3 + 3 “Something In Common”

Merdeka : Dream or nightmare in this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88866 by Sim Kwang Yang former MP and YB for Sarawak writes about Merdeka. I pick up this paragraph and I think it does strike the right chord ,”I have grown from a young boy of nine to an old man of 60. I have watched how political discourse in our public sphere has been dominated by the language of fear, especially the language of xenophobic fear of one race for another.  Like their former colonial masters, the post-independence ruling elite have entrenched this pathos of nameless fear to divide and rule a nation of many races, and a small multiracial handful of politicians and their cronies grow fabulously rich overnight.”   

This year the Merdeka celebrations are very subdued. My nieces 5  and 7 years old said to me,”Uncle how come last year most of the cars had Malaysia and Sarawak flags. This year very few ho! How come ho! Why like that one? Tomorrow Uncle its National day and where are all the Small Jalur Gemilang on the cars? Aiyoo even the young ones are feeling it what more the whole country?

Merdeka this year has a special flavour which I think is quite appropriate as the country has suffered with too much politiking. The 3+3 are Khairy, Dr.M and Raja Petra in one blue corner while Samak,Ma and Abdullah is in the other red corner.

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (former PM),Khairy jamaluddin (UMNO deputy youth Chief) has come out strongly against Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to block access to Malaysia Today, a website owned by Raja Petra (Blogger). Apparently Khairy and Mahathir is seen to be supporting the move to stop internet censorship eventhough Raja is a thorn in the governements flesh with many controversial stories and reports.

Tun went further by saying this,” This act of censorship betrays a lack of faith in Malaysia’s youth to intelligently decide the truth for themselves. Tabloids sell far more than broadsheets in many countries, but it would take a bold person to suggest that readers of The Sun or The Mirror in the UK, for example, take all of its content at face value. 

Khairy said MCMC’s high-handed approach also sends out the wrong message as it is at odds with the Multimedia Super Corridor Bill of Guarantees – a 10-point Bill that prescribes zero Internet censorship. Raja petra must be smiling away in his little corner of his home and saying ,Thanks guys” At least we have something in common here ,Happy Merdeka” haha…

Well, the leaders of the following countries Samak Sundaravej PM Thailand consulted the king over escalating protests , President Ma Ying-jeou’s China-friendly policies and his failure to lift Taiwan’s sagging economy saw tens of thousands of people took to the streets of Taipei Saturday to protest on the streets while Abdullah PM of Malaysia faces the prospect of his MPs crossing over to join the opposition. This events are not very healthy for the countries concerned and they need to address the situation quickly and stop the calls for them to step down. They are under attack and I do find that they have something in common. Don’t  you think so..?

Malaysia’s 51st Merdeka also saw to the calls as Mr Sim puts it,” What is the use of living in a big house, they asked, if you are denigrated to a small corner near the stinking toilet? Would it not be better if you move into the master bedroom in a smaller house? 

Anyway I will still say , “Ini Negara Ku. This is my Country.” and nothing will stop me from saying this. Happy Birthday Malaysia.

“SAPP” Fresh from the Oven Updates

****UPDATED 5.45 PM**** YTL said what he had to say and in the end he blamed leaders who only want to enrich themselves. Session ended at 5.30 and the problems he touched on included the illegal immigrants, erase suspicious amongst all races,erase money politics, and they should not be fear of expression of speech. From Sabah Happy Merdeka Bugi Wijaya 

****UPDATED 5.00 PM**** sms meassage,” Tan  Sri Simon Sipaun question the illegal immigrant issues for Sabah. He related his experience with Suhakam,there are illegals with real mykad n while the real Malaysian who applies still did not get their mykad after 12 years. This should not be happening in our country. Its easier in the COLONIAL days than now when we were Merdeka relating his won experience of getting a Birth ceritificate in those days. He called for a truly commission of enquiry and it is his own opinion and not Suhakam as he has not dicussed with his fellow colleaques. If you compare Sabah and sarawak population growth, there is something wrong with SABAH GROWTH..!!!

****UPDATED 4.50 PM**** BN does not want Sabah,its not Sabah don’t want BN. All Mps and representatives are invited  but they are NO SHOW,they miss out to get and listen to the points the people and speakers raised. This are Sabah issues and in Sabah we are divided because of “DIVIDE and RULE” says Yong Teck Lee in his closing address.

****UPDATED 4.35 PM**** Harris says he agrees with SAPP stand against PM.He feels that if Pak Lah is still PM,Malaysia akan “terus Jatuh” PM should allow the vote of no confidence to be debated and there is nothing to be scared about. ( Only those who cium tangan and get project in UMNO takut)  

****UPDATED 4.30 PM**** Harris Salleh in answering a question from the floor,” he said to increase oil revenue just get the DUN of Sarawak and Sabah to pass a motion saying they want a 25% increase of oil royalty. But then the federal government always turn round by giving Development Grant. 


Malaysiakini correspondent Tony Thien wrote : War of words between Sapp and Umno http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88874 and it seems that SAPP has no more “LOVE” for BN and their marriage is now going for a divorce. Whatever the politicians have disagreements it is bests that those on the sidelines stay out of it. If not you will feel the heat too from the oven.

 The war of words started with senior state Umno leader Yahya Hussain, who is also a deputy chief minister and state Umno secretary, publicly called on Yong “to emulate Raymond Tan (Yong’s deputy in Sapp) with regards to loyalty, mutual respect and humility. In a quick response Sapp information chief Kassim Sulaiman said in a statement today that Yahya has insulted every Sapp member by his remarks and he has no moral standing to tell Sapp what to do.

Bugi Wijaya said they are taking pot shots at one another.  SAPP remains a thorn in the flesh of PM. Bondoun who commented on my blog said this…..

At this point only SAPP is making the noise and doing something about it. The convention to be held in Kota Kinabalu will further enrage AAB and UMNO. But all of the promises AAB pledge during Kaamatan has not been fulfilled. He has no right to force our MPs to sign a loyalty declaration.”

I just received sms that Datuk Harris Salleh former CM has arrived at the SAPP convention and he was given a standing ovation by the crowd numbering 1000. Also present were Jeffrey Kitingan, PKR deputy chairman DAP MP Hiew King cheu ,retired government servants and members of the public. BN YBs who confirmed coming to the function did not turn up according to the SAPP organising committee. It’s HOT and the temperatures will rise. We shall see and we will try to keep you updated…….