Two(2)Pictures of “Contrasting” Emotions

Mohd Saiful was seen for the first time in public after his sodomy allegations against Anwar (former DPM)

Private investigator Balasubramaniam today retracted all statements that he had made about Najib’s(DPM) alleged involvement with Mongolian Altantuya Shaariibuu in his statutory declaration dated July 1 2008

In a letter written to Malaysiakini by Kenneth he has “Near Impossible to Prove Anwar guilty and todays breaking news just before brunch for those who missed breakfast Balasubramaniam again hogged the news.

We are playing with (2) two’s. Strange though, but at this present moment Malaysia’s dirty linen is hung in the public. The world awaits what is going to unfold next week after the weekends fuel hike protest scheduled for the 6th of July. The two pictures with two different personalities and characters has had Malaysians going through a roller coaster ride.

You’ve had your say, your assumptions, your suspicions but take a good look at these (2) photoshoots and live to tell a tale……(former DPM Anwar going for office scheduled Sept 16th, DPM Najib waiting for succession date..their quest in the two hands of these two man.)  We can’t rewrite if we try to again. Is there a double (2)conspiracy..? Are we all obsessed by all these happenings…?  Let’s have a reality check……

12 thoughts on “Two(2)Pictures of “Contrasting” Emotions

  1. Mariam says:

    very true! I will try to tell my grandchildren. This DPM seat seems to be scourge of all from Tun Razak,Musa Hitam,Ghafar Baba Anwar Ibrahim to Najib..Thats the No.2 position hehehe

  2. richy says:

    The facial expression is suffice to say that bala is under tremendous pressure today and not yesterday. Even a child will know that.
    Najib nor the polis are not interested in their credibility as both know they don’t have that. But since the power and rubber stamp in their hand they could do anything they want as all they need is fill in the blank and placing the chop to claim the rule of law is followed.

    If Mahathir could be ejected out who are these people. It is just a matter of time!

  3. bondoun says:

    This country has gone from respectable to ruin. All I can say … is it worth it? Now, let’s take for instance Anwar fails to topple the government, how long is this going to go on? People are suffering out there to make it.

    Everybody is confused about the issues between Anwar and the economy. Please try to make sense of this before we go any further….

  4. MalaysiaThirdWorldCountry says:

    This should be a lesson to all who consider Malaysia as home.

    As long as these idiot politicians (both sides, mind you) keep their self-interests before the public’s, we will never move forward. Sooner or later, Malaysia will turn into something like our Southeast Asian neighbors — extreme corruption, poverty, and no other way but DOWN. The leaders in this country have been sodomizing their people for far too long. Are they really any different from each other?

    Mahathir Mohamad: Kudos to him for planting the seeds of corruption. YES, it is UNDENIABLE that he has put Malaysia in the world map. We are now considered as a developing nation and we have overtaken most of our neighbors. I don’t have to enumerate all the mega-projects that make us proud.

    BUT, he forgot one very important thing: THERE IS NO SHORTCUT TO SUCCESS. Having all these “1st World Facilities” does not make us 1st world. We completely skipped the development of agriculture; and now when there’s a global food shortage, we have to import? What about the oil? Petronas has been earning TRILLIONS since 1974. We could have eradicated poverty YEARS AGO! We could have a better education system. But what do we have? Some of our schools even lack BASIC facilities (

    Mahathir also trained these idiot people right now how to be corrupt!

    Anwar Ibrahim: Power hungry! In his ABIM days, he was harking about Islamic state. How quickly he changes his stance! This is a guy who speaks Tamil in front of Indians, talks about Islamic state in front of PAS, and talks about “constitutional state” in front of others. He’d say ANYTHING just to be in power! Don’t think for a second he’s better than the current leaders. Who do you think groomed him? (See above)

    Najib: RES IPSA LOQUITOR. This butthead has nothing but trouble spelled in his face. Has he done anything significant for the country? Having a great father does not make one great!

    Pak Lah: Oh please.. spare us the indecisiveness. This is the guy who doesn’t have BALLS to act, and I don’t think he even has the BRAINS to figure out how to solve our economic woes and all this sodomy crap!

    Our FUTURE leaders should take heed from all of this! I’m sick and tired and I just want them to do their jobs HONESTLY and PROPERLY. And if they can’t do it, resign from their posts, go and debate at the kedai mamak! That’s the only thing that they seem to be good at!

  5. danet7882 says:

    From what I see, Siva “purposely” left Bala to the police cause this is the intention of AI to check on how professional the police force or who is giving the instruction.. AI knew this is coming and by leaving Bala to the police is only to ‘trap’ them.. God knows maybe in the next few day we might see a new tape of what happen during Bala’s visit to the police station.. (and from what AI talk about the evidence is actually a tape recording of what happen in the police station, AI might not have any evidence but AI knows that the VIP involved will soon take some action so AI took this opportunity to entrapment those INVOLVED).. Bala is a PI so he must have the ability or instrument to make a secret recoding.. unless he was strip to his underwear..hehehe…

    Now that is why I think they left Bala alone to the police

    wow… i can be a script writer…. MR AI, can i work for you??

  6. Ahmad says:

    I fully agree with Danet.

    By leaving Bala alone, Anwar and his group wanted to show one thing: that there is a clear consistence of manipulation in the criminal justice system by Najib, Musa Hasan and Patail who are interestingly the least professional people we have ever heard. Anwar wanted to show that they (The police-Najib-Musa-Ghani) always fabricate evidence, manipulate the system and cow people. What makes it even more inspiring is that Bala just made his 1st SD in front of the world media while laughing and saying…“Oh, if you spend one night in those joils…you will sign…” (etc). So Anwar has scored big here. Even before the evidence is produced against Najib in relation to Altantuya, by forcing Bala to retract the parts that are related to Najib and leaving the rest in tact makes it more potent. ASP Tony who has jailed Bala before and Musa Safri of Najib’s office and all other accusations were left alone but Najib’s part removed. That there is clear conspiracy and consistent manipulation has been established. The Star, a BN leaflet did a marvellous job by showing a dejected, teary-eyed and forlorn Bala crying to the Heavens unlike the earlier jovial, happy, chatty and engaging Bala the previous day. The damage has been done and I’m of the opinion that Anwar was deliberate in releasing Bala so two objectives are attained:

    1. To show the dark forces who manipulate the system, cow witnesses, omit evidences, conspire to cheat and deceive.

    2. To discredit the SDs so that in order for Altantuya to get justice, the judge(s) will have to examine afresh and demand to know which SD represents the truth and this is what Najib is avoiding. The matter going to court and that’s why he has refused to file defamation suit against Bala and Raja Petra despite the fact that he is obliged to do if he is innocent. In either way, the damage has been done, the manipulation already established and there can be conclusion to Altantuya’s case unless the SDs are examined by a court of law and lawyers and you know what that means and who has been doing all he can to avoid such outcome and fate.

  7. agnes says:

    I am wondering what is happening to our beloved country with so much dirty linen suddenly pouring out after 50 years of Independence and Peace with BN in absolute power.

    What is happening to our leaders who are supposed to be examplary ?

  8. Slurpee says:

    Its all about power and money people…
    As long as Mayasians are dumb to put racist people in power,this will happen…
    We need poeple who see beyond power money and race…
    Maybe we need a “Suharto” for Malaysia..
    Just came back from Indonesia after the first time there… My guide a muslim has sibling living in the same house and eating from the same plates and they are all of different religions!!!!and how peaceful they are…
    Just look at Malaysia… u can’t even hold the hands of a muslim and Mahathir has the tenacity to call Malaysia “World Class”

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