured like what Gerakan acting President Dr.Koh said,” BN have to be firm and fast in dealing with irresponsibleand insensitive remarks or else as the headlines reads:Barisan may be reaching of point of no return” So what is this about the word loyalty..?

My earlier posting of August 31st has this,”There are no enemies in politics and in any arrangements they become allies against a common enemy at the time. Today nobody can still spell,”LOYALTY” to me without even blinking their eyes.hahaha. PRS embroiled in internal conflicts for far too long should move a step forward. James Masing will have to make the right calls and the right choices on who sticks with him and who gets washed away by the rushing flood waters.

True to form, as the sms were flying about the defections of BN legislators PRS President James Masing said which were music to the ears of those who have followed him through bridge over troubled waters in posting from an intenet portal,” “As far as PRS is concerned, we are not moving anywhere.We are moving with Prime Minister Datuk  Seri Abdullah who is national BN chairman,he said, adding that the opposition must  respect the decision made by voters during the March 8 general election.”

An aide who is close to the President added this,” Don’t believe,boss said our MPS will not trade themselves for short term gains.” The rumours are getting more as the days are counted down. Let them fly in the airwaves.” Our immediate aims as he puts it is to do a little housekeeping. He said as our August 12th report which has this:  Triennal delegates conference is the answer in Sarawak for Parti Rakyat Sarawak’s so called “Gang of 10″ These are 10 out of 19 divisions who were “earlier“ aligned to Larry Sngs faction feels that a conference should be called to solve all earlier problems and a little housekeeping will make the party strong. 

Chief Minister Taib had said that he wished PRS will rise above petty squabbles and move forward in anticipation as the State prepares for the next State elections. Very true and its NOT ONLY up to the President of PRS to resolve the parties differences but also “US ” says a spokesman.

Divided we fall and if Gerakans Dr.Koh makes sense,”drops of blue dye spoiling pots of milk.” Anwar is believed to be quietly enticing its component parties to pull out from the ruling coalition as he knows that the timing should be absolutely right before he makes the move. Apparently PRS divisional chiefs have awaken to the threats coming from PKR and they want to see an end to the PRS internal squabbles. A PRS divisional wanita chief was very happy that things are looking up as the divisional chiefs are looking to an agreement to come back as ONE. It’s our “HOME” and nobody is going to replace it she added.

When statements like this comes out in the open it is of no surprise the Gang of 10 leaders have put in a concerted effort to end this ,”PKR top leadership has informed second-tier leaders to brief grassroots of an impending “surprise”. These leaders were to brief party rank-and-file of the possible toppling of the Barisan federal government and the potential entry of new parties into Pakatan. “Even with the coming changes, we don’t want to sideline the grassroots. They are our support base. Furthermore, it is imperative that proper information be passed on to them.”

These second echelon leaders should be commended to have taken the initiative to put an end to unnecessary politiking which has seen to BN making the wrong noises instead of pushing the peoples agendas forward. Its up to those who wants to talk about morality or loyalty but to members of the party it’s the PARTY COMES FIRST. This I did even say to a PKR divisional chairman this morning and he agrees with me.Do you..?

Anwar “Believe Me Now..?” Even SAPP feels it..

When Lucien aired his views in Vox Populi on Expect more than 40 to defect it makes very interesting political reading. a quick check with the rural BN boys and the feedback on the ground especially in the Bidayuh hinterlands does not look good for BN. It seems according to a Parti Rakyat Sarawak divisional leader from Tebedu,” the sentiments on the ground is for a change.” The waves from the urban tsunami March 8th has had the after shock from Permatang Pauh August 26th to Sarawak 2011 he adds.

 I have harped on this subject to BN that all is not well and development funds are one thing but the parties should be reaching the grassroots now. If we wait for changes its not changes but REPLACEMENT that will come. This is a political awakening and if PKR Sarawak Chief is coming out with such a statement,”Please for goodness sake,start moving your machineries and do something.”  

Further prove to substantiate Pakatan’s claims comes from a report from our correspondent in Sabah Bugi Wijaya who filed this report,” Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi came and went to Sabah last night.His program was to attend a breaking of fast ceremony with BN leaders, senior government officers and servants.  

While I was having my Kuching laksa in Gaya Street this morning, the headline of Sabah Daily Express shows a photo of an empty table of the breaking of fast ceremony.  Guess whose it was reserved for?  Yes, its for the thorn in PM’s flesh, SAPP.
A quick phone call confirmed that only Datuk Raymond Tan, deputy president of SAPP was present at the “break fast” with PM.  A close aide said he has to be in attendence as he is the Deputy Chief Minister and a senior member of the state cabinet.  Other notable absence were Datuk Frankie Chong, Deputy State Assembly Speaker, Puan Melanie Chia Chui Ket, Assistant Finance Minister and SAPP Youth Leader Au Kam Wah.
An interesting note was that this time the State Government sent out a blank invitation card ( Two component parties has confirmed this) for this “breaking of fast” program with PM.  An office administration staff said, “we are suppose to fill it in ourselves”.
If this is true for all those that were invited, it does not give a good reflection on the overall administration of the state under the leadership of Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Hj Aman.  Imagine a simple invitation cannot be delivered what more the so-called multi-billion allocation for development of Sabah under the 9 Malaysia Plan and Sabah Development Corridor.
If we can’t do the small thing correctly or can we be trusted to do the big things properly?  A staff of the City Hall who was sharing table with me exclaimed, “peduli lah itu politik. Pakatan pun tak jadi. Nasib itu mega belum ada orang kena lagi”. (forget about the politics. pakatan takeover not on. luckily no one has strike the mega (refering to the sports toto draw)).
Yes, looks like the fate of the people of Sabah is down to their luck.  As the saying goes, You reap what you sow, You deserve who you elected.  Meanwhile for SAPP, the guillotine will drop sooner than we can blink our eyes!
The ground is really moving and even an ex Executive Secretary of a BN political party who was seen coming out from a PKR divisional office “tsk tsk tsk”said that she might consider joining Pakatan as it is could be a NEW PLATFORM for the voices of the youths. We keep on asking ourselves in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND that its getting nearer (12 days before 916) .Will they be an earthquake and also an eruption of the volcano. Anwar will answer me by then you see audie61 how many are behind me in this press conference and we are on the way to be sworn in…BELIEVE ME NOW…..