“Rejected,Walkout”-“THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT


Malaysiakini team in Parliament filed this report http://www1.malaysiakini.com/news/86051 headlined :No confidence motion rejection,walkout staged. The Speaker Pandikar disallowed a no-confidence debate against PM Badawi, resulting in a walk-out by opposition Pakatan Rakyat MPs. So in his animal farm in Sabah he must have been given the right signals from his cows and his sheep. 

A retired government officer said that the hive of activities happening in Malaysian politics is like a “Broadway” show. He went on to say that it reminds him of a single by the group called “The Jam” who wrote this song,’A police car and and a screaming siren.days of speed and a slow time mondays and the lamplights blinking. Why…..The title of the song is called “That’s Entertainment”  Our Politics is much ado about nothing and making the Police panic. Or is it.?

Much as I want to condemn the police for all these but there must have been informed that there are “planned” protestors going to Parliament. Pro-active on their part but it should not be too hyped out until the Star had this .”Police roadblocks leading into the city caused massive jams throughout Monday morning.” The Home Minister was quick to offer his apologies,(gentleman of a man on his part) that the operations were taken in the interests of public security” Of course I did say that the Lioness will “ROAR” and she did too. 

 The speaker obviously had this to say before today’s Parliament seating that he wrote to Dr.Azizah to reject the emergency motion in the chambers. “How can I allow something that does not fall within this SO?

  1. The opposition had filed their emergency motion for a resolution under SO18 but that standing order only allows for debates.
  2. It is not the proper standing order
  3. 18(1) and (2) does not allow for vote of no-confidence to be carried out
  4. The emergency motion requesting for a resolution which leads to voting should be filed under SO 27. 

His reasoning is that if he allowed the motion to be debated he will be like a “fool”.It is like a person who had committed raped but was charged for murder. It’s a debatable decision as any and its up to you to interpret the Speakers arrival of using the “Parliamentary laws” accorded to him. You have your say… 

 The Lioness and her co-ordinated group of MPs staged a walk out since they were not given the opportunity to carry the voice of the public to the August House. “We’re disappointed and we regret that this has happened.This is why we walked out. They disrespect the rules and the voice of the people that we carry into the house,” she said.

The Pakatan group will need to re-evaluate their strategy,the political damage has been done eventhough we know they did not manage to get the motion debated as requested by them for 1 hour. As for the BN they just have to remember that you need to “Walk Your Talk” as the people and the whole world is still buying the tickets for this movie,”Malaysiabolehland.” We need to make real progress instead of running on the same spot. The Speakers cows have “Moo” while his Sheep has “Baa”. Got my point…….!!!!

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7 thoughts on ““Rejected,Walkout”-“THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT

  1. Muslims in Malaysia are by and large at a lost.

    They are divided between being a Malay or being a Malay-Muslim or totally a Muslim who happens to have a Javanese, Minang, Rawa, Pattani, Banjar, Batak etc etc ethnic background.

    They now seems to be more divided along Party lines PAS who wants to uphold and maintain their Islamic beliefs and UMNO who seems to be lost in this Modern World.

    UMNO has never understood Parliamentary Democracy which they BLINDLY borrow from the British neither do the UMNO Malays understood the True Meaning of Islam as brought by Prophet Muhammad.

    The real culprits are the UMNO Malays who pretend to be Muslim Leaders which they are not and their Ignorant Malay Followers who really don’t care for the True Islam.

    The UMNO Malays have become just like the Nominal Christians, perhaps, more so like the “Protestantanism Movement” grappling with Modernity and onslaught of Globalisation.

    UMNO Malays have Corripted themselves out Modern Social Democracy and worse still out of True Islam.

    All true Muslim rise up and make yourself counted and the People of the Middle Path and an Examplar Community !

  2. When a goat farmer made a Speaker of the House
    what do expect?
    Entertained by vulgar signals and cheap jokes are more important than discussing important issues of the nation. He is treating all Bn goons like his goats, the opposition are cleverer enough not to share his pleasure.

  3. We are reminded about the sexual cases in Australia, just like the accusations on DSAI.

    What is this world hopelessly coming to?

    ‘Dramatic’ scenes from people seeking popularity everywhere.

    It is better to stay home and watch more ‘polished’ actors and actresses on TV.

  4. The walk out is tantamount to voting with their feet. Two feet equals ONE vote. So how many walked ? Did the walkers include the two SAPP MPs? How childlish !!! So what is the consequence ? If more than 110 MPs walked out the vote of no confidence can be considered as carried. Otherwise just shut up !! Let the ordinary people have peace to carry on their daily lives.

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