Political”Wave,Tsunami,After-Shock”SARAWAK NEXT~ Malaysiakini

In 5 days its Malaysia’s 51st Merdeka. Sarawak will celebrate its 45th Anniversary in Malaysia on September 16th 2008. In this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88636 which had the headlines BN concede defeat I would like to point out a few points. As much as I congratulate Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim for a well deserved victory, I must point out that if BN had done reengineering and reinvent itself after the First Wave that is the Sarawak State Elections of 2006 a lot would have been avoided. To me democracy is not dead and the leaders should start now and listen to their second line of leaders or second echelon. Nothing is too late…….

I do agree with Umno information chief Muhammad Muhd Taib that one of their reasons for the lose could be hampered by internal disagreement. He is early in his post mortem and these type of actions does augur well and blame it on themselves and not look for scapegoats.

On another note he also dismissed talk that the victory would help Anwar oust the government with the help of defecting lawmakers, after landmark March general elections that handed the opposition unprecedented gains. Good, we shall see wouldn’t we…?

I have often question what happen to the 4 MPs and now we need to know that Anwar has until September 16th to prove it. Anwar did say afterall a week in politics is a long time well now he has 3 weeks. Is it sufficient or does he need to wait for the next general election,which he even said its 4 years too long. So the tsunami was the GE of March the 8th 2008.

Anwars successful quest in this byelection will make him more determined to wrestle Sarawak. He did mention it during the 10 day campaign. Will BN Sarawak just forget about it and just say its across the waters and it would not affect the political landscape. To me complacency is a SIN and there are many issues which has to be addressed. One of the most pressing points are the infightings and the unsolved issues affecting component parties. I will thus have to call it the “AFTER-SHOCKS 2011 SARAWAK“.

” WHY..?” It was an urban reengineering first by the urbanites in Sarawak. The undercurrents of the wave opened up a big gap and it gathered pace to be a tsunami and it will cause an after shock come Sarawak 2011 with Anwar and his team going all out. The Tsunami was called ,” A New Dawn in Malaysia” How do we term Sarawak then? Anwar and his team will come up with I’m pretty sure a very convincing agenda and slogan. Believe me this is for real BN Sarawak component members. I keep on harping on it as I have my reasons.

What do you do when you tell a YB that he needs to get himself to be seen and heard in the “NEW MEDIA” and get shot down. We are still vey rural and kampung based and internet will not harm us. PM of Singapore calls it a new war of engaging one another,organising online,politics on line. Its happening worldwide and its REAL. Are our members still so immature? We are 45 years in Malaysia and are we just making a “fool out of our own people.” Wish he just listen sometime but the mistakes that the administration always fail to see is that they always sidelined the truthful,rebellious,idealistic and realistic party members. Never mind there are alternate platforms nowadays.

 Don’t try to sit in that comfort zone but please walk around it as Sarawak has had the GOOD times. Anwar is for real and his political “army of strategists” are hunting down Sarawak. Our archers needs to change their style of shooting and pointing their arrows. I for one remember how,”Tony Blair did it with his campaign style and Anwar will strike the right chords.” My dad said something very significant ,” An elder/senior when he stops LISTENING to a junior his time is UP.”

 I am afraid for my party PRS of course and being a party member the party needs to strike too a ,”BALANCE OF SOME SORT” PBB is very intact but I’m not in the position to commend on it. SUPP what else can i say about the party? SPDP quietly but surely a very hard nut to crack. 71 seats in 2006 lost 9. BN 62 DAP 6 PKR 1 SNAP 1 and Independant 1

A chef in a local eatery said to me,” I sell pork items and my clientele are regulars but I need to go with the times.” I have to think too now that Malaysia has grown up and I need to change my concept.First he said he needs to appeal to all races.” Halal ” food and the identity stickers is necessary. Look at DAP it has reengineered even admitted Malay members and the Chinese newspapers are Full of them. MCA used to be strong but they are stuck in a timewarp. A chef like him who sees his salary and business will quadruple if his food base is bigger. So he said politics is also like food. You need new menus,ideas,creativity and reinvent. Pakatan has taken over 5 states and if by the time Sarawak 2011 comes about the people will be able to know how the states are run. BN not worried I don’t think so? I was told even three Keadilan flags flying in a rural constituency the YB was asking whats going on? Concerned yes,fear not yet..hmmm

