This is a full report from our correspondent from Sabah and unedited version

In 20/8/2008 Malaysiakini report on headline DPM: No ‘frogs’ in Sabah or S’wak (see report), in response to PKR Vice President Datuk Dr. Jeffery Kitingan claim on that Sabah MPs will swing over to Pakatan Rakyat if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim wins the Permatang Pauh by-election on 26 August 2008 (see


As the events were unfolding in Permatang Pauh, SAPP led by Datuk Yong Teck Lee had a press conference in the morning at the party HQ operations centre.  The press corp gathered expecting Yong to make an announcement on the comment of Kitingan statement on the 2 SAPP MPS  joining Pakatan.  Even the special branch had a good turnout.

The cameras were rolling as Yong came down to the operation centre for the press conference.  It turn out to be a Malaysia day signage unveiling ceremony (attached) but with some spices.  Below are his full press statement;


Datuk Yong Teck Lee speaking at the SAPP HQ unveiling of the “Malaysia 1963” bill board on Wednesday, August 20.

 1.    For 45 years, the nation has been struggling with the idea whether the national day (Hari Kebangsaan) should be celebrated starting from 1957 (when Malaya achieved independence) or 1963 (when Malaysia was formed after the Malaysia Agreement with the United Kingdom, Malaya, Singapore, Sabah and Sarawak).

 2.    Both Sabah and Malaya achieved independence on August 31 but on different years; Malaya in 1957 and Sabah in 1963. On 16 September 1963, Malaysia was officially formed and the new Malaysia flag with 14 stripes of red and white and the 14-pointed star was raised for the first time in Malaysia.

 3.    At one of the BN Supreme Council meetings last year (2007 being 50 years after Malaya achieved independence), this was debated again, mainly between the UPKO President who favoured 1963 and an UMNO leader who insisted on 1957. As we all know, the federal government defied historical truth and went ahead to declare the 50th Hari Kebangsaan for Malaysia, thereby using 1957.

 4.    Today, we see that the authorities still insist on using the historically erroneous date of 1957 for Hari Kebangsaan. What saddens the people is that even the Sabah State Government has mistakenly or obediently adopted the 1957 date by declaring this year’s  Hari Kebangsaan as 51st rather than 45th.  We note that Sarawak has done the right thing by celebrating the the 45th Hari Kebangsaan and not the 51st Hari Kebangsaan.

 5.    SAPP calls on the Sabah State Government to do justice to the early pioneers of Sabah and the founders of the Malaysia to declare 2008 as the 45th Hari Kebangsaan and not the 51st Hari Kebangsaan. People in Sabah (then North Borneo) and Sarawak has nothing but colonial rule to celebrate in 1957. As true Malaysians, we should celebrate 1963.

 6.    Our bill board “Malaysia 1963” at our party HQ today is to highlight to the Government and the people that we celebrate Malaysia 1963 and the 45th Hari Kebangsaan. We call on academicians, historians, civil servants and our political leaders to speak up in the interests of history and true facts so that the government will respect history and truth.

When asked further on the comment of Dr. Jeffery Kitingan, Yong said that based on Kitingan words, the other MPs mentioned were UMNO’s so why only asked about SAPP?

One different thing about the press conference were the conspicious absence of the BN flag or logo from the signage and the SAPP office.  When asked, Yong quipped that even component parties in Peninsular don’t have BN logo in the office.
Pressed whether this means SAPP is out of BN, Yong added, “SAPP has not been invited the past few BN supreme councils and management meetings. So the position of SAPP in BN better be answered by the Prime Minister whom we have no confidence in, the deputy prime minister or the secretary general of BN”.
Yong reiterated SAPP policy of non-racial politics and expressed his regrets at the tactics of UMNO of racial polarisation in recent time.  They should not have use the UITM students for their political purposes. This does not augur well for Malaysia especially during this merdeka month.
During refreshment a senior party leader joked that the weighing scale (BN logo) has been sent to the trade office for recalibration to make sure that it is really just and equal for the people.  The scenario in Sabah is becoming like Sarawak where the CM wields too much power.
It seems that there is a lot of happening in  Malaysia as after the SAPP press conference, the news corp received words that Anwar has set his target on Sarawak next especially Tan Sri Taib Mahmud. He is a man in a hurry.
Happy Merdeka!
Bugi Wijaya

“Permatang Pauh Politics in Sports..?” – Malaysiakini

My first impression was “Here we go” Politics putting its hand in Sports. “Here we go” is a rallying cry made famous by football fans all over in England as their teams go on attacking into their opponents goal. It was suppose also to arouse the sentiments of the players and push them to go for the win or to try to equalise from a goal down on the field. In Malaysia football we have our drums and kompang and our supporters are not as rowdy and has the hooligan elements inbuilt as the British fans. I know this very well as during the eighties too on weekends I followed the service crew boys supporting Leeds United as they went around the country causing mayhem and fear. ‘Malaysiakini portal carried this report headlined :Propaganda war in full swing. In Malaysia our politics though full of controversies and surprising elements have not reached that stage and  I thanked God for that. Well lets not divert from why Politics is in Sports.

