“LU KI TALOK” on Malaysiakini TV

Hockien widely spoken in Penang and Anwar has used this as an oppurtunity to polish up his rather limited knowledge of the language. “LU KI TALOK” was directed at the Prime Minister Abdullah meaning “Where are you going?” PM should answer “Wah Kin Chia Putrajaya” meaning “I am here in Putrajaya”

Anwar Ibrahim met the Chinese community at Seberang Jaya and said that he represents all races in Malaysia. He went on to say that the people of Malaysia and the world is watching where the PM and his deputy has led to Malaysia up till now. Anwar says that once he is elected he will lead the charge to change the Federal government of the Day. Its full of drama it seems that all the campaigning against Anwar is to stop his PutraJaya calvary charge and to Anwar this is termed,” mother of all battles.”

In the Malaysiakini report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/88359 PAS spiritual adviser Nik Aziz Nik Mat said “Umno-BN sees this by-election as crucial because a loss would take Pakatan Rakyat forward to Putrajaya. They are afraid that come Sept 16 something will happen. That is why Anwar has become their prime target,” Next Anwar will say ,”E lang Kia Si” meaning “They all so scared of death.”

I was having my usual cup of coffee with a PBB youth boy who said that “We are really the underdog In the Permatang Pauh byelections and its a mountain to climb.” Where Malaysia is heading is up to the people of this constituency. He said if Anwar loses, always a possibility as “Nothing is Impossible in Politics” Pakatan will ” CLOSE SHOP ” . For Anwar to say ‘Mother of All Battles” is right and he of course has his personal agenda to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Lets see after August 26th and enjoy our kaya and toast…..The 58459 voters of Permatang Pauh,” You all know where to go,to the POLLS on 26th August 2008.”

3 thoughts on ““LU KI TALOK” on Malaysiakini TV

  1. Volcano says:

    I am a hokkien, the way Arif speaks hokkien he really put my hokkien to shame. But that’s as much education as there is of Arif. Other than that he have to buy degrees from that …what Edison University..I suggest he get UiTM to award him a degree, at least UiTM is a better University degrees than Edison.
    With the presence of all the big guns and a full BN machinery behind him he is going to lose badly. Yes I dare say badly because the grounds at Permatang Pauh speaks for itself.
    The dirty tactics of BN have backfired. People are fedup of the personal attacks, the coincidences, the racist tactics, the illegal use of Govt resources, the petrol increase,…..you name it…. they have use it.
    RAKYAT is sick of BN.
    It makes me PUKE
    My vote is on ANWAR

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