Taib as CM I have nothing to be afraid but he is not getting any younger. He has pushed his people to walk with him,gone through many battles and push Sarawak into international recognition but his generals are not getting any younger are there. Look at Jabu,George,James,Mawan,Johari,Soon Koh,Nyarok to name a few and they are all pushing towards 60’s and early 70’s. Sarawak does need a fresh approach and the second echelon leaders needs to be thrown into the deep blue sea before they are losts in obscurity. Of course the elder leaders needs to impart their political know how but not necessarily moving the guillotine to their heads.

I am concerned I am not a YB and who am I to rock the boat…? Somehow I feel that there are many ways to contribute to nation building and my forsightness and a gift from GOD i think is to “UNLEASH THE POTENTIAL OF YOUTH” I am not selling myself to be considered for a seat in the next candidate lists lineup but I am sure I stand to  the principles of a strong Party.Nothing can even shake the foundations if it is. Infighting is the scourge of all political parties but once the deadly worms have been identified it should be removed. The “Shaking of the Tree” theory still holds true to the leader who sits on top.Only he can do that and those below him will have to learn from him one day.

Today there are many ways to do things and the Permatang Pauh byelection is a living testimony of Anwars creativity and rheotorics which has captured the imagination of the people. When Sarawak calls for the next elections the oppostion too will have with them 4 MBS 1 CM and at least 295 other YBS and MPS descending down to Sarawak. There is a call for reenginering and reinventing and the after shocks will not be much felt. PBB,SUPP,PRS and SPDP the threat is real and don’t think now anyone can sweep under the carpet. Those days are gone and Anwar will cash on it. Taib,George,James and Mawan as Presidents of their respective parties the young ones within the party are the hardest to please but nurture them well and they will be on your side…….I can assure you that…

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“I’m Back”Parliamentarian from Permatang Pauh ~ Malaysiakini

This Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88579  headlines”Anwar Gets Bigger Majority” and Anwar is the new Parliamentarian P44 from Permatang Pauh.

 I would not be surprised Anwar goes to the bathroom first, closed the door and shout,”I’M BACK..!!” . First of all I would like to congratulate him for winning this by-election. Anwar got 31,195 votes, Arif Shah, 15,524, Hanafi, 92. Anwar won with a majority of 15,671. Anyway, Anwar has won more than what his wife got of 13398 votes. 

It was a tough fight for all concerned and a winner has emerged and declared. There will be many political analysis and of course post mortem but for now the Winner and Losers of this byelection will TRY to have a good nights sleep and recoup.The many party members involved will have earned their well deserved rests. Thanks for a Memorable Permatang pauh by election.

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First it’s 7+7+7 now its P+P+P (Permatang Pauh Parliament )~ Malaysiakini

**** UNofficial  Updates 9.15pm***** Congratulations to the winner of this by election MP Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim 31579  against 16045 majority of 15534

**** Latest Updates 830 pm*****

Anwar Ibrahim is the winner, obtaining a majority of 16,210 votes. He garnered 26,646 votes while Arif Shah Arif Omar got 10,436. His wife, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, won the seat with a 13,400 majority in the March 8 general election.

**** Latest Updates 815 pm*****Official results are in for 15 polling stations.

PKR – 22,659

BN – 10,999

Results of another 13 polling stations being awaited so that the unofficially acknowledged Anwar victory may be formally announced.

