Malaysiakini: “Thank You Turkish Embassy”

Anwar left the Turkish embassy with his wife after getting assurances from DPM Najib,Rais Foreign Minister and Syed Hamid Home Minister that nothing would happen to him. In the full report in Malaysiakini  Chan Kok Leong writes Anwar walked out of the Turkish embassy in Kuala Lumpur at 6.45pm  where he took refuge after being hit with sodomy accusations.

In the last 24 hours the Turkish embassy in Jalan U Thant that has been sheltering Anwar has become a focal point for all Malaysians and the international press/media. Anwar must have intimidated and ruffled the feathers of the BN that certain actions has to be taken to stop his momentum.

There are some who feels that by trying the same old trick again and putting Anwar behind bars again just to stop him harping on the “oil crisis”, “crossovers and taking over the governement by September 16th would be a very wise political decision.

Anwar must be grateful that he is a friend to the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and he had sought sanctuary at the embassy yesterday, saying he had received threats and feared for his life. Anwar is working hard to keep public perception to his side and he has sued the political aide this morning for defamation. All in, Anwar is fighting the BN government that is also fighting for its own survival after a near to disastrous outing in the last General Elections. Dr Azizah sent a letter to the Prime Minister asking him to personally guarantee Anwars safety and this must have led Anwar leaving the safe refuge. 

Anwar is now holed up in an unknown location, and he is having a series of meetings with his lawyers and party leaders.

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4 thoughts on “Malaysiakini: “Thank You Turkish Embassy”

  1. P.Liew says:

    You gave him a job.Coffe boy or someone looking after travel arrangements and he betray PKR!! Useless,ungrateful,Traitor and should pay for his consequences..

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