Voters “CHOICE” in Ballot

Athi Veerangan writes for Malaysiakini whereby Anwar in a “helluva” fight. We say this heavyweight fight will very much be”Torn between two lovers“. Ezam,Nalla are also joining in to try to derail their former boss. Great isn’t it as the voters will be the kingmakers.

Is it just a simple X on the ballot paper to choose the MP which will represent the constituency? The voters will have to rethink for themselves Anwar former UMNO or Anwar of Keadilan. Barisan National or Pakatan Rakyat. There might be a lot of acronyms BN-“Barang Naik” “Bagus Nya” ,PR  “Patut Rehat” “Pasti Rasa” and so forth.

But what gets me will be the Anwar factor for the people of the constituency. For 16 years Anwar was the MP and his wife Dr.Azizah took over from 1999-2008. Isn’t this torn between not only BN/PR but Anwar/Azizah. The Mary Macgregor 1977 hit single “Torn beween Two Lovers” verse

  • You were the first love I had, And all the things I ever said,I swear that they are still true,For no one can have the part of me I gave to you,Torn between two lovers,feeling like a fool,Loving both of you will be breaking all the Rules.


The by election whoever will be BN Candidate will have to take note that this will not be an easy battle. Anwar has already said “Its the mother of all battles” of course this will have great significance for both BN and PR but to me on a lighter note as to ease a bit of tension I feel that the voters will be “torn between two lovers” Kindly remember to put your X on the ballot papers. Your vote is secret…hehe

Nearer the homefront there was a lot of movements of PRS divisional chiefs the last couple of days. But today it has stopped momentarily and an “eerie” feeling has the Wanita Chief of a division worried . Word on the ground has it that the leaders of the “Gang of 10” and Masings faction will be waiting after August 26th in mobilising the forces back. Kedup Chairman Cr. Matthew American has said that PRS needs to be matured enough to go for the TDC and he is torn between the two. Sounds like the above don’t you think? Larry or James “Torn between two lovers” ………..It’s going to happen.

*Updated (10.50pm

Word has it that Larry’s informer has been told by Batu Lintang Vice Chairman that Batu Lintang should not be implicated in this whole “Gang of 10” movements. Batu Lintang division according to the Vice chairman is capable of making its own decision as the party (PRS) comes first. The number of phonecalls and sms received from concerned divisional party members who are all solidly behind the decision makers of the division.The youth and wanita are just as solid behind the divisions directions.

A closed door executive divisional meeting was held tonight and I can inform you that as Divisional Chairman, the group has unanimously decided to move as one. There were other confidential matters which will be disclosed in good time.