Our correspondent Bugi wijaya files this report on SAPP
Beh Lih Yi & S Pathmawathy has their report in Malaysiakini in which Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim at his first press conference as the parliamentary opposition leader continued to keep everyone guessing on his Sept 16 plan, in which he said there would be a change of government. Things are cooking up across the South China sea in the island of North Borneo.
The thorn in the flesh of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi, SAPP will be organising a Convention on Sabah Issues on this coming 30 August 2008 at the Putera Theatre Ballroom, Kota Kinabalu from 12.30pm.
The Organizing Chairman of the convention is Datuk Eric Majimbun who is one of the member of parliament (Sepanggar) who has stated his no confidence in PM.  Datuk Eric said the current political development in the country had prompted SAPP to organize this convention.

The convention is a follow up to a Special Committee chaired by Majimbun which was set for the purpose of collecting, compiling and analyzing issues submitted by the people.  He believes the convention will provide an opportunity for views and recommendations to be expressed by the people. The views will be compiled into a document for endorsement by other political parties, organizations and individuals paving the way for it to be adopted as a roadmap for Sabah towards establishing a trustworthy government and a progressive, just and harmonious society.

He feel it is important during this critical period for the people to re-connect with the history of Sabah’s independence, the position of Sabah as a state within the Federation of Malaysia as well as the current economic condition of the State.

As SAPP has been the first BN component to voice their no confidence in PM, will they make an announcement to pull out of the coalition on the day of the convention.  Remember how former PM Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad announced his resignation as a life member of UMNO at his talk?
The convention will also feature four speakers that is former chief minister of Sabah Datuk Harris Salleh, Malaysia Human Rights Commission Deputy Chairman Tan Sri Simon Sipaun, CEO of the Sabah POIC Dr. Pang Teck Wai and Kedayan author Mr Amde Sidik.
The presence of Datuk Harris will spice up the convention considering the fact that he won a election nulifying Yong ‘s election as a ADUN in 1999 (  That had resulted in the so called “red card” for Yong who had to sit out two general elections.
It is believed Harris agrees with SAPP’s declaration of no confidence against the PM.  Will 30 August see any special move on Sabah politics? Is it the prelude to the 16 September date Anwar was flashing about?
So fasten your seat belts, when the guillotine drops it is going to be really messy! Do you think SAPP will survive this Merdeka..? 



It seems that when I first wrote,”Kalau tak ada orang kacau,mana pokok boleh goyang.” we thought that the speculation and rumour mongering of 3+1 Sarawak MPs and 1 Assemblyman will not have any takers.

I was very busy today that I did not have time to check out any news on the net. My friends sms me that there are MPs from Sarawak and Sabah having a Press conference. I checked up the report from Malaysiakini and it was headlined : Stop spreading rumours Anwar! So whats going on? Who is not going to stay LOYAL to BN? Are they a “TEAM or have they just been reversed to become “MEAT”

Mohd Shafie Apdal, the BN MP for Semporna told a press conference.His statement,” We are not merchandise, we are not promotional items. We have prestige and dignity and this is a struggle we will never gamble.” Surrounded by some 20 legislators from Sabah and Sarawak, Shafie said East Malaysian MPs had agreed to pledge their loyalty to the BN and will be submitting a declaration to the prime minister by today or tomorrow.

He went further with “All those rumours are concoctions by irresponsible people and would stand by the leadership regardless of the rumours being spread. Its simple Shafie,why should the MPS reveal themselves or for that matter Anwar. I for one would like you to reveal the “PEOPLE” responsible for this. My PRS colleague who was in Permatang Pauh did say MESTI ada orang GOYANG in my earlier report of August 22nd. You can read it here 

Shafie too in the star news today did also say,”That is his claim.It will not happen.Most of the MPS are friends with each other.” Well of course everyone are friends but friends are also not always loyal are there? Total 54 Mps how come only 20 with you someone asked? Do you remember what happen to PBS or do I need to refresh it for everyone? That was history but we all know that loyalty will be weighed heavily as no one would like to be “forgotten’ after this.

A lot of party members expressed their feelings to me that the party YBs are very selfish and when they have achieved their goals the ones who fought through the FIERCEST of battles are not rewarded rightly. It is high time I keep on harping that all our “peoples representatives” know where they come from? BN and Pakatan will continue to have these “crossover”phobias or else it’s NOT POLITICS.

BN and Pakatan have their own agendas,manifestos and the people will be the judge. Why worry…? Do what you have to do and do it well. Enough of all unnecessary politiking and get on with the business in moving the country’s economy forward and create more business and employment oppurtunities. Pakatan has 5 states Barisan has 8 states and the ratio is 140-82. Isn’t this fair…?

Be a good government and do not be corrupt and the people will put you back into the State Assemblies or in Parliament. We the people of Malaysia know what is good for us and YOU from BN and Pakatan have got a JOB to do. Malaysia first,self Interests later. Enough of “POKOK GOYANG” and if they are defections/crossovers/hopers/frogs/unloyalists/ do not sacrifice the country for your own personal agendas.