Anwar”Ground Level Shaking”

*Updated 12.15 am..We sign off this updates and thanks from Bugi Wijaya and audie61 crew.

*Updated 11.55pm*MCA member,” Let Anwar dream of September 16th.Not logical.”

*Updated 11.30pm* A Gerakan leader,” 916 will not happen. Promises and daydreaming by Anwar. It has brought more damage to the Malaysian economy.916 is just a dream.Its now about parties moving away from BN coalition and the grassroots are calling for it. Discussions with leaders tomorrow with Dr.Kho acting.President will be carried out to listen to the party members.” Maybe it has to do with a third coalition like Harris Salleh said,Not going to jump into a frying pan.”  

*Updated 10.30pm* Whether there is a “Brave New Order” or a “Migration of MPs” as Bugi Wijaya puts it”the sms today has caused a stir and the message carried had both the Pakatan and BN boys looking over their shoulders. The MPs have certainly become such a “HOT” commodity and their status have indeed been elevated further. We thank all  those who have feedback to us and to you our readers for the support today. Terima Kasih. Have a good week ahead. 

*Updated 10.15pm*PBRS youth and LDP and UMNO Sabah member,”Do you believe the sms? Nothing new from them.Itukah?”

*Updated 10.00pm* UPKO and PBS members,” Rumours,just plain rumours.”

*Updated 9.30pm*Bugi wijaya from Sabah,” SAPP senior leader did not confirm or deny the sms when press further,merely said,”We were the first to congratulate DSAI in Parliament after the swearing in.”

*Updated 9.00pm*From a reliable source.” No truth in deputy minister from a Sarawak BN Party joining Pakatan.Let them say what they want to say.Telephone conversation with audie61″

*Updated 8.00 pm* From a journalist,” There could be as many as 9MPs from Sarawak. MP was mad with SB questioning them”

*Updated 8.00 pm* Extracted from Malaysiakini “The MP, an Iban who asked not to be identified, called Malaysiakini to say that Special Branch police officers had contacted him to check whether his name was linked to rumours of crossovers. He also spoke out strongly about the urgent need to end the long rule of the ‘arrogant’ Barisan Nasional government “

*Updated 7.30pm* PKR Stampin Divisional Chairman.”Process is ongoing,its a matter of timing. I have no doubts about it”

*Updated 7.15pm* Professor of social science in a local university,”Pakatan and BN Political strategists are at WAR.IT has been  ENGINEERED to suit the present political climate” 

*Updated 7.00pm* Political science graduate “Inconclusive and MPs will hold on to their trump cards. Will not jump at the very thought of the shaking tree syndrome.”

*Updated 6.50pm* PPB MKT.” Just Mere Rumours

*Updated 6.45pm*SUPP councillor ,” I am very close to the SUPP SG .Nothing just Anwars rumours and I also do not see any possibility of SUPP MPs joining Pakatan.” 

*Updated 6.35pm* SPDP “Youth Exco Feisal Kassim,” I can’t imagine any SPDP MPs joining Anwar. Anwar doesn’t have a positive vision for development for Malaysia as compared with our present PM and the past PMs. Furthermore he added that,” Anwar is only thinking of taking over the country.” He consented audie61 to use his name.

*Updated 6.15pm* A PRS Supreme Council Member,” PRS will not be Drowned

*Updated 4.45pm* A senior group editor with a local daily- Is this information part of the psywar..?


As Anwar in this Malaysiakini report hints that there will legislators from “Sabah, Sarawak and the Peninsular in Kuala Lumpur tomorrow morning”. It’s frantic and the phones ring non-stop. Is the ground really shaking ask my Parti Rakyat Sarawak divisional members? My answer, we shall see. The sms below is an indication that September 1st is the day that everything is on the move. 

An sms from a PKR YB,”I have just been informed 31 BN MPs are seeking an audience with the King.They include MPs from Sarawak,Sabah,and Peninsula. Audience today or tomorrow.Met 2 Sarawak MPs this morning SB contacted them this morning. 31 first batch eventual number could be 42 include some ministers. Hidup Anwar n PKR !!

(4.30pm 01/09/08)


Oh..Happy Day.Oh.Happy Day.. It was a good day for us with our article “September 7th then September 16th” which was top 18 out of 3,970,657 blogs posted yesterday during our 51st Merdeka . We posted the article “Pak Lah vows to foil September 16th” as this date is the Talk of the town and the country at the moment. Will it Happen..? What do you think..? Is Anwar going to fail.? True or Not..?

 Anyway,thanks again for giving me the space to try and deliver constructive reporting. I must thank my readers,viewers,political friends and my PRS divisional members for the encouragement and believe that “The LUCK IS RISING”. Today audie61 also celebrates its 4th month birthday. Today Muslims also begin the Ramadan fast. This is a challenge as the body adjusts to going without any form of food or drink between dawn and dusk for a lunar month. Once again we look forward to another good month ahead as we try to ‘Scale Greater Heights