Battle of September 16th Heats Up

Just as I thought….hmmm. Anwar is walking on thin ice. In this Malaysiakini report headlined: Pak Lah vows to foil September 16th plan PM said in his strongest statement yet “Efforts by certain parties to destabilise the country by attempting to seize power through illegitimate means, and without the mandate of the people, must be rejected,” “We cannot allow uncertainties to continue as this will adversely affect foreign investment, economic sentiment and the capital markets.” 

“I will not allow these disturbances to continue,” he stressed. “I will not permit the mandate given by the people to be seized from BN which won the last election with a majority of the seats based on democratic principles.”  As the date nears the PM knows that he needs to show his authority and this statement will send alarm bells to even those who have stood side by side with him.

What does he mean.? Is it that straighforward.? If I was him I would wield my sword and make examples of a few to make the whole bunch solid and loyal. Seems that some Sabah Barisan Nasional MPs have rejected the idea of a pledge of loyalty, a move bound to fuel more political uncertainty.

Kimanis MP Datuk Anifah Aman, Kalabakan MP Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh,Karambunai MP Datuk Eric Majimbun and Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui of Tawau would not be in a “HURRY” to sign the declaration of loyalty and they each have had their say. It is just ironic that this is happening just after the budget speech and all this will overshadow the goodies included large allocations to upgrade electricity, water and rural road facilities for Sabah and Sarawak.

Well, the “Pokok seems to Goyang-Goyang” and Abdullah knows Anwar will not yield until he is successful. Just as I was compiling this report our correspondent Bugi Wijaya from Sabah has this statement form SAPP.

Yes, the thorn in the flesh of PM, SAPP issued a statement by the president “Sharkman” Datuk Yong Teck Lee.  Looks like with this latest statement, tomorrow’s convention on Sabah Issues would be explosive. The point of no return for SAPP? Let’s wait and see and he will be attending the convention.Below please find the full text of his statement.

  1. Trust is vital in fulfilling the budget – can we believe that this government will implement the budget that the PM has tabled today? There are numerous promises in recent years that the PM has yet to fulfill.


  1. There have been so many flip flops such as over the fuel prices, the indecisiveness over the double tracking rail project, uncertainty over the Penang bridge, cancellation of the Singapore bridge and the Port Klang Free Port controversy that the people have lost confidence in the PM. In Sabah, the suspense over the fate of the coal power plant in the East Coast of Sabah and the blur over whether to have a gas power plant in Kimanis or a RM 3 billion, 500-km gas pipeline to Bintulu have decimated the trustworthiness of the government leadership among the people.



  1. Other examples that have made people to lose confidence abound. For instance, on 10 September 2004 the PM proclaimed a budgetary proposal in Parliament to implement a Goods and Services Tax (GST) on 1 January 2007. But because the PM did not realize the adverse consequences of a hasty GST, the Minister of Finance, who is also the PM, had to declare eighteen months later (in February 2006) an indefinite deferment of the GST proposal. Never before was a budgetary proposal (which was later approved by Parliament) failed to be implemented by the government due to ignorance of the implications of a GST in the country.


  1. The 2005 budget too had declared its aim to raise RM 20 billion through PFI (Private Finance Initiative) for infrastructure projects as domestic investment in the economy. Hardly any of this RM 20 billion was raised up till last year. This budget 2009 is silent as to the future of PFI and did not address the difficulties faced by the construction sector due to increased construction costs in public infrastructure projects.


  1. Economic and corporate management is still suspect. The sale of M.V. Augusta, which Proton Holdings Berhad had sold to a third party for one Euro (RM 5) who then resold the M.V. Augusta for RM 358 million (Euro 70m) last year.


  1. At the same time, the Malaysian corporate sector is still reeling from efforts to mitigate losses over national icon Malayan Banking’s purported purchase of PT Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII) for a total of RM 12.7 billion. This follows soon after Maybank share value lost sharply upon announcement to purchase 15% of a Pakistani bank (MCB Bank Ltd.) at RM 2.17 billion. The PM has yet to effectively explain how confidence can be restored among both domestic and foreign investors.


