“DRUMS ROLL LOUD”…Permatang Pauh”

When Athi Veerangan wrote this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/87587 and in his first paragraph he had this “Permatang Pauh by-election is shaping up to be what many have been anticipating.” I couldn’t have agreed more. We know BN and Pakatan will be “shelling”each other with heavy mortars and incessant attacks from all angles.  The Big Guns of Pakatan and BN will save the bests for the “ceramahs” after Nomination day on the 16th. We were made to understand that all BN and Pakatan political parties will have make their presence felt this Saturday. 

What MCA Youth Chief Liow and PKR Vice president Dr.Lee said are just the” APPETIZERS “ 

Liow called and lambasted Anwar the PKR candidate

  • “Double faced and split-tongued” politician
  •  Stirring up Racial sentiments
  • Jeopardising the multi-racial harmony 
  • PKR and Anwar splitting Malaysians on communal lines to garner votes
  • Anwar for calling BN a coalition that lived and thrived on racial politics 


Dr.Lee lashed back, counter-accusing Liow of ‘slanderous falsehoods’.

  •  Liow has not followed Anwars electoral campaigns and speeches across the country
  •  Anwar spelt equality on religious freedom, justice, business and education opportunities

Not to be outdone and having a go at Liow was PKR Penang Committee Member Lim Boo Chang,who is a former MCA and Gerakan leader who accused the MCA leader of carrying out a character assassination campaign.

Lim said Malaysians had for the first time put aside their racial differences in the March general elections and voted in candidates from the Pakatan Rakyat because “they believe the Anwar-led coalition could deliver equality, freedom and justice to all.”

Liow said BN had always worked for the interests, rights and benefits of all Malaysians based on multi-racial concepts. We say the voters will have the final say at the ballot boxes on August 26th and for now let the drums roll loud and clear………..


(This Picture stirred up much controversy. Larry with Sidi Munan,Jimmy Donald,Munan Laja,Leon Jimat and PRS Divisional Chiefs at Sibu Function on the 1st August)

I was not surprise one bit when http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/87561 headlined :” These are revolutionary times,Chandra!” at Vox Populi  a free forum for readers to air their views on Malaysiakini’s news reports, columns, opinions, letters and analyses. I said my piece in my report”Ultimatum MPs” and ask Dr.Chandran to “THINK” (Where were you once..?) Its like a smack across his own face and this opinion by JD Lovrenciear really put the nail in the coffin.

The extract,” Chandra, were you not one of those who screamed at one time of how the judiciary, the police and other structures were been handcuffed by the executive? Chandra, how come you did not even whisper or whimper when Umno went to town behind the curtains to coerce and attract PAS, holding secret talks to share power even as the election results were being announced?
And now you are accusing the Pakatan Rakyat advisor of not being principled? Please stop painting the town red. The rakyat are well networked these days and the sharing and learning of the thinking rakyat is beyond you sir.”

Need i say more? Its all there for you to make your own arguments of the man himself. I respect the man for his scholaristic views but thats about it. Don’t tell me I’m not entitled to my own opinions,now doctor. The Final Cut is what lies,” inside your heart and soul” The destination will be determined what path you decide to take.

As for another opinion voiced by Augustine who said in PRS rebel may lose post in cabinet reshuffle it’s also like an “ultimatum” to the young assistant Minister Larry Sng. Not much has happened eversince the “Sibu Roadshow” in which 400 grassroots supporters and 11 registered PRS divisions converged. Stranger things do happen and I was having a ‘telephone conversation” with the Youth Chief of Nangka Division and he spelt out in one word,”COMPROMISE”.

  • Will both of them sit down and resolve it once and for all?
  • Larry is still young and he need not be in a hurry. Let James be the President.
  • Larry dropped not likely son-in law of hmmm (Ting Pek Khiing) and son of (Sng Chee Hua)
  •  Efforts are being put in by Gang of 10 to push for TDC. Will this succeed?
  • All BN component parties having TDC at years end, PRS should have unified one too. 
  • The final word from him “Unity is Strength”

The SUPP Dudong branch controversy was also part of our conversation. He told me that there are calls for “SUPP to leave BN” and in this highly charged political climate anything is possible. It was also reliably learnt that Nangka State seat will be a battleground for the incumbent PBB assemblyman as the ground reading is not favourable to him. So all along PRS is not the only party making headlines though we tend to fight it out in the “open” and will stop at nothing to achieve the ultimate aim.

Augustine had this for Larry,” With two presidents in PRS, one of you has to surrender – nobody will respect both of you.Your only choice is to leave the party and join Pakatan Rakyat.Think of your future – you are still young and can continue the struggle while PR is behind you.

Have you ever considered PRS and James Masing and group joining Pakatan Rakyat while Larry stays on in Barisan National…..We will be watching the “FINAL CUT” wouldn’t we…?