“Are You Sure.?”March 8 “Sworn In “August 28th” Happening.!”September 16th

‘Are you sure?’ Those were the words most often heard on the night of March 8 in Malaysiakini’s newsroom. Today, August 28th Anwar makes his return to the House in grand style after an absence of 10 years by winning the Permatang Pauh by-election yesterday with a majority of 15,671. The full report can be read here http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88652.

The “KING RETURNS” many PKR members said to me and he will be on his quest to claim the throne which is rightfully his. Did I hear someone shout…In 4 years time maybe..13th GE lah ? Mahathir even said that Anwar would not be able to get the 30 MPs he requires to crossover. He (Anwar) may think that he can buy them but other bidders may have more money,”

Of course Anwar refuses to be caught in a crossfire between Mahathir and Abdullah. Anwar knows that is what Mahathir wants and he will not be “fooled’ anymore. Anwar will go on his personal quest and his believe that he will be able to take over by September 16th. He told Malaysiakini two weeks ago that one of his first task as opposition leader was to reconnect with those government MPs who had indicated their willingness to defect.”The prime thing is to get back in contact with those MPs that have given their word that they would support (Pakatan) when I return to Parliament.”

All our speculations and the “cai tan” will be known by September 16th 2008. Anwar has 19 days to fulfill this and if he says he has seen the promised land, how many will not believe him now. The euphoria that he has generated is so intense and a journalist told me when he was in Permatang Pauh the feelings on the ground is that “Anwar is like a PM already

 Wah! Why..? He has that aura of authority and that will only be good for the country and the economy. Abdullah did well when he came into power the voices of the people in Permatang Pauh said but he has losts that edge recently. Anwar as PM we benefit as he is a local boy come good. I wouldn’t want to argue or disagree with them in their time of exuberance. Let’s just say we will whisper to Anwar ears that MALAYSIABOLEHLAND has not forgotten…….16th Sept. right..!

SAPP”The Guillotine Awaits”

Tony Thien has his report in Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88704 in which Sabah Progressive Party (Sapp) has hailed the landslide victory of  PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim in the by elections of Permatang Pauh where Anwar secured a majority of 15671.

Bugi Wijaya has this statement from the Land Below the Wind.  We say the knives are sharpened and BN will take the necessary actions soon. What do you thinK..?

1. The land slide victory of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim augurs well for non-racial politics in Malaysia. The rejection of racial politics shown in the March general elections has been repeated resoundingly by the voters of Permatang Pauh of whom 69% are Malays.

2. But the BN leadership, especially UMNO, never learn. Instead of strengthening national unity among the people, UMNO tried desperately to whip up racial emotions on the NEP issue by mob demonstrations in Penang immediately after the elections. The orchestrating of the student demonstrations at UiTM by UMNO this month, the inflammatory speeches of their MPs in Parliament and racial instigation against SAPP MPs over the no confidence motion in June all prove that the BN and UMNO are still trapped in the old mind set of racial compartmentalization of Malaysian politics.

3. In fact, after the March general elections, both the PM and DPM had declared that the BN would conduct independent studies on the losses suffered by the BN and why people were rejecting BN. Several high level BN committees were even formed to ¡§re-brand BN¡¨.

4. But instead of changing for the better with people-friendly policies, the BN government played around with fuel prices at the whims and fancies of the Prime Minister inflicting suffering on the ordinary people. High level corruption continues unabated. And according to news reports quoting senior UMNO leaders, this year¡¦s UMNO party divisional and branch elections are the dirtiest and most corrupted by money politics ever in the history of UMNO.

5. When SAPP first declared no confidence in the PM, almost all the BN component parties chose to condemn SAPP instead of solving the issues affecting the people raised by SAPP. SAPP reminds the BN component parties to join the SAPP’s move of no confidence in the PM so as to effect change for the better in the country. SAPP now calls on the people in Malaysia, especially in Sabah and Sarawak, to be ready for change.