1) Mengkuang

Box 1 : anwar 170 / Arif 115

Box 2 : Anwar 267 /Arif 183

Box 3 : anwar 310 / Arif 136

Box 4 : Anwar 282 / Arif 126

2) Guah Perahu

Box 1 : anwar 136 / Arif 161

Box 2 : Anwar 232 / Arif 236

Box 3 ; Anwar 284 / Arif 176

Box 4 : Anwar 258 / Arif 153

3) Kuala Mengkuang

Box 1 : Anwar 136 / Arif 157

Box 2 : anwar 268 / Arif 274

Box 3 : Anwar 285 / Arif 233

Box 4 : Anwar 291 / Arif 192

Box 5 : Anwar 227 / Arif 206


1) Taman Tun Hussein Onn

Box 1 : Anwar 159 / Arif  100

Box 2 : Anwar 320 / Arif 156

Box 3  : Anwar 334 / Arif 131

Box 4 : Anwar 329 / Arif 106

2) Seberang Jaya

Box 1 : Anwar 158 / Arif 97

Box 2 : Anwar 258 / Arif 7

Box 3 : Anwar 335 / Arif 201

Box 4 : Anwar 369 / Arif 141

Box 5 : Anwar 356 / Arif 161

3) JDM 6

Box 1 : Anwar 178 / Arif 78

Box 2 : Anwar 192 / Arif 80

Box 3 : Anwar 179 / Arif 95

4 ) Kg Cross Station 2

Box 1 : Anwar 179 / Arif 29

Box 2 : Anwar 411 / Arif 49

Box 3 : Anwar 441 / Arif 34

Box 4 : anwar 381 / Arif 66

5) Siakap

Box 1 : anwar 358 / Arif 203

Box 2 : anwar 411/ Arif 104

Box 3 : Anwar 369 / Arif 141

Box 4 : Anwar 356 / Arif 156

6) Jalan Tuna

Box 1 : Anwar 163 / Arif 95

Box 2 : Anwar 342 / Arif 193

Box 3 : Anwar 344 / Arif 116

Box 4 : anwar 325 / Arif 145

7) Permatang Puah

Box 1 : Anwar 314 / Arif 95

Box 2 : anwar 337 / Arif 60

If the voters sentiments and turn out are to gauge this by elections Anwar is on the way to Parliament as MP from P44 Permatang Pauh. Malaysiakini covered his statement http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88609  Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s PKR said today its exit polls indicate he has won 61 percent of the votes in a by-election expected to return him to parliament.

We earlier reported 7+7+7 which are the ages of Anwar Ibrahim (61) Arif Shah( 52) and Hanafi Hamat (61) and its ironic now we know its Permatang Pauh to Parliament or also (P) Putrajaya. We will certainly see further improving of standards in the Parliament as the check and balancing act will be fulfilled. Abdullah as Prime Minister and Anwar as opposition leader. I can’t wait for it and would be trying to make my way to Parliament too. What about you my friends…? Now MALAYSIABOLEHLAND script moves to Parliament house. “THE END OF THIS MOVIE SHOULD BE SEPTEMBER 16th 2008

Malaysians awaits the “Final Results” from P44 Permatang Pauh ~ Malaysiakini


From audie61 and the crew we wish everyone a very “Happy 51st Merdeka 2008” Thanks for all your support for the past 4 months.

***Latest .9.00.pm*** The MP for P44 Permatang Pauh is ( Datuk Sri anwar Ibrahim ) Congratulations!!!

Latest 5.15pm***( All eyes and ears will be focus at the Tengku Bainun Counting Centre.)

***Latest 5.00pm***( Polling closed. last sms from  PBB,PRS and PKR member ,” Thank you to all Permatang Pauh voters.” The MP for P44 is ..Datuk Sri Anwar ibrahim..? drums roll please.hehehe. we have blogged for about 6 hours. thanks for following us..

***Latest 4.50pm***( 10minutes to go and the latest its going to to reach 70% voter turnout. PRS,SPDP Keadilan,DAP,UMNO and SAPP members thank you for your sms. To fellow journalists,bloggers and local reporters also appreciate your assistance. Appreciate it and today democracy has won. Results will be known by 8pm. Will try to keep u all update.

***Latest 4.30pm***( Seems its a foregone conclusion that Anwar will win this by elections if the BN supporters and campaigners body language is an indication says a fellow blogger from Penang.)  

