The Elusive GOLD..

Malaysia’s gold medal will still have to wait for London in the year 2012. Lin Dan world no 1 just showed his master class and provided flawless badminton. World No.2 Chong Wei felt the pressure on his shoulders to provide Malaysia with the GOLD medal and it seems that his normal game suffered.

Malaysiakini carried this report headlined:Can Chong Wei  deliver first gold..?  I am slighty disappointed with the final results as Chong Wei usually a ,”thinking player” lost out to the home crowd and Lin Dan’s absolute court domination in 39 minutes. Today Chong Wei was not his usual self and the fighter in him was missing and I would like to thank Chong Wei for breaking the country’s 12-year Olympic medal drought.  Onwards to London and thanks for the badminton “Oohs and Aahs” moments.


The old man of Malaysian Politics likes to really throw the spanner in the works. Malaysiakini portal has this report ,”I think Arif Shah will not lose as badly as other candidates before him or other candidates in his place.”  Guess what..? Who do you think will be a THE candidate that can beat Anwar..? Your bet…”Peoples Power” Kuasa Rakyat”

Hmmm, “ RPK ” The picture will tell you who and of course, this is just to tell our former PM enough lah! You had your days and enjoy your “GOLDEN” retirement and let us make our choices.  

“Permatang Pauh”PRS IS IN TOWN TOO..~Malaysiakini

Sarawak (PRS) president Dato Sri Dr James Masing said on the 14th August 2008 in his statement ,” “Anwar is just 61, what is another five years. He can seek the mandate of the people during the next general election. That is the proper thing to do. Did it carry any weight..? Of course it did and from what has been happening on the nomination day which was reported in Malaysiakini:Huge turnout as Anwar launches comeback bid  and the full report can be read at .

PRS was represented by a team led by Vice-president Datuk Joseph Salang to lend support to the BN candidate Arif Shah.This was confirmed to me through my telephone conversation with Wilfred Nissom SG of PRS. In todays local daily it was reported from Lawas (northern part of Sarawak) that the Sarawak State BN team will be sending a team to assist its national counterparts. James has echoed the right signals as the Second Finance Minister and also PBB Senior Vice -President Awang Tengah also said,” Anwar should wait until the next elections and not use the back route to form the government.” This is an indication that the collegues in the State Administration are standing as a unified team in the BN.

Stabilty in Politics is what the PEOPLE and FOREIGN INVESTORS want. The changes in adminstration can only be done democratically through the election process and as such until the State elections due in 2011 Sarawak remains a very unified entity. We know statistics don’t lie but at the end of the day its how you capture the hearts of the residents and voters of the constituency. Sarawak State BN Youth chief Fadillah Yusof and other several other youth leaders of SUPP,PRS and SPDP have made their way to Penang to help during the campaign period.

Yesterday it was reported that some 10,000 supporters shouted Anwar’s battle cry of “reformasi” or “reform”, and waved party flags, facing off against 5,000 government supporters and trading taunts and insults. The drama was intense but does this signify that Anwar has won..? It can be used as a yardstick to gauge the sentiments of the people but it must be noted that Permatang Pauh is a “PKR” stronghold and home ground of Dr.Azizah the “Lioness and President of PKR“. If only 1000 turn out for PKR there must be something wrong right..?

Which made me say to some members from from Sarawak PKR and DAP,”If only 1000 turn up for James in the Baleh ( N56 )State constituency in the next elections something must be wrong too.” I will bet my last dollar that James will still maintain his seat the next round no matter what party and who they field. That’s the confidence as James has really looked after his people in Baleh all this while. James continues to exemplify what an assemblyman should do and he always says,”I am here because of them“meaning his voters in Baleh (N56) and he will not stop working for them.

BN will be underdog as DPM Najib says,”Yes we would like to be.” He went on to say that BN will be looking to a fair fight and said that BN would follow all election rules and regulations. Najib also likened the atmosphere to be cheerful but there will be tensions at certain times. As in any elections we always say,” It’s not over until the FAT LADY sings.”  

The Sarawak BN parties including PRS is already in town says a supreme council member Tedewin. We hold true to our words that we are in the coalition as a partner. When one partner requires assistance we are there for them. “Loyalty” also ‘7’ knowing I like to quote numbers right nowadays, is very hard to come by and PRS will remain true to the State administration,he further reiterated.

The mark X is becoming more important as the 58459 voters in the SPR electoral roll are being coaxed and sought after. These words will be used by many,” “Others can come here and campaign and promise a lot of things, but I know who will deliver.” So we have to hand it “ONLY” to the Permatang Pauh voters and HARD CAMPAIGNING IS NEEDED….

“NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE..” in Politics and many legislators have used this phrase……..What do you think..?

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