Its all 7 “Permatang Pauh”7+7+7~ Malaysiakini

The world news/media/photographers all converged near or at the nomination hall in the Institut Perguruan Tunku Bainun in Seberang Jaya. I’m at it again and trying to get someone to try their luck today. Malaysiakini portal headlined its report as it’s a three way fight. Its a three way tussle and its any of these three man who will be the Member of Parliament for Permatang Pauh. Well lets take Anwar he is 61,  Arif 52, and Hanafi 61 all add them up is 7+7+7=21 Two plus one makes it 3 and you know what 3 means to punters in lucky numbers “UP“.

Obviously come August 26th there will be a winner either PKR,UMNO or AKIM. (Haha) Arif also in the numbers game as he said his third position on the ballot paper gave him an edge. “The number ‘three’ means mountain in Mandarin and that would mean we are up on the hill. Alhamdullilah (praise to God), I will wrest back Permatang Pauh,” Anwar might just say to Arif you are No.3 but I’m still No.1 in Permatang Pauh.

Lets just try some luck shall we:-  Toto 6 digit 615261 4digit 7773 5digit 77721. Don’t be too greedy O.K. By the way you have to remeber this by elections will be a numbers game. Take this for instance, some 3,000 policemen,  including the Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) and three water cannons,  blanketed the place to ensure tight security in the otherwise rural and pastoral enclave surrounded by industrial areas that make Penang’s economic engine. Sums up the constituency where 58459 voters will determine who will be their representative in Parliament. If you are a voter and strike luck with the combinations of numbers don’t forget to vote though on the 26th. Just mark X first and then don’t forget me alright……….. 

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Saifuls”Personal Agenda”ANWAR

DPM Najib says in a report made available to Malaysiakini headlined: Up to Muslims to decide on Saiful’saction.  For once I do agree with you and please keep out of it. Do not be caught with your pants down again. We know ,”It’s actions which marks up a “leader” but let this fight between Saiful and Anwar sort itself out. 

Barisan National and Pakatan Rakyat no matter what you visualise should be kept out of ‘Personal Matters” between two persons. Why should both coalitions be dragged in and get smeared. The country needs leaders who can communicate their visions,the people can buy and benefit from it.

Dirty tactics,conspiracies should not be associated anymore with Malaysian Politics. STOP IT !! ENOUGH !! We have become a laughing stock in the international community. Do we want just to stay inwards and not broaden our horizon and outwards. I’m sure when DPM was in his university days he was very proud to say,”I am Malaysian.” I was too when I was in England for 7 years. Today are you proud..? Our country is besieged and tainted with unnessary politiking all also for “PERSONAL GAINS,LINING THE POCKETS AND AGENDA“.

Even a Malay classmate of mine who moved back from Germany when Abdullah came to power is sad. Instead of pushing Malaysia’s economy forward as one of the regions”ECONOMIC TIGERS” he says our politicians seems to forget where they come from. Anwar the answer..? No,no,no the  PEOPLE OF MALAYSIA  is the answer. He will give it another six months and maybe if he goes back to Germany it just signifies that our Malaysian “BOLEH” spirit is losts forever. It seems that “Malaysian Brains” are being used by other countries. They are LAUGH..ING…. :D :D :D :D Don’t you agree..?