Terence Netto from Malaysiakini has this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/87520 in which you can analyse and make your own judgement/views/opinions on what has really kicked off the storm. “BACK DOOR” It has prompted PKR Secretary General to at least put the record straight and said that there were no inducements on Anwar’s side:- “Salehuddin in response to criticisms hurled at the PKR supremo by former PKR deputy president Dr Chandra Muzaffar who denounced attempts to instigate BN representatives to defect to the opposition as unethical and undemocratic.”

The formation of new government,the September 16th date,”crossovers/kataks” Scorpions/Tadpoles (see https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/06/12/scorpion-and-tadpole/ but to me it boils down to one thing. ULTIMATUM that’s right…All has been said,choices has been made and its the destiny of the heart and soul of each and everyone of us which determines what sort of person we are. Aren’t Members of Parliament human beings too..?

“Ultimatum” is a demand whose fulfillment is requested in a specified period of time. An ultimatum is generally the final demand in a series of requests. As such, the time allotted is usually short, and the request is understood not to be open to further negotiation. So when Francis Siah of Malaysiakini Uncensored  put forward the question which is ‘music” to Anwar ears,he answered it “we are on track” and “a week in politics is a long time”. Do I need to explain further…? Was Anwar smiling…indeed!

Much has been written,analyse but its not up us anymore. Its the “Members of Parliament” or I should say even LOUDLY  the States of “Sarawak” or “Sabah”. Pak Lah and BN will be watching very closely at any movements, Of course he would..The final countdown assuming the 4 BN MPS( 2weeks ago hmmm) changed their minds to join Anwar with excuses due to the volatile disposition,tensions,fear and insecurity of their families will be just after the by-elections. 

A statement of damaging proportions to the ruling BN government has also been made from former PM Tun Dr.Mahathir,” all the progress made by the country’s founding fathers had been destroyed by those currently in power.” What more can we say.? Don’t you think that the MPs in question will not want to change all that..?

The Ultimatum is inside the MPs themselves and you and me and all those who cajoles and have coaxed them does not matter. THINK.!! (Where were you once..?) Dr Chandra Muzaffar..It’s MPs own ULTIMATUM. What “BACK DOOR..?

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