Saiful “FREED” ANWAR..?

Malaysiakini portal had this headlined Saiful: Sodomy wasn’t concensual . He  swore on the Quran and even denied he had consented to the alleged anal intercourse with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

To us it’s simple…Saiful did you just FREE Anwar..? There is no more argument is there..? Do we need to say anymore..? You make your own judgements as in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND there are more surprises in the script..



Last week, the opposition leader was charged under section 377B of the Penal Code. It’s timely don’t you think how Saiful appears just as Anwar is preparing for tomorow’s nomination in Permatang Pauh. I did write in an earlier article that “I” Anwar charged Saiful will reappear. The”I” is “IF” so Saiful you know how to make drama too. The directors of this script will have surely have a LEAD ROLE just reserve for you…


Syabas LEE CHONG WEI ~ Malaysiakini

Lee Chong wei has ensured that Malaysia finish with at least a silver at the Beijing Olympics. it was a battle of the two “Lees” and Chong Wei won the first set but faltered in the second. It was a test of nerves and the Master Misbun Sidek was pleased that his “star pupil’ has delivered.

Even the usually composed Chong Wei could not hide his feelings as he sunk to his knees and he could be seen thanking the heavens. He then made a dashed towards his mentor and coach and hugged him. Malaysians from all walks of life thank him for giving us a good showing. We shall be focussing on Sunday the 17th of August 2008.

Can Lee Chong wei be a our golden boy and a”Millionaire”..? Stay tune and most of Malaysiakini readers would be joining us to congratulate Lee Chong Wei too. Syabas also to Malaysian Badminton Association.


In life, winners are usually held high in esteem and showered with accolades while the loser will just be left on his own to ponder,”What might have been…? If Only, I did this or that..” When PM in this Malaysiakini report headlined said that Arif Shah was our best man i had my reservations. PM went on ,”I feel that he is our best man to wrest the Permatang Pauh seat now.” In any sports the coaching team will “spot their winners” and in any elections the voters will have their final say.

I tried to put some sense in the headlines “OUR BEST MAN” What does he mean..? PM went on to compliment Arif Shah as a “staunch loyalist”, who has “never created any problems” before. Three English words that doesn’t seem to fit in this election strategy. “Our”,”Never”,”Before” Seems that the choice of words has not got the “air of invincibility” or has BN feel that it needs only to talk less and move its machinery on the ground.

We want to spot the winner from the offset but we were taken aback by this statement from “The Man of the moment Anwar.”This (Permatang Pauh) is our stronghold but we must not be complacent with the situation.We don’t want anyone among us to feel so comfortable. We must be prepared as the contest is not an easy one.

Have you the 58459 voters of Permatang Pauh made up your minds? Let me know who you mark X so that I will be able to “Spot the Winner” from a mile away. Today i wish you all worthy winners for your time spent reading this article but  we must thank the voters of Permatang Pauh who in our eyes are the WINNERS….

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