WOW! Odds”15000 Votes at 3-1″Permatang Pauh

Why hasn’t any one come out and say that “Don’t vote your future away” When Reuters UK carried out this story I would have thought both BN and Pakatan legislators would have spoken up. The thing that got me was this statement,” Many Malaysians are hardened gamblers and illegal betting syndicates in Malaysia (and elsewhere in Asia) won notoriety around the world . You minus the bracketted (elsewhere in Asia) it does sound bad, i mean we now even have bets on election.

Imagine this Bookies in Kuala Lumpur are offering odds of 3-1 for Anwar winning with a majority of 15,000 votes in the August 26 by-election. Can I bet? Who can I call? Betting besides the authorised numbers games in Toto,Magnum and Pan Malaysia Pools are considered illegal. When this reuters report hit the streets and Malaysiakini report most BN stars camp in to ensure victory. Anwar has called this the “mother of all battles” and the illegal bookies are cashing on this by-election of Permatang Pauh.

Barisan Nasional’s heavy presence in Permatang Pauh, belies the fact that they need this victory as much as Anwar. Although a BN defeat in Permatang Pauh here will not impact national politics much nor change the landscape of Penang’s politics for now, Abdullah knows all too well that another loss here five months after the general election could mean that sentiments towards his coalition have not changed.

Anwars response is that he needs to better the majority achieved by his wife and PKR President in the last GE. But this time the BN will even throw the “KITCHEN SINK” in to stop Anwar winning this election as we know that the impossibility is always there in Politics. At odds 3-1 offered for above 15000 someone will stand to make in a lot of $$$$$$$ from this election result. I thought 3-1 was good odds what about this then Bookies have posted odds of 5-1 for a majority of 20,000. Who will put a stop to all this? 

Anyway, the 58459 voters will know who to mark X come August 26th 2008. The bookies will be around for many other elections and this will not be the first time we hear about it. Its Malaysiabolehland Political icon Anwars quest and first step to Parliament and to fullfill his agenda to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Of course the BN machinery will use all its knowhows of ruling the country for 50 years to stop this charge. The last 3 days of campaigning will be intense and many will have high blood pressures after this by-elections.

“CHAU” Permatang Pauh ~ Malaysiakini

When I was in England My Hongkie classmate in high school told me his surname is “Chau” but he himself is ‘Not dirty’. Today I still call him Peter “St.Peter the rock” Chau. In Hockien “Chau” is dirty” but his parents know how to cover it up for him. Everyone I’m sure whose faith is Christianity knows who Peter is. In the run up to the by elections in Permatang Pauh where the 58459 voters will have their voices heard through the ballot boxes both sides are accusing each other of underhand and dirty tactics. 


The report carried by Malaysiakini Bogus Pakatan ‘shadow’ cabinet had both sides denying their parts in it. So who is responsible? I know… must be (Akim) Hanafi Hamats boys as he himself says “I am confident of winning because many voters are fed up with both Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat’s hostile politics and mud-slinging. Isn’t this one of the many “Chau” tactics thought of by some of the political stategists.

Now Nallakurruppan President of Malaysian Indian United party(MUIP) who is campaigning for BN says that he has received 10 sms threats and asking him to leave the Permatang Pauh by elections. There were also told that they should close the operations room. Nalla a fromer close ally has known Anwar for 30 odd years and they usually call him the “tennis” partner. Many will call him a betrayer but as I always say there must be reasons why a person leaves for better pastures. Loyalty is not a livetime commitment in party matters and friendship and sometimes it takes a little spark to end ,”FRIENDSHIP.” There is still a little corner in ones heart  which says that used to be my friend. Don’t tell me you have never experience this “fallout” in your lifes?  Politics there are no life time enemies and the agenda for the day plays a very important part in ones political life. So is this another “CHAU” way in politics..?

There are many ways to convince voters to mark the X but we know that there is also the ‘CHAU” side to politics. As an internet portal puts it,” Fliers warning of a Cabinet of pigs, posters of a dead woman and caricatures of a duplicitous, many-faced Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim are showing up in Penang as campaigning in the by-election takes an increasingly personal and vicious turn.” What else is there to say..? When the by-elections is all done and dusted the people in the constituency of Permatang Pauh will tell every visitor this was the “mother of all battles” and history will remember that there must be more than 30000 party members involved in this election…………