Malaysia EARTHQUAKE Magnitude of…….??

Andrew Ong of Malaysiakini wrote in his report headlined PKR leader poaching whole parties,not just MPs. Wow! This is just what I have been driving at for the past few weeks. It’s earth shattering don’t you think when Anwar Ibrahim is believed to be quietly enticing its component parties to pull out from the ruling coalition.

So I say BN please, for GOODNESS sake wake up before its too late. Do SOMETHING about it. The second echelon leaders are the people who work and campaign for the MPs,YBs and many of them are feeling that they are the ones not wanted by the parties. What happens when few divisions in the parties aligned to the MPs are disgruntled.

 A seismologist  will say please study the waves whether its surface wave or body wave. A surface wave are analogous to water waves and they travel under just under the Earth’s surface while body waves travel through the inerior of the earth. This statement by PKR information chief Tian Chua said,”that the party prefers one-to-one talks to persuade individual MPs to their side but would still welcome Barisan component parties as Pakatan partners.”  Is it enough to cause a political earthquake?

Let’s refresh our memories of what we learnt in our Geography lessons on what an earhquake is. An earthquake is the result of a sudden release of energy in the Earth‘s crust that creates seismic waves. Earthquakes manifest themselves by a shaking and sometimes displacement of the ground. When a large earthquake epicenter is located offshore, the seabed sometimes suffers sufficient displacement to cause a tsunami. The shaking in earthquakes can also trigger landslides and occasionally volcanic activity.

It seems that most of the BN political secretaries are still saying that ,”September 16th is still a dream and its psycological strategic war.” Well, it seems that striking the right notes and chords seems to have been the Pakatan way. This is a statement not to be discarded. BN will do so if at their own PERIL.

PKR top leadership has informed second-tier leaders to brief grassroots of an impending “surprise”. These leaders were to brief party rank-and-file of the possible toppling of the Barisan federal government and the potential entry of new parties into Pakatan. “Even with the coming changes, we don’t want to sideline the grassroots. They are our support base. Furthermore, it is imperative that proper information be passed on to them.”

I have been harping on this issue for a long time now and BN should look into the structure of the parties if it intends to stay RELEVANT. One of my earlier posting I said this,”

A lot of party members expressed their feelings to me that the party YBs are very selfish and when they have achieved their goals the ones who fought through the FIERCEST of battles are not rewarded rightly. It is high time I keep on harping that all our “peoples representatives” know where they come from? BN and Pakatan will continue to have these “crossover”phobias or else it’s NOT POLITICS.

EARTHQUAKES are bound to happen if and when the MPs and YBs forget where they come from. The constitution of the party with its aims and objectives are the very reason why people join the parties. Keep it simple and you will not go wrong. Never forget the voices of the silent few, as these few are like the “surface cracks” that appears first in the walls of buildings before the whole building shakes and turns into a ruin.

Parti Rakyat Sarawak has had their infighting and its heartening that a few PRS Divisional Leaders with their respective executive councils are awaken to the voices of the majority in the division to see an end to move the party forward. This is what was written in my ,”Political Wave,Tsunami,After shock” Sarawak next-“Infighting is the scourge of all political parties but once the deadly worms have been identified it should be removed.” 

Yesterday was a day where an sms caused so much confusion plus excitement but we wonder what is next? The earthquake of richter scale of 3 could even go as high as 7 and when it does could this be the very reason,”Anwar is scheduled to have an audience with the King at the Istana Negara to submit the name list of BN defectors.” Only time will tell and Anwar does not have many days left and BN will try to defend its fort like a goalkeeper who protects his goal. When is the think that.. BN or Pakatan say,”TODAY IS THE DAY,MALAYSIA SHAKES.….”  

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“Top 15 in WordPress Blogs of the day”Malaysiakini Thank you Again

Our article,” Anwar-Ground Level Shaking with all the updates” made it as one of the top 100 blogs of the day in and its all due to Malaysiakini assisting us with this report hints that there will legislators from “Sabah, Sarawak and the Peninsular in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning”

It was indeed a great day for all of us at audie61 with the updates/views from a number of the local political boys. The phone calls and sms we received has indeed pushed us to another frontier. Thanks again for your trusts in us.

Anwar’s “Fears…..”

BN will not relinquish power so easily. Mark my words says a senior academecian over breakfast. A look at the above picture which I saw at a local blog gave me something to ponder. Malaysiakini report would begin discussions with government legislators from “Sabah, Sarawak and the Peninsular in Kuala Lumpur today.

PKR Sarawak Chairman said to me that Security is top priority and I do agree with him looking at what is happening around our region. A state of emergency has been imposed in Thailand to restore calm as street fighting overnight between opponents and supporters of the government left one man dead and dozens of people injured.

Besides Thailand,Japan was also surprised with the resignation of Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda.It came just a month after he had reshuffled his cabinet, and just days after he unveiled a $17 billion economic stimulus package. But he said this,”“This is the perfect timing to not cause people too much trouble,”

We can change leaders but there must be a proper way of succession as not to derail the economy and cause unstabilty in the country. Anwar does fear that the overall situation of taking over might cause “mayhem” and it is absolutely right for YB Dominique to say that to me. But like I always say,”It takes one to light a match” and if the box of matches is in safe hands normalcy is the order of the day. People do not fear the orators or coffeshop talk but fear those who write and express their thoughts. Haven’t you heard,”Write it down and I’ll sue you.”hmmm.

We need to address all the long standing problems and issues faced by the country and the PM needs to show his leadership qualities now before events overrun him. A wake up call to all BN Ministers that help is needed to assist “YOUR BOSS” as he cannot run the country alone. Too much insincerity will cause a rift and thus open a way for the opposition to exploit and the country will suffer.

The thought of Frogs as the picture shows has Abdullah dealing with this problem more often than the previous PMs and it does not augur well for his administration. The new word in town is ,”MIGRATION”…….BN will not give up easily.Anwar can dream in his heart and mind but will it turn to reality. What do you think………???

***”Dreams are the essence of all we can become“***