ANWAR-“51 Days-Clock Ticks”

If you ask any Pakatan Rakyat member not necessarily YBs or MPs they will tell you that September 16th to wrestle power from the present government is definately “ON”. Just like a football bookie will say to his punter on the cellphone “ON”  We’ve heard the Prime Minister-in-waiting saying to crowds in ceramahs that Pakatan will form the government by concensus and we’re not changing the deadline. If PR forms the government by September 16th many within PR will say to me,”I told you so.” I will have my hands though covering my face.Hmmm..if only.

Malaysiakini portal has this report and in it it also covers Anwar mentioning that September 16th is still “On”. You have 51 days according to our latest count on the calender and 35 days to August 31st”National day” The appetiser was served by PR to BN in Parliament when the “Lioness’ moved a no confidence vote against the PM. Of course the main course will be September 16th. The clock ticks and when an UMNO veteran says this words it does gets the pulse racing,” ‘Umno is a good party, like a good ship. But like a good ship, if it’s in the hands of a drunk pilot, it will sink!’

Anwar,Dr.M,Abdul Hadi and Nik Aziz has been hogging the headlines the past week or so. We thought that the PAS/UMNO issue seems to have been settled with the PAS president Abdul Hadi giving assurance that PAS will not join UMNO. Then came a “bombshell” today with the spiritual leader proposed “UMNO should dissolve,PAS should dissolve”Set up another party on condition that it is based on Islam. Nik Aziz who rarely gets into a war of words must have been pretty angry as Dr.M has dragged himself in by saying,” UMNO should not leave its partners out when making deals with PAS.” Anwar watches on the sidelines after a couple of weeks of eventful events with the IGP,AG and also the “DNA” issue.

But interestingly another colourful character Daim Zainuddin has had his say too.When he appears the “prophets of doom” says we fear the worse. Similarities of 1997 financial crisis will affect Malaysia as we are seen to be politically unstable. I wanted to reveal my” HYPOTHESIS “of the “82 Parliamentarians forcing an issue” but for now its bests we leave it out. A lawyer/Politcian said I had him believing in it but Tengku Razaleigh will be a better option. What has Anwar got to offer Tengku or vice versa? UMNO MPs,Sarawak and Sabah 54+82 to get the magical 2/3rds majority of 148. This will provide the PR government the stabilty required to push the economy of the country forward and realise many other development plans.

Tuesday, September 16th what a day and date to look forward to? Or is it..? Even the “man” himself said that he and the Pakatan Rakyat alliance was not keen on seizing power just for the sake of it but it was a bid to save the economy from jahanam (being destroyed). Anwar be it Kulim Bandar Baru or Bandar Tun Razak where you intend to run in the by elections, in your quest in entering Parliament the fact remains the clock is ticking down on you. We have not forgotten that you said only a week ago that 4 BN MPs will join PR in a week or two. Do you need reminding…Tick Tock! Tick Tock! Tick………

26 thoughts on “ANWAR-“51 Days-Clock Ticks”

  1. Hahaha says:

    The targeted date made by Anwar is of secondary importance. PM has promised reforms on the judiciary and ACA and failed to do so, why the silence from Anwar’s critics. The bottom line is, will Umno led govt fall? Accessing from the discontentment from the rakyat and shouts of change is getting louder, by each passing day….the fall of BN is inevitable. When, your guess is as good as mine but, definitely before the next GE.

  2. Joe says:

    Once PR gain control of Federal Goverment, then the Sarawak state govermnrt become kacang putih for PR next DUN2011

  3. daniel says:

    much as i hate to admit it, i am skeptical about the sept16 promise. i want it to happen but then again i dont see any signals yet.

    i guess those sabah/sarawak mps are finding it hard to let go of the spoils of the bn gravy train (yes, there is one).


  4. ridha says:

    Gua gudah tidak sabar lagi menanti saat-saat Dsai mengambil aleh pucuk pimpinan…….sudah fade up dengan kerajaan BN

  5. diane says:

    Wah you really testing ANWAR! After how you face him if proven? Like this one ,This from the UMNO veteran who joined recently.Umno is a good party, like a good ship. But like a good ship, if it’s in the hands of a drunk pilot, it will sink..HAHA

  6. zamil says:

    This script written by ANWAR. He will keep everyone in suspense but if it doesn’t happen, he is in trouble. He will find another way of telling his story .Then me no more believe.

  7. karim says:

    Seems that appetiser is already served by the LIONESS. We waiting for the MAIN COURSE. ANWAR what is it pleaseeeeeeeeeee?

  8. Justice says:

    16 Sept is just a date to make UMNO panic. Anwar knows UMNO will fall if you use the right combination of tactics. 16 Sept will rattle UMNO and make them nervous. It does not matter to Anwar whether UMNO will fall before 16 Sept, on the actual day itself or after 16 Sept, SO LONG AS UMNO WILL FALL

  9. Bornfree says:

    With the doctors report from RPK stating that Saiful arse has never been penetrated I believe Anwar will be the PM soon. Everybody seems to go into hiding so I guess the next one will be Saiful.

  10. Patek1472 says:

    1. Anwar commit Sodomy? He can’t because you have to ask the wife.

    2. Najib really did not know Altantuya cos he is also not a sodomizer. He likes it straight. Ask his sleeping partner.

    3. It’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so said by every accused in any court of any land. Do you not believe in men when they swear in the name of God, Allah, Yahweh etc?

    More facts at

  11. YCT says:

    I wonder is there any link between HYPOTHESIS ”of the “82 Parliamentarians forcing an issue” and “prophets of doom”?

  12. chaqcebao says:

    kerajaan BN suruh rakyat ubah cara hidup dengan menukar makanan ruji (nasi) ke makanan lain…so… apa kita tukar cara hidup bersama-sama dengan kita tukar kerajaan yang ada sekarang dengan yang baru…
    setelah 50 tahun kita beri peluang kerajaan UMNO/BN memerintah, adalah elok kita beri peluang kepada parti yang baru untuk memerintah… itu adalah hak kita rakyat malaysia..

  13. crower says:

    If the Federal Government ought to be punished for failure to carry out its promises, the same treatment should be given to DSAI if September 16 remains as an ordinary day…

    We didn’t pester him to make such a promise, he committed to himself.

  14. RAKYAT says:

    Dr Mohamed Osman examined Saiful but found no evidence that he had been sodomised, either by Anwar Ibrahim or anyone else for that matter. The doctor’s report (which can be viewed below) says that there is zero (0) skin tearing, zero (0) active bleeding, zero (0) traces of pus, etc., which basically means he can’t be suffering from a pain in the anus as what he alleges.

    The doctor’s diagnosis is that he rules out or TRO (to rule out) assault (sodomised). In short: Mohd Saiful Bukhari Bin Azlan is not suffering any pain in the anus and neither was he assaulted or sodomised in the anus.



  15. Dulani's Blood says:

    by the middle of august some BN YBs is trying to reduce the price of oil by 30 cent or so, at the same time some really opposing it, some might threatening to quit, by sept 16 many will join PR.

    by early sept many goods stock unsold, many association may urge or force govt to reduce the petrol price, many low and middle income group will feel the picnh and maybe go for strike.

    40% of oil price hike was a total mistake, this is the cause of politics and economics deadly shaking then, DSAI will make a history for saving all this, many big and developed country would want to offer help.

  16. daniel says:

    today is 30 july, time 3.35pm. i cannot access to malaysiatoday raja petra blog. why?? hacked again?? someone please advise…??

  17. MalaysiaForAll says:

    I dont care if will happen this 16 sept or not.. janji current govt. masuk longkang kena timbus by People Justice!!!

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