Locals thanks”Blogs” for their Roles in Bakun issues

Tony Thien Sarawak Correspondent for Malaysiakini http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/86483 has extensive coverage on this “Bakun Evictions Report” and it has woken up both the Government Legislators and the Opposition YBs. Tony’s headline report: About 200 members of the Orang Ulu community from six settlements in and around Bakun dam in central Sarawak gathered at Kampung Sambop on Saturday to discuss ways to adopt a unified stand to stop their ancestral land from being taken away from them.

State PKR assemblyperson for Padungan, Dominique Ng Kim Ho, who was invited to attended the dialogue at Kampung Sambop, told Malaysiakini today that what was happening in Bakun was also happening elsewhere in Sarawak.The community has also taken a strong exception to a statement by State Land development minister Dr James Masing who said the natives no longer had NCR because they had been compensated and their rights had been subsequently extinguished.

A spokesperson for the community was quick to inform us “There is no such thing”. However they would like to thank uchu keling and audie61(yours truely) for helping to highlight the issue until it appeared in the Local Sunday Posts 20th July 2008 which has the headlines” The Useful role of Blogs” oh Yea,I forgot they thank Malaysiakini too.

Uchu keling and audie61 had this

  1. Where are the Dayak representatives when needed most?
  2. Sungai Asap has Parti Rakyat Sarawak in a quagmire”?

According to a local legislator who requests anonymity he said,” Blogs play a useful role now in this technological savvy age and if they carry the right messages it will be a great tool for all politicians. Politicians needs also the right information quickly and they will address the problems or issues accordingly. ” Have we got them scrambling or what………………?

2 thoughts on “Locals thanks”Blogs” for their Roles in Bakun issues

  1. shintarogeronimo says:

    It is high time the Bakun project must be stop
    for the sake of the of the orang asli who has been
    played out by their own kind. Imagine just a couple of dollars thrown and they the profiteering
    politician got away with Billions and Trillions where
    is JUSSOLI -high time these con artist be brought
    for reckoning.

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