PKR “2009 not 2011 Sarawak Elections” That’s “WHY?”

Malaysiakini portal has this PKR: says no to”year long’celebration. PKR has questioned the reason why the State Government is planning to  carry out a year long celebration to commemorate Sarawak 45th independence. Very simple, my friends as firstly to keep the “soldiers happy and occupied during this wintery times” as the mega projects has all been taken by the top boys.

Secondly,this is also in anticipation that CM will not wait till 2010 or 2011 to call fro the elections. He has the tendency as always to say,” The Mood is Right.” Correct me if I’m wrong as I have followed the man through the years eventhough it was only recently that I put my hands and join in the ” FUN.” 

Call it what you may but at the end of the day we are all judge by our grassroots which I’m proud to say I have a total of 1536 members in PRS Batu Lintang Division and we are all a “team”.We move and stay together. There are no Primadonnas in our division. We have always fought on the Principles of “Good Governance, Respecting the Laws, Constitution and with Sincerity.” The BN days of pushing programmes through without doing a thorough study are numbered. These days the people will judge you through the ballot boxes. We are still in BN Sarawak ,as we know our CM is a moderate person but his “Generals” are getting a bit too”PUSHY” lately. Of course if the BN feels that we are not with them they have the BUTTON to do so.There is a fine line in all this. Are we all entitled to our opinions.? Why am I saying this…..?

I picked this up from a former Chief Minister of Penang  Tun Dr.Lim Chong Eu who I had the honour to meet two years ago. He said then,”This country needs sound leadership and the destiny and fortunes of Malaysia are in the young and upcoming leaders.” Today he says the national government is strong and secure and BN is doing well. Perhaps the opposition would have to adjust and adapt themselves in their roles. You know where he said this in “George Town,Penang.”Malaysia is peaceful and doing well,although perhaps the Third Estate (people) and the internet bloggers find this to be true but not colourful enough.  

We say,read between the lines and whoever you are just remember where you stand you have a role to play for this country. The legislators of both sides of the house please do not think that you are have God’s given right to be there. The people are your “Masters as you are bestowed and rightly called the “peoples representative” “Use it, embrace it and feel it“. The pulse of the nation of Malaysia is yours and yours only. You are born in this country, it  is yours and no one can take away this from you. 

A Past President of  JCI International Malaysia Tony had a very Meaningful Presidential Address “Changes” where he told the Leaders of Tomorrow to use their Intellectual Minds to THINK, use their arms to EMBRACE and their Hearts to RECEIVE. Pheww..!!Wow..! That was two years ago and It has implanted in my brains. Till today I still  instill in my members that we must practise what we preach and let people judge us. We can’t go wrong here can we..? 

Nevermind two years ago, what about this in 1987 in Ipoh when a Lady President Jovinia said this “the truimph of winning is just the beginning,losing will make you stronger in your day to day living.” Today many of this leaders are walking in the corridors of power. I wished I could name them but there are so many of them as YBs,MPs,Local Legislators and Senators. Have they lost their directions in their political obligations?

I hope not and KJ said in Parliament recently.”Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Well PKR Sarawak deputy chief  Baharuddin said public funds should be spent on alleviating the hardship of the people in view of the escalating price of essential items. Of course we cannot stop celebration of birthdays,anniversaries and engagements and so forth. The year long celebration is of course a political gimmick and a propaganda like I’ve written yesterday that  Anwar has embarked on.

If we analyse it more comprehensively we will see who will come out on top at the next State Elections due in 2010 or early 2011. Firstly there is the CM of 26 years in office leading one camp and Anwar a former DPM in the other. It cannot be about just PBB vs PKR. It will be, if everything is at status quo (nothing happens on September 16th) ……BN vs Pakatan.

  1. Who is wiser and more capable?
  2. Who knows the 71 state seats better and the ground?
  3. Who will be better prepared and more disciplined?
  4. Who has the most resources?
  5. Who has better candidates?
  6. Who has the machinery to outmanouvre the oppositions?
  7. Who rewards better? 

There is no more “WHY’ and “WHAT IFS” ?  It is only “WHO”. So are we blaming BN for this. Surely not and Pakatan leaders have better be prepared though the ground sentiments are with them. One and a half to two years can see that the mood of the people might just change. Remember that each election changes and this time round the young voters have grown up and there are more intellectual voters compared to 20 or 25 years ago. Pakatan or BN whoever has up the ante will certainly has the advantage over the other.Complacency in election machinery should be and will be thrown out of the window this time round.  

The candidates should not only possess the necessary intellect,are capable but also be well recieved on the ground as the people’s representative.There will be a lot of planning but executing will be of utmost importance. We can’t teach “Dinosaurs To Dance” but we can expect a few to step aside for the young and the able to take their rightful place. Politics in Sarawak will never be the same again……’Why?”…You have the answers..You decide …BN or Pakatan ..It starts now……..It’s in your hands…..

15 thoughts on “PKR “2009 not 2011 Sarawak Elections” That’s “WHY?”

  1. stella k says:

    Wah! 45th anniversary and its become pakatan against BN. Well written and points to note. I should say it opens an avenue for good argument. like it!

  2. khatijah says:

    you are right about how some YBS or MPs are so arrogant. There must realise where they come from in th efirst place. ihate those with so much ego and they think that they have a divine right. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  3. Sarawakiana says:

    ANWAR! Please do not use the same FACES again. There are more intellectuals and capable young politicians where there are no skeletons in their closets! Don’t waste Pakatans $$$ if they cannot win….

  4. Hero says:

    BN days are numbered. Hehe like the Dinosaurs to dance. very true. If George Chan goes on he will suffer the same fate as Stephan Yong,Wong soon Kai. Jabu will too. Make way ……here we come

  5. Ghazala Khan says:

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  6. SIlent Voters says:

    Yes to all Sarawakian..use your right ,fight for justice….decide for change…now let get new peoples doverment…

  7. anakdayak says:

    Unless there’s a compelling reason, like PKR taking over the federal government or God has terminated the service of Sarawak’s most powerful man, Sarawak BN government will go for full term. And about the style of governance, the rot must come from the head, not from the tail, borrowing MCA’s fish theory.

  8. chris chong says:

    to all sarawakian,

    i hope you all will give pressure to our ‘wakil rakyat’ because they represent us. At each of the respective districts, we should invite the news reporters, the polis and demonstrate at the ‘wakil rakyat’ office or home, to officially send them a memorandum spelling clearly their obligation and duty, and our expectation from them; failing which they should resign as failing to represent us. I think it is a more effective way to make our wakil rakyat realise that they are chosen by us and we can dismiss them too. Then they will take action to ensure the government making the right decision. If we really mean it; to save malaysia. really wanna kick out the incompetent and corruptedtothecore government.

  9. Joe says:

    I repeat again my previous appeal to all young Sarawakian, regsiter as voters, bring your family then your friend. New voters + 10% swing = New Sarawak State Goverment

  10. sahari says:

    PR have to secure enough seats first. The chinese votes of course majority go to PR. Can they get the dayak votes? The dayaks votes will determine who will win the next elections. The malay/melanau seats fors ure will go to PBB alias BN.

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