  1. After the general elections of 8 March, investor confidence was so low that, in the 2nd quarter of 2008 (April to July), domestic investment dropped to RM 2.6 billion from RM6.7 billion (in the first quarter ending March 2008). Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) was even more bleak, dropping from RM 16 billion to a mere RM 7.3 billion in the 2 quarter compared to the first quarter before the 12th general elections. The budget presented by the PM today did not address this loss of investor confidence.



  1. There is also no sign of the so-called RM 1 billion each allocated to Sabah (and later Sarawak) as announced by the PM on May 30 in Kota Kinabalu. Neither did these RM 2 billions appear in the supplementary budgets of last July’s Parliamentary sitting. It remains a mystery where the RM 1 billion for Sabah comes from or will go to.


  1. The one and only sector where hard working people make money for the government is the oil palm sector. But the government jealously had chosen to punish this “golden egg goose” by imposing a wind fall tax of 15% in June 2008, something that oil palm industry is still reeling from and unable to recover. This budget 2009 did not deal with the issue of the damages caused to the oil palm industry. A form of damage control would be to reduce the foreign workers levies to a flat RM50.00 per worker so as to make it more feasible for employers to register their workers. Sadly, the budget missed out the subject of foreign workers levies.



  1. This budget is obviously sugar-coated to pacify the people with many unprecedented goodies. But the source of funds has not been adequately explained.



  1. As for inflation, something that affects most people, July saw a high rate of 8.5%, the highest in the last quarter of a century. For the poor people, the real effect is definitely much more than 8.5%. Pensioners and average persons with bank savings will find that their savings depreciate in value because inflation in wiping out the value of their savings. I find it disturbing that the PM has forgotten altogether to address inflation. The budget did not even forecast the inflation rate for 2009.




Real or Brag Anwar..?

Tony Thien Malaysiakini Sarawak correspondent picked this up from a local daily quoting the CM of Sarawak “Let him continue to brag. The word is ‘brag’. I covered it yesterday with an article ,”POKOK MASIH GOYANG” . I even received an sms from an architect friend saying that PRS president James Masing must have meant “they don’t jump over like frogs,they will fly over like hornbills.” I thought he did say that but upon checking he did say,”Sarawak is the land of the hornbills,not the land of frogs.” Very imaginative and trying to twist words but it did convince me for awhile. Anyway i still think that sms is a useful tool but do not abuse and create mayhem or uncertainties.

Going back to Anwars September 16th target. Well. not unless Anwar can deliver nobody will believe. I did ask Anwar ,”Show me the first 4 MPs” Now it seems that everyone in BN is getting on the bandwagon and condemning Anwar for rattling the adminstration and calling a ,”BLUFF.” If he manages to do it ,it is a real good one and in the end it will turn to reality. That is one of the reasons the top leaders in BN are looking and keeping a ,”hawks eye” on the YBs. 

James even went on to say,”I think dreaming is not a privelege for those who are asleep.Dreaming can also be for those wide awake.” He is feeling confident that a number of divisions have woken up to the realities and that he is the President to lead them. When a leader sounds “Convincing and shows leadership” qualities his members feels secure. The ground is very favourable towards PRS divisions coming back as a unified entity. Talks are progressing into the final stages according to a source. As a coalition partner he and PRS is standing steadfastly behind the CM and BN government. 

A political secretary to the CM from PRS echoed that the party is behind the CM Taib and also had the same views that the voters views should be respected that they have given the BN the mandate to rule after the GE of March the 8th. We have 4 1/2 years until the next GE. Can’t Anwar wait..? echoed a senior party member. There are many equations and if September 16th is not achieved Anwar will have losts a lot of credibilty. But if he manages to push his agenda through the term,”INFODEMICS” will be used by many.

President Lee was under siege as rumours of the the mad cow disease hit him hard.

  • 94% of Koreans have a gene which predisposes them to mad cow disease.”
  • “Cow products are used to make pampers,which gives babies who wear them mad cow disease.
  • Videos and pictures online and this worked people up.


So Anwar is it real or just a brag? We know that internet has become an active space for information and engagement and Anwar is capitalising on this. The MALAYSIABOLEHLAND script gets better, there are 18days left to September 16th…….