Anwar..What DNA? “Propaganda-Risky but Brilliant”

Fauwaz Abdul Aziz correspondent from Malaysiakini has this headlines DNA:Anwar’s lawyer reveals the deal. Anwar has said that will not provide a DNA sample unless his stringent conditions are met and he will not consent to giving a DNA sample even if the police obtain a court order. said his lawyer R Sivarasa today. AXN CSI programme has already shown us many ways to get and collect DNA. Why all this difficulties?

Scrapping from your mouth or even when you drink from a glass can be taken as a sample. Maybe our forensics are not up to that calibre or are they? Is this all a political show then in Malaysiabolehland and part of the script:- 30 outriders and 15 four wheel drives accompanying Anwar just to get a full medical DNA profiling. An expert has already said while a DNA sample cannot be manipulated, it however can be planted as evidence. Anwar is not stubborn but it pays to be careful the second time round. The phrase”Once bitten twice shy” is justifiable here.

So what does Anwar do next..? He goes on his politcal roadshow with two ceramahs lined up in Malacca today. Risky of course as all the wolves are out to get him but its a brilliant move. Why this Propaganda? He needs to tell his supporters that he is alive and kicking with the intention of going on a nationwide cermah trail. It must be noted that propaganda is a concerted set of messages aimed at influencing the opinions or behaviors of large number of people. As opposed to impartially providing information, propaganda in its most basic sense presents information in order to influence its audience. Propaganda often presents facts selectively.

So do you see where Anwar is heading too. He is like John Woo(Director of Red cliff) where he is tasked in pushing a message to the audiences through the big screens. Anwar knows that empires are won by outsmarting and mobilising your armies to corner the enemy. BN though are watching his every move and he knows though. He anticipates what the BN strategists has up their sleeves before they even make their moves. Or did he when he was pulled in before 2pm?

We have fought many battles for BN but this time the Pakatan onslaught is very worrying for many in BN especially with Sarawaks 2010 State elections. 2010 PM says he is handing over to who..? 2010 will Sarawak’s CM wait for the term to expire.? A hour in politics is a long time while every minute changes in the political patterns in the country.

Will we still see Pakatan Rakyat forming the Federal government by September 16th 2008. Was it Anwars brilliant propaganda that has caught the BN with their hands on top of their heads? I didnt say that though, but it seems that everytime he goes on the charge there is an offensive. BN has all the government machineries but are they utilising it to the fullest? Question mark right and Anwar knows that as he was a former DPM and a Minister of Finance?

What does Anwar do? He goes to the focal point of the administration and sways it. But he attaches more importance to wealth than through force. He rewards his foot soldiers with programmes and create for them economic means and this way his troops are always ready. He sends his men to the ground and even before he approaches the information is already available to him.

Where does this all come from? Its from practise,struggle and experiment.He had all the time in the world when he was in Prison and to know the man you need to think like him. Do I know him.hmmm…wish I could. The little girl who read the birthday wish to Nelson Mandela at his 90th birthday,” You are the Star for South africa” while I would gladly read to Anwar,”Show us the New Dawn.” Would he just yet………..

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20 thoughts on “Anwar..What DNA? “Propaganda-Risky but Brilliant”

  1. Kieran says:

    He is on the move. Even has the alibi in his report to the police. Somethings cooking? Seems Badawi is not afraid at all.Are they plotting together..Politics there are no enemies right!!

  2. khatijah says:

    sdr.Anwar sarawak is waiting for you. Take it quickly .The BN boys no sound and folow only. Even Salang says you are talking HOT AIR Only.

  3. tris says:

    Keadilan! Enough of this PBB.SUPP,PRS,SPDP. Sarawak needs to change for the better. All the cronies have too much now.

  4. chloe says:

    2nd time round sure more careful.Well done DSAI. Kudos to you eventhough you had bad back. I know the pain too. People who don’t have it they think its a JOKE. It really hurts not just putting it on. Go get the BN B@#$%^DS

  5. Why Cares says:

    PM said ‘DNA is too old’ is simply bullshitting !

    DNA Carmotograph is computer graphically recorded. Graph do not lie !

    It is possible DNA taken from Saiful’s Asshole did not match the DNA Carmotogragh taken from DSAI during the 1998- 1999 trial.

    Legally, AG office should ‘NFA’ DSAI case by now. The sodomy case should be thrown out by now.

    BN Govt,PM,DPM,IGP,AG, all want the case to stick. So need new fresh DNA sample for fabrication purposes. Saiful’s asshole’must be planted’ to match the fresh DNA sample

    A court order DNA sample taken without consent is inadmissible as evidence.

    Syabas to all Peacemakers.

