“SAPP” Fresh from the Oven Updates

****UPDATED 5.45 PM**** YTL said what he had to say and in the end he blamed leaders who only want to enrich themselves. Session ended at 5.30 and the problems he touched on included the illegal immigrants, erase suspicious amongst all races,erase money politics, and they should not be fear of expression of speech. From Sabah Happy Merdeka Bugi Wijaya 

****UPDATED 5.00 PM**** sms meassage,” Tan  Sri Simon Sipaun question the illegal immigrant issues for Sabah. He related his experience with Suhakam,there are illegals with real mykad n while the real Malaysian who applies still did not get their mykad after 12 years. This should not be happening in our country. Its easier in the COLONIAL days than now when we were Merdeka relating his won experience of getting a Birth ceritificate in those days. He called for a truly commission of enquiry and it is his own opinion and not Suhakam as he has not dicussed with his fellow colleaques. If you compare Sabah and sarawak population growth, there is something wrong with SABAH GROWTH..!!!

****UPDATED 4.50 PM**** BN does not want Sabah,its not Sabah don’t want BN. All Mps and representatives are invited  but they are NO SHOW,they miss out to get and listen to the points the people and speakers raised. This are Sabah issues and in Sabah we are divided because of “DIVIDE and RULE” says Yong Teck Lee in his closing address.

****UPDATED 4.35 PM**** Harris says he agrees with SAPP stand against PM.He feels that if Pak Lah is still PM,Malaysia akan “terus Jatuh” PM should allow the vote of no confidence to be debated and there is nothing to be scared about. ( Only those who cium tangan and get project in UMNO takut)  

****UPDATED 4.30 PM**** Harris Salleh in answering a question from the floor,” he said to increase oil revenue just get the DUN of Sarawak and Sabah to pass a motion saying they want a 25% increase of oil royalty. But then the federal government always turn round by giving Development Grant. 


Malaysiakini correspondent Tony Thien wrote : War of words between Sapp and Umno http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88874 and it seems that SAPP has no more “LOVE” for BN and their marriage is now going for a divorce. Whatever the politicians have disagreements it is bests that those on the sidelines stay out of it. If not you will feel the heat too from the oven.

 The war of words started with senior state Umno leader Yahya Hussain, who is also a deputy chief minister and state Umno secretary, publicly called on Yong “to emulate Raymond Tan (Yong’s deputy in Sapp) with regards to loyalty, mutual respect and humility. In a quick response Sapp information chief Kassim Sulaiman said in a statement today that Yahya has insulted every Sapp member by his remarks and he has no moral standing to tell Sapp what to do.

Bugi Wijaya said they are taking pot shots at one another.  SAPP remains a thorn in the flesh of PM. Bondoun who commented on my blog said this…..

At this point only SAPP is making the noise and doing something about it. The convention to be held in Kota Kinabalu will further enrage AAB and UMNO. But all of the promises AAB pledge during Kaamatan has not been fulfilled. He has no right to force our MPs to sign a loyalty declaration.”

I just received sms that Datuk Harris Salleh former CM has arrived at the SAPP convention and he was given a standing ovation by the crowd numbering 1000. Also present were Jeffrey Kitingan, PKR deputy chairman DAP MP Hiew King cheu ,retired government servants and members of the public. BN YBs who confirmed coming to the function did not turn up according to the SAPP organising committee. It’s HOT and the temperatures will rise. We shall see and we will try to keep you updated…….

9 thoughts on ““SAPP” Fresh from the Oven Updates

  1. Patek1472 says:

    Aku menangis pada Hari Merdeka.
    (I am Crying on Merdeka (Independence) Day.)

    1. Aku menangis kerana rakyat Malaysia telah hilang kegembiraan dan perasaan terhadap masa hadapan negara yang diimpiankan dan tidak seperti semasa Allahyarham Tunku Abdul Rahman melaungkan “Merdeka!”.

    (I cry because Malaysians have lost the joy and hope of a future Malaysia as wished for unlike the times when the late Tunku Abdul Rahman shouted “Merdeka”. )

    2. Aku menanggis memikirkan ada rakyat Malaysia sendiri yang bercakap, berfikir dan bertindak memecahbelahkan rakyat dengan penuh perasaan perkauman dan keagamaan masing-masing tampa ada perasaan kebangsaan dan kesahabatan.

    (I cry thinking of some Malaysians who talk, think and act to divide the citizens with their own racists and religious thoughts without a care for nationalism and friendships.)

