“BELIEVE ME” ANWAR,”Your Best Friend” is ABDULLAH..

On July 20th I wrote Anwars”Best friend” is PM Abdullah. In the aftermath of the much publicised “Anwar to be charged for sodomy” and under the watchful eyes of the international media in the Malaysiakini portal the report  http://www1.malaysiakini.com/news/87400 Anwar questioned:”If consensual,why charge me only.?” 

We will be taking a different political viewpoint of events that has happened instead of going along with Anwar having a go at the Prime Minister. Do you feel the tremor of anger from Anwar when he said “This is dirty politics of a man who is set to lose his power,” referring to Abdullah. I didn’t, and why should you too..? Believe Me,buddies Abdullah and Anwar are and some of the reasons listed will just lift some clouds of uncertainty hanging over our heads. 

  • Both are Penangnites and there is a certain bond and respect between the two of them and their families politics aside.(not a conspiracy haha)
  • Badawi had to pursue the sodomy charge as from within UMNO he is under serious threat from the old Mahathir regime.
  • He stopped the IGP and AG to be involved as both of them were very instrumental in 1998.
  • All investigations on this new case should not be referred to both of them.
  • UMNO infighting has got so bad in divisional level that Abdullah needs Anwar more.
  • Why the Election Commission fixed the date for polling on August 26th and not after September 16th. Strange don’t you think? All along Anwar has been talking about a new government.
  • Permatang Pauh is after all Penang and its also home turf for both of them. Who is leading the BN charge though? Najib.. right if he does badly there will be reprisals from within UMNO.


Abdullah is a cut above all this as he has all the trump cards to dismiss,IGP,AG,DPM and all the cronies with the old system of governance. He has nothing to fear with this by-election and his only “FEAR IS FEAR ITSELF.” After all he did let Anwar out and we know the nation is fighting a crisis in terms of inflation,sky rocketing prices,fuel hikes and the lack of confidence in the Federal government. Abdullah’s reforms are slow but they are taking shape but not quick enough for the rakyat.

Abdullah speaks the truth,the whole truth,frankly and boldly and those who belong to the OLD REGIME of Dr.Mahathir are finding it hard to swallow. Malaysia will get through these tough times and it is Abdullah plus (Anwar) who will make Malaysia a strong and prosperous nation again. The nation needs to understand the political scenario of the country where Abdullah’s best friend is still Anwar and vice versa.

Both are in different camps but the dark realities of this political landscape is that there are a lot within the BN who are not in tune and are not acceptable to the facts after the GE of 8th of March. To us a strong representation of an opposition front makes an even “GREATER GOVERNMENT” for the NATION. Anwar in Parliament would be a welcome sight for Abdullah if he still remains after September 16th. Your guess is as good as mine…but Believe me in MALAYSIABOLEHLAND ANWAR and ABDULLAH remains as one true friendship….

Wishing you my friend Anwar.”Happy 61st Birthday on the 10th of August 2008.” From:-Pak Lah,Jeanne and family.

15 thoughts on ““BELIEVE ME” ANWAR,”Your Best Friend” is ABDULLAH..

  1. Abdullah says:

    I would have dismissed your points but since they are from ‘Pak Lah,Jeanne and family’, I better swallow them. Ha ha ha!

  2. ayu says:

    I agreed with you. Remember Anwar’s statement : ” this is not 1998 and last time I don’t have the passport but now I have”. You think who is the passport? Must be Badawi lah……

    Now, with your statement, I can have my sweet dream……..

    To DSAI,

    Welcome back to Parliament.