Of course everyone wants to be seen and involved in Winners in all sports. Malaysian legislators are known to capitalise on this. Sarawak winning the league championship the players were brought from Kuching to Lawas and everywhere it was a government function. I know it too well as its publicity of the highest order and its a good Propaganda and advertisement for the government of the day. So( Datuk soon) Mr. Lee Chong Wei? You are going to be the “Man of the Moment” in Permatang Pauh.

Lee, Malaysia’s Olympics badminton silver medalist visited Parliament yesterday and would be honoured in a special ceremony in Penang tonight where he would be presented with a cheque for RM300,000 and a monthly pension of RM3,000. More to come as now the Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng said Chong Wei is going to be honoured because he had done not only Penang but also Malaysia proud with his achievement as the first Penangite to win a silver medal at the world’s biggest sports event.

Penang will award shuttler Lee Chong Wei, the state’s first Olympic silver medallist, with the Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri (DSPN) award, which carries the title Datuk, on Aug 30. BN will give the cheque while Pakatan Rakyat will give the Datukship. Wow! propaganda of the highest level and both do not want to be outdone. One is the federal governemeent while the other a State government. If it’s honours fair enough but sometimes politics does have more than a hand in Malaysian politics. I say congratulation again Chong wei, you deserve it and you have shown to Malaysian sportsman it pays to go all the way to the top  in Sports. Enjoy your moments of truimph………..Onwards to London and thanks for the badminton “Oohs and Aahs” moments.

Anwar..Just “9 for 2/3rd Majority” ~ Malaysiakini

Call it a ‘bluff” or ‘hypothesis”. The mind games played by Sabah-based PKR leader Dr Jeffrey Kitingan, 13 MPs in the state will join Pakatan and cross over seems far fetched as until today the 4 MPs that Anwar promised has not materialised. In the Malaysiakini portal the report is for all to see.

Now it gets even better as sources close to Anwar said that there are 40 government MPs ready to just cross/jump/walkover that “line” to join. In local Sarawak lingo i will ask,”Benar kah sik..?” It must be the charismatic and a dream move don’t you think for the many MPS to just join Anwar. Don’t tell me Anwar has told them,”I have a dream” just like what Martin Luther King Jr on his famous speech of 28th August 1963 delivered to 250,000supporters. 

This has led me to be very apprehensive. Next Anwar will say I feel,”I have seen the Promised land” as “Merdeka” is after all his rallying cry in Permatang Pauh campaign. BN needs only 9 for them to get the necessary 2/3rd majority. An UMNO Sarawak protem committee member even said to me,”Anwar can try but he hasn’t even fulfilled his 4 what more to say 40.” He really needs to look over his shoulders as he quoted a PAS top leader,”I don’t know if PAS would remain in Pakatan if there are only a few Malay- Muslim MPs who defect,” 

Also he sounded very confident echoing these views from what he gathered from the internet,”BN and Umno are not expected to sit still in the face of this Anwar-led onslaught.” We will not just leave the ship but we will repair the damage and come up stronger.” Remember Anwar said 4 but still unfulfilled what more to say 40.

Anwar has managed to get Jeffrey to start the ball rolling just like what Martin Luther King jr in 1963 said from Atlanta to Memphis that he has been to the mountaintop and seen the promised land. The promised land is “Merdeka” to Anwar who has said that we need to look back at 50 years ago when Tunku declared Malaysia independence. All is well but will this not create unstability when there are crossovers? Security, the PKR assemblyman for Padungan Dominique Ng told me was of utmost importance. Is it so simple as just like the “Changing of Guards”  I ask..?

I got my answer when a former divisional PRS Youth Chief told me the sentiments of the people will influence even the most loyal BN member. When ‘several federal ministers’ were mentioned to jump ship this is serious he said. This is Malaysian politics and no enemy becomes one forever and no friends are glued together for life. Yesterday he said I am “buddy buddy” to one Datuk today I am his sworn enemy and even joined forces with his most hated rival. On the 9 BN needs he said it is near impossible but surely this not make sense. Aiya, he said the government is too corrupted,too many promises,son in law and family only,foreign investments worried and economy stagnant. But I told him with the 9 there will be stability and things will be different no more looking over the shoulder don’t you think.

He ended by telling me what he had read earlier ,” “Anwar’s plan is definitely still on, and he stressed the country’s stability in doing this,” Either way the King will be the kingmaker don’t you think? 9 looks so easy to obtain but there seems to be no takers while 40 which is far fetched seems attainable. You make your own judgement as all I know is there are too many BN MPs names being mentioned. Next you will ask me …TRUE KAH..?

Let’s focus on Permatang Pauh for now shall we,and see what Pakatan and BN do leading up to polling day……..Remember 58459 voters we are coming for you. Jeffrey your boss will say next the “mountain top”  is within reach…