What Malaysiakini will not have on Larry’s ‘SUPP’ Rumours.

They say forget what is happening in the Peninsular and lets get on with our state matters. But I asked isn’t Sarawak part of Malaysia..? Of course it is, but the events that is happening in the country especially Anwar’s sodomy case and his elevated political status will not affect Sarawak much. 

The brokenshield blog carried a report that Larry will ultimately pay his price for his defiance as being the faction leader of the group which goes against James Masing. The end result,”Thrown out and sacked from PRS” But the funny thing here, there are still two factions and ROS has not ruled which lists is legitimate. Do you and can you see the problems here..? 

Tony Thien Malaysiakini correspondent even carried a story of :PRS crisis far from over and with this developments when a source revealed very clearly it was not Larry who opted to join SUPP but James Masing suggesting he should join SUPP as he is a Chinese. It all started with seat swapping of Engkilili and Pelagus and we were also informed that the YB in question was unable to have his funds made available as he was an opposition YB.

All along PRS members have been thinking that Larry was going to abandon the ship and the crew but it turns out that he has been holding on to his principles. The 19 Divisions aligned with him should now not have anymore reservations and there should not be any more “racial intonations” of who should lead PRS.

PRS by virtue of its multiracial stance has been able to attract members of all races though the original idea was to accomodate just the PBDS members into a party. The gang of 10 who sees that A TDC is the only way to solve this problem has stood firm in its stand. This high level source has revealed what should be known and the actions are pure and simple,”Let the ROS decide on the party.”….The grassroot members feel a status quo of the original line up will make the party stonger. That I still hope.. as I was the first person to hold out and fly the PRS flag proudly at Kuching International airport when Sidi Munan and Henry Opang arrived from Kuala Lumpur at 9.25pm with the ROS certification. We shall see………….

Wed (5.05pm)

Tony Thiens posts:-   http://www1.malaysiakini.com/news/87171


13 thoughts on “What Malaysiakini will not have on Larry’s ‘SUPP’ Rumours.

  1. PRS Supporter says:

    First of all, let us clarify a few issues here.

    If ROS is this independant body as it is SUPPOSED to be, PRS would not have fallen into Masing’s hand, and would not have become his ‘weapon of destruction’. As like all the other supposedly stand alone bodies in Malaysia, including the COURT OF JUSTICE (or so it seems), ROS has failed its duties… to the detriment of the people of Sarawak, and in certain ways, Malaysia.

    Secondly, for Masing to suggest that Larry joins SUPP just because he is a Chinese, well, doesn’t that say A LOT about his POLITICAL MATURITY?? Well, why don’t he asks the spouses of some of his faction’s followers, including his top guns (or shall I say, top dogs??) to join SUPP too instead of PRS because they’re chinese too (As I recall, unless of course there’s been some kinda spouse swapping thing going along, that his so-called Secretary General, Wilfred Nisson’s wife, is a chinese??)!

    Third of all, I applaud Larry’s decision to wake up to his people’s call for justice to be done now. But, unfortunately, I don’t see begging ROS to make a proper decision is going to solve the problem. As I see it, the ROS never once made a proper decision anyway. Not during this tumultous times for BN anyway. Let’s face it… ROS is NOT an independant body. Simple as that. Sad, but true.

    Finally, another TDC will NOT solve the problem too. What we need is a TDC organised by both Larry’s and Masing’s faction…. TOGETHER. Not separately. Else, it’s just another waste of time, waste of energy, waste of money, waste of human resources…. It’s just a complete wastage, okay? Please, do wake up to this reality! People are getting tired of TDC. Unless you can convince these people that this TDC will be done with the right objective in mind, with the right motive, in the right way, and with the right motivation – this motivation is for once, not politically influenced, with no political agenda, no personal agenda, but is there solely to give the people back what they deserve – to elect a DIGNIFIED, HONORABLE, GENUINE group of Supreme Council Members who are there NOT for any other reasons except to serve the community. Old fashioned? Yes. But unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of that around nowadays, do we? Gone are the good ol times… and I mean times when our Bapa Malaysia was the leader back then.

  2. audie61 says:

    Well done Prs Supporter .What a respond? very true but whether ROS takes it or not has yet to be seen. Meanwhile we always say,”let’s TUNGGU”

  3. empanggup says:

    Many people perceive that ROS has never been independent. During the PBDS crisis Masing & Sng created a separate TDC, locked metal boxes fiasco, complaints to ROS, etc. such it was justified for ROS to issue a show cause letter why PBDS shouldn’t be deregistered. Following that Tajem and the gang had tried so hard to answer the showcause letter and appealed (went to see ROS, PM etc.). But by the power of ROS, PBDS was deregistered whichever way. So this time the non independent ROS supported Masing as the legitimate president of PRS, so it seems against Larry’s interest – well well my friend, it is just another case of “table being turned”.

