The Elusive GOLD..

Malaysia’s gold medal will still have to wait for London in the year 2012. Lin Dan world no 1 just showed his master class and provided flawless badminton. World No.2 Chong Wei felt the pressure on his shoulders to provide Malaysia with the GOLD medal and it seems that his normal game suffered.

Malaysiakini carried this report headlined:Can Chong Wei  deliver first gold..?  I am slighty disappointed with the final results as Chong Wei usually a ,”thinking player” lost out to the home crowd and Lin Dan’s absolute court domination in 39 minutes. Today Chong Wei was not his usual self and the fighter in him was missing and I would like to thank Chong Wei for breaking the country’s 12-year Olympic medal drought.  Onwards to London and thanks for the badminton “Oohs and Aahs” moments.

One thought on “The Elusive GOLD..

  1. Chong Wei fan says:

    Common Malaysia. Give Lee Chong Wei a break and a big pat on the shoulder why don’t you? It isn’t easy to make it to the Olympics, and it takes a stronger will of power to make it to the top 3. Win or lose last night’s game, Lee Chong Wei is already a winner… he lifted Malaysia from being a mere participant in the Beijing Olympics to a country that is actually good enough to win at least a medal. He will be known as THE SPORTSMAN to give Malaysia the ONLY medal in the Beijing Olympic, the greatest Olympic game of all, and it’s only 4th time in Olympic history to be included in the medal count. And it’s not even just a Bronze medal. It’s a SILVER medal. Given the overwhelming pressure of the pounding home crowd, and the enormous pressure of carrying the burden in making sure he gives Malaysia its only gold medal, anybody who’s made of fresh and blood would have quince over the thought of that, no matter how seasoned a sports person you are. And shame on ASTRO for not putting out its congratulatory message to Lee Chong Wei for winning a silver medal despite what happened last night, like it did when he won the previous night. That will only serve to demoralise all our athletics, and not give them the extra oomph and aaahhh they need to propel further in their career. I don’t think you’d treat your son or daughter any differently if he or she failed you just this one time in living up to your standard now, would you?

    My message to Lee Chong Wei: good on you buddy! Keep your head up and be damn proud of yourself! You deserve it.

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