Issued by SAPP HQ

Anwar 2-0 (15671 Permatang Pauh Voters says)

Malaysiakini has this report by correspondent Beh Li Yi headlined : Win a ‘defining moment for nation” which can be read in full  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88645 Anwar’s statement,” “I thank the voters and consider this as a very defining moment in our history. This is in pursuant to the clamour and demand for change that you have seen during the March 8 general election,”

In football that March 8 date was the first quarter of the match and PKR was leading 1-0.The agenda and tactics were “New Dawn for Malaysia” Yesterday the 26th of August  voters of Permatang pauh has given it 2-0 at halftime. “Giant Leap for Malaysia” Strange but i do like to play with numbers and what does 15671 signify( 1+5+6+7+1 = 20) that makes 2+0 = 20 Also means 2-0 to Anwar. BN after the last GE did some post mortem but to me its not enough.

I wrote early this morning on Politcal.”Wave,Tsunami,After Shocks-Sarawak Next which can be read by clicking here https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/08/26/politicalwavetsunamiafter-shocksarawak-next-malaysiakini/ I stressed the importance of facing the Realities of “Peoples Power” Simple half time talk by Anwar is to go for the kill. 2-0 according to a former Sarawak football coach Alan Vest is the most dangerous scoreline.

At breakfast I shared my thoughts with a YB and a PBB youth exco and they do agree. How does Sarawak do it..? Back to the drawing boards and the CM is the football coach and he needs his players to pull together. Afterall with 26 years experience he also knows that 45 minutes in the game there is another 45 to go with extra minutes added in for injuries or time added on.

Anwar of course will remain tight lipped but his next goal will be to score a 3-0. That means if you think about it he needs 30 MPs to crossover. September 16th will be just the 60 minutes mark and Anwar will not stop just there in his pursuit to be the PM and re shape the government. For now he is due to take his oath on the 28th and his statement,” “I will take the oath, discuss and meet with the Pakatan leaders first and then announce (the next step),” He does need to get some much needed sleep and I do understand after this “mother of all battles” where he face the might of the BN machinery and yet came up truimphant.

To me is simple.What next BN? Don’t tell me we are not under attack or under siege. In football terms we are under attack from all flanks. How do we stop this? There are so many political analyst,political science graduates,master tacticians and most of them were in BN before. How come they suddenly turn against BN? A true football supporter never changes his colours example MU born Manchester United will not support suddenly a London team say Chelsea or Tottenham. A football supporter is a living example of “LOYALTY TO THE TEAM THROUGH RAINY DAYS OR SUNSHINE” I can talk on this subject as I followed the Leeds Service crew boys in the 80s and they travel the length and breadth of the country. Their allegience Leeds United football team. They shout themselves hoarse,they pay their own fares,expenses and why for the “Love and Heart” in support of the team.

BN needs to reengineer,reinvent,redo and if not by the next GE they will be REPLACED. I am talking from the heart. Afterall our forefathers fought with their heart and soul for a cause and why can’t we RELIVE their dreams. There are many political analysis on this subject and it takes “True sincerity to go back to our roots” Every political party knows where their roots lie and of course after many battles there is a time where we call “Time and take Stock” Imagine your football team is under attack from the wings put three instead of just one person to mark that dangerous move. Tactics in politics are no different from a football match where they are also strategies,manouverings,defensive,attacks and listening to the sideline COACHES. Pakatan has done well but all is not well too. The captain must know how to rally his troops to go for 3-0,or 4-0 or 5-0.

We do wish Anwar Ibrahim and his supporters a well done and a pat on your backs but remember BN will not just sit down and take it lightly. The people have spoken but as in any football match its all over after the referee blows  the whistle. The “mother of all battles” has just been completed but the war still rages on. Democracy has lived on and its anybodys guess in the immediate future what more is there in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND…Its only “HT halftime”..