    I have not problem that PRS is a multi racial. However, the support from the grass roots have to be genuine, not artificial and manipulated. Again remembering PBDS cases – membership of branches were done by the drive of collecting the no. so that you would have more delegations in the TDC. People with money such as Sng could very well finance this “collection” of support & employing people to indiscriminately recruit new members from legally able persons irrespective they are interested or not in supporting the party. Therefore you would get PBDS Branch Pulau Babi Sibu or a new branch whose membership are made up of every members of 2 to 3 family – give them the money they will become members of your party! Is this kind of support real? I hope Larry Sng have genuine support and not just “nos” resulting from recruitment by people like Munan Laja, etc. – aikk betul kah ini?

  4. audie61 says:

    thank you empanggung, Just for your information
    just check up these divisions,,Piasau,nangka,satok,padungan,batukawa,sarikei,batu lintang whether these ppl are all new members or 100% PBDS. They join PRS when they were asked to sign,thumbprint and photostate their ICs. I remember turning down Ulu Rejang and Pending members for not following procedure.its all in the minutes and we deleberated at length the new membership criteria.(U can even asks tedewin ngumbang) It was strict my friend. Even Balai Ringin under Snowdon had problems. till today there are no membership increase as i do not agree with members joining during “Crisis” 37618 membership strength. Whoever wants to disagree ask James Masing.he appointed me as membership chairman and I adhere fully with proper procedures. 5 main team in charge of membership scrutiny. OK not like Pulau Babi case which i am very familiar with. tks

  5. Outsider says:

    Empanggup, maybe you should look and and review the case more objectively…. ROS never declared Masing to be the legitimate president AT THIS VERY DAY. It’s all perception, my friend. And, perception can change just at the flip of a finger. Eg. Our PM may be PERCEIVED to be against Anwar Ibrahim today… but who knows, a year later, they could be working together, as a TEAM, for the good of this country?

    Also, do your homework, and take at look at the whole PRS fiasco from an objective point of view. Not from anyone who’s aligned with either Larry or Masing. And the best place for you to refer to first, is the constitution.

  6. empanggup says:

    By the way you mispelled my name.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment on your blog – although the comments may not be agreable to you & others.

    Since you are in politics I believe you are aware of the extent people would do just to be in power. To be president of a party that had 8 Aduns and 6 MPs is quite something in the BN. Therefore the quest by Larry Sng and Masing to be the party top man is understandable.

    But we must use some logics. All of the 14 YBs apart from Larry in PRS are Ibans/Kayan and most of them are old enough to be Larry’s father. If Larry thinks that he is qualified to lead this party (many like to believe as the offspring of PBDS), he should check his facts again. No matter how much money he has, the Ibans will come to their senses at the end of the day. The no. of YBs are important as this is the real bargaining power in the BN Gov. Therefore for Larry to insist that he has more support (19 branches) than Masing is ignoring all logics and norms when come to seniority. Is seniority not important in a party? You should know this. Is Larry too young to understand this or ill advised by Sidi, or Jimmy or Dato Sng himself. May be not and may be yes huh?

    Well if you said the memberships of those branches are clean – that’s good to know. If it is Masing himself who commissioned you to recruit, I believe it is clean. The PBDS questionable delegation such Pulau Babi branch was used in year 2000 PBDS TDC by people who were against Masing. I am sure many people knew what were going on and not so naive. People know who use money power to attract supports just to win a TDC.

    Since PRS is multi-racial, everybody has equal right to the leadership. But having said that, apart from the issue of seniority, ones must not forget history such as in SNAP. In comparison SNAP’s James Wong was considered better since he is v much older politician – yet SNAP crumbled then as many Dayaks refused to be led by him.

    After so much bitter experiences, SNAP, PBDS, many Dayaks recognise the root causes of the problem i.e. if it is a Dayak based party, then Dayak should lead. I cannot imagine PRS is not Dayak based party when 14-1 YBs are Dayaks. Larry and other can take many senior position in the party but to adamantly wanting to be the President is really something that Masing and his friends will never accept – even if it means they leave PRS or other leaves PRS.

