“Zapped” by Special Branch-Malaysiakini

Ring Ring..My handphones being tapped says a personal assistant to a Minister. Its the usual answer. Talk to you later through the office phone. Why….? BN Parliamentarians and also Presidents of various political parties are closely watched on their movements and travel plans. Its gets tastier now that Opposition leader Dr.Azizah said the Pakatan Rakyat coalition is confident it can oust BN government by September 16 or Malaysia Day.

Tony Thien, Sarawak/Sabah correspondent for Malaysiakini writes that Parliamentarians are being closely monitored by the Special Branch. Read his full report http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85472 .

Todays local news featured two high profiled Sarawak MPs both of whom were always on the radar and never out of it. “We’re always been BN men and would never cross to over to Pakatan Rakyat.” These two long serving Bidayuh MPs Dr.Tiki (SPDP) and Richard Riot (SUPP) were also widely speculated to be dissatisfied with BN. In Anwars list it is speculated to have the names of (3) three Sarawak MPs according to a source. The ones which are the “easiest targets” will not necessarily be the culprits.

Both Sarawak and Sabah will contribute to about 15 MPs when the final countdown date arrives. So are the Personnal Assistants being also ZAPPED by the Special branch.? When we phoned,the PA said it’s not impossible.One would think so wouldn’t you..? The heat is really on as Anwar moves his pawns forward.


11 thoughts on ““Zapped” by Special Branch-Malaysiakini

  1. zamil says:

    Well now, seems all the politicians and their close ones are being monitored. we live in interesting times don’t we???????

  2. democratic says:

    I am at lost here? Whats the actal job of Special branch anyway? Spying on the crossing MPs?

    Are we tax payers paying them to do that job?
    Funds are flowing a way freely inot individual pockets our economy is at ruins coz of this and rising feul cost. Ironically Malaysia produces petrolieum..

    There is C4 case we all kow of having the victims details erased from immigration records….

    So many kids a have gone missing….
    Where is the priority?

    To save some VIPs political carriers.

    God please do something….

  3. Noor Aza Othman says:

    Now BN politicians and morons will finally experienced themselves how much rakyat has suffered under the Special Branch agents! Completely barbaric they are! Hopefully, when BN finally came crashing down, time to bring them and the agents to another level of experience, IN THE DOCK!

    Noor Aza Othman!

  4. bondoun says:

    Putting things in perspective, I guess it’s better to know what’s going on than to be surprised after the fact. Well, I guess I am still baffled to see how BN must be subjected to this cannibalism by Anwar. I guess it doesn’t matter if BN had 2/3 majority…

    How much longer are we going to continue to play politic as usual? The voters have returned the verdict and we should support the winning coalition. It is in the constitution we should give support to our legitimate government. What the hell are we doing by not allowing them to govern?

    Enough is enough, Anwar is not the PM and PR is not the governing coalition. We have the result of last election and now be done with it and let them govern with majority rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. bondoun says:

    Additionally, I have to put this down to allow for us to reflect what we are doing to this country. We have not been good citizens at all!

    We should be first concern about what we are doing to Malaysia. A stable Malaysia is what I am gunning for, we are in breach of our constitutional duty. The election have long been completed and we are all still whining. In a contest, there are winners and losers, but seemed like no one especially ANWAR is accepting this reality. Our rukun negara also promotes us to support whoever have been voted to be the government.

    Look, for what it’s worth, we are not being a good citizens to this country we called our own. We have to be more patriotic then normal now that we have outsiders meddling in our lives.

  6. ct says:

    I so agree with bondoun, Anwar is the one who keeps whining,harping and hoping. Anwar must wait for the next GE. Yes, the present government should concentrate on governing, improving lives for the rakyat. IMPROVE MALAYSIA’s ECONOMY. Bring in foreign investment, restore their confidence. That should be the top priority.

  7. Armand says:

    We must fight the BN regime ASAP , bring them down the sooner the better . There’s no pain without gain . i’m sooooo sick of this BN regime plundering the country . What whining are you takling about ? We cannot keep quiet fighting if you’re attacked left right centre . We’ve been dumfounded by this BN regime for so long you want to keep quiet until you die do you ? !

  8. bondoun says:

    Armand: I sense a lot of anger and hate in your writing. This is scary because it can lead to some unexpected consequences. I used to share your feelings, but look at what we are doing to Malaysia.

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