  6. ken says:

    I think this time for all Malaysian to fight for justice, after 4 month from GE, the Nazi party became more arrogant and corrupted!

    Our nation’s images is gone, no reputation at all, even Japan also watching us.

    From the event, can u believe Pak Lah really wanna to change? What the hell of “DNA too Old”! this stupid idiot just embarrass every Malaysian by his stupidity. And why his urges for the sample? Just telling people “big prawn behind the rock”.

  7. Joe says:

    Get all the young voters to register as new voters for 2010 DUN Sarawak. With new voters we can make it. Start with your own family and then friends.
    10% swing + new voters = new Sarawak state goverment 2010

  8. Putera Kinabalu says:

    Back pain….but he is actively dancing rite? Rememmber Gintak Gabui? He raped a youn girls a few years ago (Sabah) he is older and lebih bongkok then anwar during that “tragedy” hapned tau…..tapi masih gah bila nafsu memuncak…….bila syaitan sudah naik kepala….semua boleh berlaku…………….anwar….stop dreaming……PAK LAH kuat tidoq…anwar kuat berangan……………

  9. Amat says:

    We Sabahan…will support you . We are no longer support PBS, UMNO..etc, surely, we’ll win the next general election (says..majority sabahan voice). Pls. don’t condem Anwar b’cause u don’t have the evidences..unless youself have the same experience..bagus kah???????? Baguskah kalau bapa mu dituduh meliwat orang sedangkan dia tidak pernah lakukan.!!!!!!! Apalah perasaan mu jika Anwar itu bapa u…..Cuba fikir-fikir dulu bah. Jadi kita jangan cakap sembarangan bah!!!

  10. anti says:

    DNA too old ,
    pls refer to genetic101 , or consult ur expert team first before u insult malaysian IQ

    1i think we should just forgive them ( AAB , syeik hamib , deputy IGP) , becoz they are OKP aka orang kurang pengetahuan . they should only be a candidate of penghulu , or ketua jawatankuasa keselamatan kampung or somthing , not up to the national leadership level .
    2oh , one thing , if they lack of intelectual , which they claimed the fourth floor are graduated from OX/CAMB university , i think they should reinvestigated the validity of there degree , or may be just drop out in first year like saiful .

    3next time wanna frame someone , please select the clever moles , this saiful … sigh . the dropout student , where he got such knowledge , now they stucked in the embarrasement bcoz they undermines the malaysian IQ
    4pak tidur , must have suffer the encephalopathy , which selective demented on certain case . Bala sudden disapearance , altantuyah linked with R@##mah , din under proper procedure investigation rather than his number 1 political enemies .
    5.last sunday , there is 30000 NGO come to putra jaya to have support rally for pak tidur , did they get permit ? how fast ? how come no road block to Putra jaya , i heard there is 5 star bus to carry them to shown there support .Theother of picture , massive roadblock to punish the kl resident , which the wasn`t any single human being on demonstration . hey , wake up …!! where is ur standard of fairness ????

    6.When the leader start to tell lies , he wanna people to tell him the lies , not the truth … that he got strong support to further convince himseft for staying on the throne . AAB is initially a good leader untill he surrounded by his in law , ass licker like ( hamid , ibrahim ali , hishamuddin)
    that show he is person who not stand firm on his principle , religious and atitude of ” 3 minute warm ” .look at the ACA and justice system that he claimed to reform … where the progress ??
    7If he continue up there , another 2 year of suffering . he become the laughstock of international

  11. anti says:

    yesterday , the news reporting the police officer who alledged to rape the 17 year old teenager in POLICE station . listen carefully , POLICE station .
    and he got bail out , he also said to force the teens to do oral sex for him .
    deputy IGP /AG/PM , please comment about this . why should he bail out??? Do u think the police bad image is merely tarnished by the opposition if ur own enforcement team din commite to such crime ??i am sure that is only a tip of iceberg !!!
    PEOPLE has a judgement already , nowday , the public court is within inside our heart , it is our perception already tell us who is right or wrong !!!. so , BN gov dun blame us for not letting the “proper investigation ” underdone .


    i don’t like DSAI forhis stand but whats happening to him has my support. The government is really stupid and those involved are an insult to my low level of intelligience.
    The way the police arrested him and deal with other cases left a BIG question mark.
    RPK arrested and charged for defamation. Earlier he was charged for sedition. I hope the hearing will be fast so that all ca be exposed i court. MEanwhile those he accused are not being investigated.
    I don’t know. Maybe we should all migate.

  13. bow says:

    DNA fingerprint can never be too old, but old sample is not good for planting evidence on recent allegation, as lab test can easily pinpoint the age of it.

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