‘Anwar finds an Ally in U.S”..

Malaysiakini portal carried this report of The United States said today it would oppose any politically motivated investigation or prosecution of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim facing fresh sex misconduct charges. The full texts: http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85358 . Tom Casey, spokesman for the US State Department said “The main point for us is that the rule of law needs to stand above politics,”

International sympathy and protection..? It seems that this time as compare to the 1998 episode he is better prepared and has learnt his lesson well. Not many people in this generation would have survived what Anwar went through in Jail,regroup,live to fight and get a second chance for the top posts In Malaysia. As compared to 1998 then he was the Deputy Prime Minister and many would be envious and jeolous of him making the grade as PM. This time he is the defacto leader of PKR and has  82 opposition MPs with him and is also a leader for the 5 Pakatan rule states. There is a difference don’t you think? Aren’t the people in question who pushed this “boy” to be a “rat” as the Mafia calls those who betray them to the brink. 

We had a similar “Code RED“situation in Parti Rakyat Sarawak where loyalty was tested to the fullest and it caused grevious pain,sleepless nights,police questioning and he(bless his soul)paid the consequences later. We don’t want to dwell on this and this is a similar sort of political circumstance where it bites into the very heart of each and every politician alike. Don’t tell me it doesn’t.. ? I’m not going to believe as I can tell a liar a mile away. That road has been used once to often. 

Sometimes Anwar pushed and test his mettle to the fullest and he even says,” he was targeted again because he had evidence that the police chief and attorney-general had fabricated evidence in the original sex trial.  Also he has 4 Mps willing to move over soon and planning for by election.” Even Najibs statement earlier of going for the possibility of the UMNO President posts has taken a backseat together with the food,fuel hike,MCA Saga,Lingam case,Chua Soil Leks sex scandal,Altantunya,statutory declaration by RPK and SAPP rebellious act. This latest bombshell in a very feverish week of sizzling news came to the international attention as Anwar seeked a refuge at the Turkey embassy who in turn are close allies with the United States. 

We do not want to condemn the boy just yet but we also want to question one thing. Of course I wouldn’t expect Anwar to call me nor his boys to call me. But it will be great if he does though. The sodomy story aside. Where is the “medical report.? Here goes,” If Saiful manages to penetrate the insides of PKR and possibly highly confidential files of Anwar what does it mean? It really means that its clearly the carelessness of the leader himself. We are not trying the loyalty or the integrity of the person in question as we believe that everyone should be given a chance. But if the “boy” had managed to secure whatever information he has he is indeed a good “TROJAN HORSE“.

This is highly invaluable information especially this “foray” at this time when BN itself is suffering from uncertainty within its ranks.” This latest information secured according to a former group editor has stopped and divert attention away from the PM in his greatest times of uncertainty. (Of course its not only 4 BN MPs in question there are more in the list ) In light of all this there may be more Trojan Horses making its way to PKR territories.

The Whole saga as the United States spokesman said we would certainly oppose any use of law enforcement or judicial procedures for anything other than legitimate purposes of the law. As a fellow blogger Ctannie commented which makes sense to me,” suggest that they watch more FBI series to come out with a better foolproof plan, rather than something which backfires everytime they implement it, making us Malaysians look like a stupid fool. The government makes a blunder, eyes of the world are on us.”  To us,it means just clearly  that the international community are looking at us more than ever.”  

Anwar has found an ally internationally. Nearer home, PM has said that the government is not involved in this and I do sincerely believe him as to me he is considered a person who believes in” Reforms.” Apparently an inside source mentioned that the PM himself is very angry that this has surfaced as he was just adjusting and getting over the saga’s of the no confidence vote from SAPP,Statutory Declaration by RPK and the MCA news. Pak Lah is only human…. Who wouldn’t ..? You will too..

similar report:- http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85355


9 thoughts on “‘Anwar finds an Ally in U.S”..

  1. Lily says:

    So many things happening in Malaysia..True and this also a diversion tactic I think.. Malaysia memang boleh..

  2. kate says:

    I still like Pak Lah. Too many evil ones around him. Better beware. Anyday jeanne is better than Rosmah. Dr. Azizah not bad as well. U know who i support then…

  3. Abdul says:

    They think Anwar is a village head or what? Don’t the AMENO people realise that Anwar is a world figure respected by world leaders? Malaysians welcome the US support and also hope that they will provide intelligence to us to be used against the barbaric, illegal regime of Dollah and his stupid Rais Yatim-Hamid Albar type ministers and bring down the whole edifice. I can assure you the stakes are high and the world is watching. The US with its massive intelligence may foil any AMENO fabrication. Hurrah!

  4. bgees says:

    whatever it is , the trust on BN / UMNO is down to drain, with a lot of liar, muderer , thieves wondering around. nothing much to expect …, a total NEP by product. The PM is relevant if he walk the talk….if he get all those bastards who had robbed the rakyat money all the while, until then….no relevent.

  5. ct says:

    If anwar were to resort to bringing in foreginers to fight his battle, then that the end of him. We malaysians (i hope the majority agree with me!)dont need outside interference( (enuf of british and japanese,thank you!) we fight our own battles. I hope anwar is not such a sissy and cry baby, everytime scurrying to these buggers for help. Americans in particular are always ever willing to give “support” but bear one thing in mind, THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE!!
    Abdul- you must be out of your mind to say malaysians welcome the us,

  6. bondoun says:

    I don’t know what else to say except, this is starting to heat up again. Well, with US now admitting to back Anwar, I guess the stage is set for what ever might come. I agree with ct though that we do not want outsiders meddling with our internal affairs.

    Now that the US is getting involved, why don’t Anwar request for FBI help in resolving this latest alleged sodomy incident since nobody has any confident in the Malaysian police.

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