Research “SAPP” Team in Permatang Pauh..?

SAPP youth exco are on the way back to Sabah after they made a brief visit to Permatang Pauh. Speaking  on the phone to me he said yesterday was a very “difficult’ day. Malaysiakini also reported that their party was PROVOKING BN by removing the BN flags and logo from the headquarters plus the printed materials. The exco youth were really caught in between and they felt their trip was made all the more worthwhile when they could feel it in their bones. That sudden surge of being unwanted by the whole group started setting in and they will go back and inform their superiors.

Furthermore he also informed me briefly that UPKO youth was also not seen in the vicinity and it seems that UPKO and SAPP are in unison. Only time will tell whether SAPP will stay on in BN. Word has it that after the Permatang Pauh by elections something will be done by the BN Management committee. If SAPP can play that game BN will not be pushed over the cliff just to please them says a component member of the BN.

Let us not speculate further and what SAPP is going to do next but to those in BN and Pakatan your parties and candidates needs all your assistance. Whoever wins will be up to the 58459 voters in the constituency…………


When Anwar took time off from his by-election at Permatang Pauh to take a quick swipe at Taib Mahmud Chief Minister of Sarawak by saying this,”There must be change, nobody should stay too long and control everything,” he told Malaysiakini  in this report surprisingly none of his “Generals or Lieutenants” in the State Administration came out to support the CM. Are they under instructions from the CM to keep out of Anwars heckling and influence to try to convince some switchovers of BN MPs. CM must have said to his boys ,”Just Keep quiet, let me handle it.”..Don’t fall into the PKR trap. Seems like Bung Mohktar has taken their “BAIT” by saying he wants to sue Jeffrey Kitingan for the implication of the 11 UMNO BN crossovers!!

CM knows that his power is not going to affected by this small OUTCRY as he has many battlescars to prove. The 1987 ‘Ming Court’ affair was a battle that could have sent him into oblivion but he withstood that. Just as he is in his “Prime” years he sees many young upstarts and political “has beens” using another vehicle of PKR,DAP,PAS and remnants of SNAP forming a coalition “Pakatan” to try to wrestle power in Sarawak.

Of course,you would have expected this,”A politician who keeps quiet is not worthy to be a politician.” Former MCA Health Minister Dr.Chua Jui Meng uttered these words which should ‘open’ up many “SHY” Assemblymen or MPS.

  • Aren’t you all the peoples representative?
  • Aren’t you suppose to be behind ‘YOUR BOSS”?
  • Aren’t you suppose to support your President of the Party?
  • Isn’t he the State BN Chairman?
  • There are 61 excluding 9 opposition members in Sarawak besides of course the CM.
  • Are all the 61 excluding the 30 MPs under instructions?
  • What about the Political secretaries?

Times have changed and move on and from what we have gathered from the Prime Minister of Singapore Lee Hsien loong who said,”Don’t spread internet lies and fabricate stories” BUT use the internet to deliver a well meaning message. He himself has a great team who supports his vision though he says not all looks,”GOOD” but we are managing the situation and a proper control is needed. He is after all our neighbour and we need not copy him but pick up the finer details to better ourselves. Of course we need to THINK for ourselves but acquiring more Knowledge,knowhows,skills we better ourselves.”KNOWLEDGE is after all the KING.”

Taib has done many things for the greater good of Sarawak but there are also many decisions which does not go down well with the people. When the water is calm why should we make a wave? To me opposition or competition brings out the bests in people and of course if the opposition is credible you have to salute them. If Taib is no good how come he has withstood 26 years as Chief Minister? CAN YOU ANSWER THAT? What I am trying to say is simple like many other Sarawakians “Show me another leader who is as capable to lead Sarawak and I will have 1001 good words for him. For now i say only, Taib remains indispensable.

The report from Malaysiakini also touched on this which according to Anwar, rumblings of discontent are growing louder and the time is now ripe to make headway there with his reformation agenda of bringing change to the existing political, judiciary and socio-economic systems.

I am a very loyal person but when the agenda and platform of the party vears from its original aims and objectives it stands I will stand up and fight for the rights. James Masing the PRS President says I am “very dangerous” infront of my divisional members in Kedup 3 years ago and today my members have said,”Boss that is True till today” Each and everyone of us has the “Potential” and “Capabilties” but we must know how to harness and use it to the fullest. There should not be any complacency in politics or you will be sidelining yourself. The Platform is Malaysia and as citizens of this country we have to equip ourselves and stand above or on par with our neighbours.

There is a saying,”Stand Up and be Counted.” How very true..!! Anwar has focussed his eyes on Sarawak even before he wrestles Permatang Pauh and knowing him he will try to push his “New Dawn Agenda”  Sarawak has 71 seats just how many will Pakatan be able to win? A former YB told me yesterday,” The Dayak hinterland will still belong to BN but urban areas SUPP/BN will face a lot of problems. Malay/Melanau areas two or three seats only will fall to Pakatan.”

 PRS seats are in the rural areas and unless the party is united again with the divisions returning to the FOLD there will be three or four surprises. Anwar too will be watching very closely these developments as the divisions are mostly party members who knows the battlefields. BN will be only too happy if James makes the right decisions.Afterall James knows his turf well and he will put his HOUSE in order. The invitations of getting the ” KEY ” people back is already in motion.

CM knows that his people are moving in the right direction without creating too much fanfare and using his knowledge and resources to maintain his grip on the loyal ones. The people in 2011 will know who will make a good governement. CM knows how to move his troops well and he wields the right power and message to his team. (Hasn’t Sir Alex Ferguson the Manchester United supremo been in the hot seat too for 20 odd years?) I’m sure CM must have stopped the statements from coming out from Sarawak. If after my posting of this article there are statements I will be surprised. Anwar you have just sent a missile across from Permatang Pauh to Sarawak. Taib will be watching you with interests………….  

( Posted on 21st August  at 1.16pm)