“Auspicious September 16th”

At the press conference at PKR headquarters covered by Malaysiakini team of Francis Paul and Syed Jaymal Zahiid this report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/87469 on the 8th day of 8th Month of 2008 at 12.45pm,Anwar maintains,”“we are still on track for Sept 16″. What has made Anwar so sure.? He even went to the extend of saying this,” in the event of unforseen circumstances like a natural disaster, that will have to wait. Other than that, we are on track.” Anwar on the roll again…

I was very bothered this morning and I thought to myself,don’t write today and just forget politics for the day and lets wait for the opening of the ‘Summer Olympics at 8pm in China. Why the anticipation? Of course,the whole world awaits after so much hype,the international media has focussed on the opening and some even went as far as saying it will beat the “Archery opening of Barcelona Games.”  Get your popcorns and sit in front of our tellys” Do you have a ticket in..? Back to “16th”

Politics is about numbers. Abdullah has 140-82 Anwars. In my earlier posting on July 21st I wrote about the equation of “140+23-54=109: 82-23+54=113“=”SNAP‘ Polls. Summer sales of Peoples Representatives were also mentioned but before I go further I think I have a right to ask Anwar,” Where are the 4BN MPs who will join Pakatan Rakyat as promised.? It is now entering its third week( 2 weeks i thought).The equation theory was also based on the possibility of PAS joining UMNO in the ruling coalition. But this matter has been put to rests already by the PAS Council.

Again,I was very uncomfortable with my thoughts until a friend called me,”Did you notice Najibs feng shui when he was interviewed?”  “Why Najib vs Anwar suddenly..?” Huh! No need to explain.. he said you see the Election Commission has fixed the date on August 16th and Polling on August 26th. Good for Anwar,no good for Najib. Why I asked again and he said look yesterday was 7th Anwar (on bail) Good! 16th add up is 7 and 26th add up is 8..Crap.!!.no way..!! I said,No..7+7+8=22 So Anwar make Najib 22 is it….haha he said 2=2 is 4 and four in Chinese is “DIE” Who die then…need I tell you? 

Feng shui we know is Chinese art of positioning objects based on the premise that arrangement affects the balance of yin and yang and the flow of qi within an area, which can have positive or negative effects. It is a wonder to when I had a good laugh at my friend that the Starspecial page 8 on wonders was flung across to my desks,”At peace with the odds” Today the hype is on No.8 but where Malays are concerned,odd numbers,rather than single digits carry more significance. Three Academicians Associate Professor Datuk Zainal Abidin Borhan.Professor Wan abd.Kadir Wan Yusoff and Associate professor Said Halim Said Nong did some explaining on numbers and why they play major role in the Malay community.

Zainal did say that originally Malays did not have an affiliation to numbers not until they were influenced  by the Chinese and Indians.What was important was the concept of balance between man,nature,the past and the present.So the September 16th is the most suitable day for the occasion when Anwar finally stacks his claim on the Federal Government. Here goes again September 16th is 16+9=25  (2+5)=7

Wan Kadir did say “7” a constellation of seven stars which is used as a navigation guide by fisherman and sharmans to calculate the right time for planting and harvest times. 7 also represents 7 days in a week,seven heavens in Islam and pilgrims circle the Kaabah seven times while performing the haj.It is of no surprise that many have an affinity for this number  because of its celestial connotation.

Anwar has sacrificed a lot to get this far. “The new dawn for Malaysia is well within reach,” “We will have adequate numbers” to oust the government, Anwar said. “The range is comfortable with the possibility of forming a (new) government. … It is this hunger that has ultimately driven his heart and soul to take over the top posts in Malaysia. The government of Abdullah is of course trying all ways and using all methods  to stop Anwar’s charge. in life, Anwar knows that there is nothing more powerful than a person who has seen the path to destiny within their soul and is willing to pursue it at all costs.

This vast difference of want and pursue has got Abdullah at the ropes and Najib as second in command and the man to lead the BN machinery against all odds at Permatang Pauh will need to recalculate his “fengshui.”  September 16th 1963 is “Malaysia Day” and it is not an ordinary day and September 16th 2008 will turn out to be an extraordinary day for either Anwar of Abdullah or the whole of Malaysia. We shall be waiting in anticipation as much as we have waited for todays Olympics opening……08/08/08