    3. Aku menangis memikirkan ada rakyat Malaysia yang lebih mementingkan sendiri dari negara apabila timbul isu-isu parti, jawatan, habuan, kuasa, kawan, kesahabatan dan keadilan.

    (I cry thinking of some Malaysians who care more of themselves rather than the Nation when it comes to issues of party, posts, rewards, power, friends, relationship and fairness.)

    4. Aku menangis memikirkan ada rakyat dan keluarga mereka yang masih belum mendapat keadilan sewaktu dipenjarakan, ditindas, dirompak, diugut, didiskriminasikan dan tidak juga dibenarkan bersuara.

    (I cry thinking of some citizens and their families who have not obtain justice while being imprisoned, oppressed, robbed, threatened, discriminated and not even allowed the freedom of speech.)

    5. Aku menangis memirkirkan ada rakyat Malaysia yang masih hidup Kias Pagi, Makan Pagi; Kias Petang Makan Petang walaupun Malaysia sudah 50 tahun merdeka.

    (I cry thinking there are still Malaysians who still live from Hand to Mouth everyday, even though Malaysia has already achieved 50 years of Independence.)

    Posted at http://patek1472.wordpress.com

  2. cinta Malaysia says:

    Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia harus di pebetulkan.
    Malaysia belum wujud 51 tahun yang lalu!!
    Malaysia wujud pada 16hb September 1963!!!
    Kenapa warga Malaysia tidak menghormati hari 16th September?Patriotisma hari kemerdekaan tertumpu di Sabah dan Sarawak sahaja .
    Tahun ini kita merdeka 45 tahun dan BUKAN 51 tahun!
    Pelik betul budak budak sekolah di Sabah dan Sarawak menyanyi Negara Ku ,51 tahun merdeka bahkan Sabah dan Sarawak masih lagi dalam jejahan British!

  3. Joe says:

    What Merdeka is that when people in Sarawak still have no electricity and clean water supply. Please dont tell me basic needs take 45 years to get done and yet our YBs keep telling us that we are 45 years maju.
    For these people Merdeka make no different and they stillleaving in the dark and no clean water

  4. cinta Malaysia says:

    Malaysia is the only nation in the entire world that deny the birth of its existence on 16th September 1963! It is not even a public holiday nationwide not to mention being celebrated.
    There was no word ‘Malaysia’ in existence before 16th September 1963!
    Prove me wrong.
    The BN government is so insensitive to remind Sabahans and Sarawakians of the British rule before 16th September!

  5. bondoun says:

    BN has not been able to recover from the Tsunami and now after the permatang pauh, they are stuck in a corner with wounds to care for. The political conference in Kota Kinabalu was designed to deliver piece meal blow to BN and UMNO.

    Somehow, UMNO cannot decide whether to banish SAPP at this point worring this action will open the flood gate for cross over. UMNO do not want to give PKR any seats if they can. It’s ironic to see UMNO on the run…

    YTL has nothing to loose at this point to move out of BN umbrella. Infact, playing from the outside will further gain grass root support, but he must maintain his message about Sabah’s ill treatment by the federal government

  6. Billy says:

    For the moment, it looks like it’s checkmate for UMNO. Already under normal circumstances especially during the four years after the 2004 GE, AAB was at a loss on how to deliver by keeping to the promises made. Now post GE12, this simpleton’s brain must be a total wreck with all the problems surrounding him. One lesson which he failed to learn even at his age, “don’t make promises that you can’t keep.” I am only happy to lay a bet with anyone that many of the items mentioned in the just concluded budget will not be delivered ……

  7. John Daniel says:

    I wanna see SAPP get out from BN sooner, do it next week or else you will lose a trust from RAKYAT.
    If you really care about rakyat please do it NOW!!!

  8. Ahjajal says:

    Some MPs in Sabah are just saving the ministerial post. Good example is the Bajau from Semporna he is dead afraid of shameful should he lose it. Others are just for projects and RM$$$ I cannot imagine the paramount chief of the Native selling out his ppl and Sabah to UMNO. He was at one time 101 % against Federal rule must have been loading with RM$$$$ . As a Sabahan I take my hat to the few Sabahan MPs that can have the courage to voice out. Those that toe the BN whip are not my representative they are like water buffalo having they noses dragged by West Malaysian UMNO. Also those MCA in Sabah needs to have their brain washed for joining up
    with a West Malaysian racist party. CALLING A CHINESE AND NOT MALAYSIAN. THIS IS WHY

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