  3. a sarawakian too says:

    Helloooooo…. why can’t we all be civilized, sit down and work together for once? There’s enough issues to accommodate all those aspiring and claiming to fight for the progress and good of Malaysia. Why waste all the resources to fight each other?
    There is only one country, Malaysia and whether you like it or not, we are all here living as Malaysians.
    Naive comments? maybe so but probably better than all the complicated issues at hand, many of them personal and power related. Time to start thinking about the country and its citizens again?
    Even if PR manages to have a simple majority, it will be such, a simple majority. There will always be opportunities for BN to sway others to form a simple majority again in future. If MPs are swayable, they will always be swayable, whatever the reasons (or principles behind the move)
    as a citizen I will be among the first and many who will shout ‘hurray’ to see an end to all the fightings and also finally to see actions to actually tackle problems of the country and rakyat.

  4. 2m2y says:

    Who let Anwar out? To quote you, “After all he did let Anwar out.” He here is AAB. This alone tells us whether they are friends or foes. Elementary, my dear friends.

  5. Pengundi Senyap says:

    Don’t know what to comment.
    It could be or not be…as the scene change everyday…who know it could be anwar/najib?? ha ha ha…be the best partner…one could not rule-out this!!

  6. wanderer says:

    You may be right or you mbe wrong. History will tell. We are in choppy waters and everything is so cloudy.
    What ever the end result, I definately, will not like to see Najib be the PM.

  7. suresh says:

    I think we both think along the same line. Earlier I wrote my comments in Malaysiainsider. Please read..

    All of us for some reason have shown our serious concerns on what is going on in our country lately. Personally, I can’t help myself but wonder why our leaders, our institutions doing something so silly that even a mentally sub-standard person would laugh at. So, instead of bashing the PM no matter how much anger he creates in public, I have decided to compose my cool to view things from different perspective with a hope to understand the logic behind.

    My question is, why Abdullah is doing this when he knows too well with all these malpractices and mismanagement, public would hate him to hell. Think!

    I believe he is deliberate. He has a hidden but noble agenda- to destroy UMNO and BN and make sure they lose power in the next GE. UMNO is too corrupted that he with Zaid Ibrahim on his side can’t possibly achieve much to make this government credible. Hence to Pak Lah, Anwar is an effective tool, simply because he is well liked by public at large with so much influence he has on them. In another word for every beating of Anwar, the government would be reciprocated with multiple beating to its death. Think again, no PM in the world would do whatever Pak Lah is doing now unless he is mentally sick and I believe Pak Lah is not.

    If at the end, Anwar makes it despite all odds; Anwar would still become a PM with his tested team for a New Malaysia. Abdullah will then be the real hero- Mikhail Gorbachev of New Malaysia.


  8. ccs says:

    yes la.. pak Dollah is good man indeed, this country is belong to him.. if not how can him handover the PM post to Najib?. Infact Si Pak Dollah is good just like the character of Pu Yi of the last emperor.., before a dynasty can fall we need a leader with such character.. If today PM is not pak dollah, I don’t think we can come this long way, many of the opps. have been under ISA maybe 6 mnths ago..

    Daulat Anwar!

  9. audie61 says:

    Thank you all for your comments and your support. Suresh i was thinking outside the “BOX’ and I do think PM is not STUPID. (Ooops..)

  10. Der Schreiner says:

    eventhough the rakyat despise Pak lah so much but hey if it is not him we wont come this far… so my thanks to u pak lah but still u need to answer the question of oil-for-food scandal, sailing boat in turkey, private jet and the failure of islam hadhari etc.

  11. Mohd Nuri says:

    I am a true Malaysian in spirit and never a politician. I am neither pro Anwar nor his opponents or Mahathir. I love Malaysia. Whatever differences they have, they can do whatever they like; but it is high time they come to their senses and not destroy the country and the nation (“bakar kelumbu”) merely for their personal interest. Enough is enough. The whole world is laughing at us! So are our nation’s enemies who are envious of our prosparity.

  12. suresh says:

    Thank you all for your comments and your support. Suresh i was thinking outside the “BOX’ and I do think PM is not STUPID. (Ooops..)


    Yes. that’s what I was saying. he is deliberately making himself like one for the sake someone could come strong against the government. And I think he is ok with Anwar being in the front line.

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