***Latest 4.05pm***(  Final hour and final coundown. Voters making last minute dash to centres to vote)

***Latest 3.50pm***( Reports from the ground BN workers have abandoned their polling booths as early as 3.15pm. It seems that if there is a 73% turnout by 5pm the majority garnered by Anwar will be more than Dr.Azizah of 13398)

***Latest 3.30pm***( Seems that UMNO Putra and Puteri who were so vocal this morning at Seberang Jaya has lost their “Voices” Must have been told by the operations room that all is not good. Sms from Penang)

***Latest 3.20pm***( Voter turnout already reach 65%.)

***Latest 3.00pm***( Just as expected 14500 odds offered now. Not over yet till the “Fat lady” sings-sms from PBB boy from Seberang Jaya) 

***Latest 2.55pm***( sms from Penang: I am pillion on motorbike doing my rounds with party member from Penang. PKR operations room said countdown 2 hours)

***Latest 2.45pm***( The illegal bookies are expecting more bets for above 14000 votes now. Sentiments of the people and the  RUNNERS on the ground have informed the syndicates that “people power” is overwhelming.  

***Latest 2.40pm***( All polling stations are properly Policed. Police statement said that Parties should inform their members there should not be over exuberance in celebrations and this might cause provocation. 

***Latest 2.30pm***( DSAI too popular says reporters on the move.Its the peoples power and most of them had mark the X.

***Latest 2.00pm***( PKR and UMNO members have been told to go for Final Push as the rain has stopped)

***Latest 1.45pm***( Local journalists assessment it can be a landslide victory for Anwar.depends on the voter turnout) 

***Latest 1.35pm***( Sms from SPDP- “Heavy downpour.Traffic Jam.” Party members Singing songs.cooler now” 

***Latest 1.25pm***( About 56 % of voters have cast their ballots polling centres count)

***Latest 1.15pm***( illegal betting giving odds now at 13000 just received a call. PKR Balai Ringgin  member called me to say raining heavily now. ) 

***Latest 1.10pm***( Baginda from PRS sent me sms,Hujan lah boss tadi PANAS..DPM sudah datang.)

***Latest 12.55 pm***( Sms from BN PBB very busy now bro. There are coming in droves now. Must be tadi too HOT.” Later k.”

***Latest 12.35 pm***( PKR Member in Seberang Jaya sms me.”Midday ghost is coming out in Seberang Jaya area. Howver Hindraf has deployed 50 members in each polling station to stop this.

***Latest 12.25 pm***( After the heat it’s raining now in Permatang Pauh. Hehe at least I did report earlier. Lunch time crowd better as the convoys of voters are being transported to the polling stations. BN and pakatan boys in real action now. Singing starts!!

***Latest 12.05 pm***( DAP member from Sarawak and SPDP member who was at SK Sri Penanti. A lot of shouting and one PKR member was caught throwing object. This is not a football ground and politicians are not “hooligans” Singing,shouting can but both of them condone VIOLENCE. Its always some mindless thugs. But the funny thing was it take at least 8 policeman to catch him. Wow! 

***Latest 11.55 am***( Sabah SAPP cadres on ground level says safe to come out for voting. Security is FULL FORCE. No need to Worry!! Come out and vote as turnout low..

***Latest 11.50 am***( Stampin PKR divisional member and PRS member in Seberang Jaya,”It’s really HOT, underwear also WET.” Mana ada hujan yang di laporkan? “No untoward incident has been reported.  Shouting Match only. 42% turnout so far latest count from centres in P44)

***Latest 11.15 am***( PKR Sarawak Senior Member ground report very favourable to Anwar. BN PBB tough,tough tough but we will manage)

The 58459 voters in Permatang Pauh will perform their democratic duties today and the results will be known by 10pm hopefully. We have covered this byelections giving analysis,ground reports from both Pakatan and BN and working together with various journalists from the internet portals like Malaysiakini ,Malaysian Innsider to the mainstream papers. 

Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88545 on the eve PKR holds huge final rally. That was last night. At 10.35am (26th August) we receive sms from both camps at Seberang Jaya that ,”Hang cheng ada better sikit.” Turnout is very good and is very hot.” It’s sunny until now.” Wow..!! democracy at work,brilliant.” Really colourful.” How I wished I was there but due to my “cough and influenza” I did not want to spread this rather “Contagious FLU.” -( I WAS STOPPED FROM GOING sob! sob! sob!)

When its all over and the final results are known, its time to take stock.Malaysian Politics will not be the same after today.There might be different approaches in our politics and hopefully a better landscape will emerge for the betterment of the country.We look forward to the 51st Merdeka day on 31st August 2008. Happy polling day…………and good luck to the new Member of Parliament from P44 Permatang Pauh..over and out.. Thank you!