  7. audie61 says:

    Tk you empanggup( sori i mispelled your name) i do agree that all the others are older than Larry and he should have not been in too much of a hurry. Actually it is a combination of factors which has led to this very sad chapter for the party. This should never have had happened the infighting.If i had known then I would have joind SPDP( George garai) gave me 1000 forms but i sad no. (Should have though come to think of it)
    Hopefully the gang of 10 Divisions will sway the decisions yet to be decided.(Batu Lintang Division is 10+1..So you know whats coming…Compromise and lets get on with the party again in totality.
    OH Yea,James Masing appointed me ( I’m caught in between and to me lets have a real TDC..Come and see me if there’s one..U know the Divisional chiefs are highly sought after in party elections..haha)thanks…

  8. empanggup says:

    Just for the record, I not pro or against neither Masing nor Larry. I am partyless and still hesitate to submit my application to join PRS.

    Since I am not a member of PRS, you may ask me to shut up, fine, except the facts that many in PRS are my Dayaks friends who have gone through turbulent splits over the decades.

    If Masing suggested to swap Pelagus’s Larry with Engkili’s SUPP. It is cruel as Johnical Rayong will wallop Larry. The cruel swapping suggestion should tell the whole plot. Masing and his friends will not accept Larry to be their president. Masing is probably cursing himself now for recommended Larry to the state cabinet or to agree with his candidacy for Pelagus.

  9. a sarawakian too says:

    Everyone is still throwing mud at each other. We are all wasting time, effort and dwindling precious resources!!!! ROS does not care! Crisis? What crisis? ‘Crisis’ in the eyes of some battling individuals but insignificant as far as the political leaders at state and national level is concerned. ROS will be instructed to act, whether fairly or otherwise, only when certain hierarchy is threatened. Unless, unless there is any avenue to take ROS to court for their inactions….. Fact is, all such agencies are almighties in Malaysia. Untouchable……
    SAPP is singing an old song with a new twist in ‘no confidence’ saga, knowing that this time round, PR is just round the corner and that BN will not simply ignore the lyrics. Look at the immediate set up of action committees at the federal side to tackle the issues in Sabah. In PRS, we are laughed at because all claims of grassroot support has not been translated into actions, thereby rendering the Sng faction as non-threatening….hmmm.. should we then take a step in a new direction?
    In the last election, signals (protest by not voting or even voting for oppositions) by many members of some parties were well received and acknowledged by the party leaders, including SUPP, MCA, Gerakan…prompting these leaders to examine their performance. Sad fact but kudos to these leaders for their courage and determination to make a meaningful change for the country. But PRS won handsomely, thereby sending a signal that all is well in the party. Bare fact here is that Sng is so loyal to the state leadership that he abide by the call from CM and called on all members to support BN PRS candidates, irrespective of who they are. But again, sadly, the wins were extra fuel to boost egos for some others.
    So what’s my point? Time to stand up and be counted. Your strength is in your numbers and I am sure it will be appreciated somewhere else.

  10. a sarawakian too says:

    For argument sake on weightage of age factor.
    If you are a manager, would you choose to promote your staff based on seniority (and on how old he is) or would you consider competence to be more appropriate.
    If Sng is incompetent, then we should rest our case. However, if a leader continues to go against the constitution…. i also rest my case because being so senior and ‘more mature’, such fundamentally grave mistakes should not have occurred.

  11. PRS Pioneer says:

    I applaud you, sarawakian! Maybe our actions SHOULD be rendered somewhere else, since we’ve not been appreciated and JUSTIFIABLY acknowledged in the first place by the people and the agencies which, again I repeat, are NOT working based on their conscience but on the instruction of the higher authorities, for all our hard works, and most importantly, our genuine works!

    I really don’t care what happened in the past…. what’s done is done. During this tumultous time for both BN and UMNO, we BN supporters should NOT be taken for granted, irregardless of which factions we’re in. We ARE still in the BN family… for now anyway. Our actions speak louder than words…. we have shown the world that we were there for BN and the higher authorities…. we should be appreciated and acknowledged, and not been discarded like some unwanted rubbish, just because we were and probably are still rendered ‘useless’ for now. I believe, in this time and age, recycling of rubbish is considered a pertinent source of livelihood for our current and next generations. Who knows.. this ‘unwanted rubbish’ that we are may be ‘recycled’ to something else that will turn out to be immensely beneficial for the party, BN as a whole, and the higher authorities.

    We should learn from Gerakan…. be humble, admit our mistakes, and most importantly, learn from our mistakes. Avoid repeating the same mistakes over and over again. Wake up to the nation’s call for a humble and just Malaysia, something which we still have a long way to achieve considering the current political scenario, but which we CAN do so if all of us can work together without any one-sided political and/or personal agendas.

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