20″Unsettling and Negative” after Permatang Pauh

My question is how come only 20 BN MPs? But give them a bit of credit as the rests of them are all camped in Penang helping out in the by elections. BN Youth chief Hishammuddin Hussein led the MPs in an oath-taking ceremony as reported by Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88460 Many of you will be asking why all of a sudden? Is BN really afraid as the MPs are the frontliners in Anwars quest towards Parliament. Once he has succeeded the domino will fall with many party members making a headway out of the BN parties. Not only the fronliners have to be secured I feel all BN parties should look into the party senior members and those in the (CEC)Central Executive Council or (SC) Supreme Councils.

The pledge was a sign of loyalty to the BN alliance. Interesting as the BN youth chief went on to say,’ We’ve all signed the declaration and swore to remain loyal to Barisan Nasional. This is black and white proof to counter rumours that we will leave BN for another party.” Are there still many who will remain loyal to the party? PBS legislators left their colleaques in a lurch in the nineties and we will see whether Anwar can carry out this crossovers. He has been saying September 16th is the date which will see him taking over the Federal Government.

PRS MPs will be staying loyal as I was told by my sources who are close to the six MPS that we have. There has been manouvering within the divisions “Gang of 10” but for now some leaders are waiting for the right time to act.

BN or Pakatan parties needs to sort out the loyalty status of all its MPs,YBs,local city legislators and  members and the party they represent. Politics of unstability is very detrimental to the country and there must be some respect to these laws or guidelines on “LOYALTY” The negative perception will do the country and economy no good. Let’s just see what happens after the by-elections of Permatang Pauh.

“12PM Permatang Pauh-THE END” ~ Malaysiakini


Midnight Monday 25th, signals “THE END” of campaign period for the 3 candidates of Permatang Pauh as stipulated in the rules by the election commission. All the hard work in the 10 days campaign period is finally over and it now hinges on the 58459 voters who will mark the X for the candidate on the election slip.

In this Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88425 Penang Chief Minister said this,” “To ensure a level-playing field and fairness to all candidates, the Penang state government has decided to declare August 26, 2008 as a state public holiday,” He had the angles covered to avoid a backlash from the BN when he further reiterated that,”the special holiday is taken as an additional holiday in the state and need not be replaced by taking away another holiday.

At this by elections of Permatang Pauh not only there many party members but also it has attracted many journalists from all over Malaysia and the world. It has really captivated many and everyone is hungry to know the “latest from the ground”. I am fortunate to receive the most up todate information from the party workers. But the more accurate figures and percentage of who leads up to the polling day will come from the Police “intel” and we call them the “Political Special Branch“. They are always on the move and their intelligence network  I must say are quite accurate of course not 100%. It depends finally in the hands of the voters and in this case the “Permatang Pauh’ decision makers.

“Leave no stones unturn” as we always tell our party election team and our campaigning would be worth  the effort. There are also many factors to consider during polling day and its crucial that every vote counts. When the Singapore Straits times in the article”UMNO chess game”said this,”Even the most optimistic count in UMNO gives the party only a few additional voters,and thats not enough to win,” LIm Guan Eng knows that Pakatan must not be overly confident and thus he made his move to. He is of course trying to be politically fair as CM for Penang and there would not be an advantage to both sides as it would be a level playing field. Do you agree…?

Voters of Permatang Pauh be sure to come out and CAST YOUR VOTES………..