Tradition”1 out of 3″UMNO VP will be DPM..

Malaysiakini correspondent Rahmah Ghazali has this report :Shafie confident of winning VP race. “I am confident the support for me still exists, otherwise I would not have been the supreme council member for four terms,” Meanwhile in a media conference Rural and Regional Development Minister Tan Sri Muhammad Muhd Taib also offered himself as a candidate for the position in the party elections in december.

So far by head count there are 15 other Umno leaders who have so far stated their intention to contest the vice-presidency. It is getting really overcrowded don’t you think.? The more the merrier as it is a democratic process we say. We also know that those selected will be within striking distance for the country’s second most powerful job when Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi hands over the top job to his deputy, Najib Razak, in two years.

Both these leaders have made their intentions known. Shafie said “I have offered myself to become one of the vice-presidents … I will not back out,” while Muhammad said “I intend to strengthen the party in the face of new challenges,” 

There will be others who will come up with their candidacy manifestos,gimmicks and leaflets to inform the 2500 delegates or so from the 191 divisions who will choose the 3 persons for the Vice Presidents Posts. The 3.5 million UMNO members have started the process of electing office bearers for the new term starting with branch meetings from July17th to August 24th. Divisional meetings will be held from Oct 9th to Nov 9th where the 191 Division heads and committee members will be chosen. The AGM will be from December 16th-20th. So who will be the next “DPM from the 3VPs” from December 20th…? Till then…..”

2 thoughts on “Tradition”1 out of 3″UMNO VP will be DPM..

  1. ct says:

    Its hari raya time, the start of money politics in umno. Oops i’, not allowed to say that?. But u r an adult so am i. The stakes are high this year, so definitely the duit shopping would be …. hmm lets say the range for shopping in LOt 10 or better still Pavilion. Tak main la shopping kt jln tar or sogo.
    heheheh cheers

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