“Stay Calm before the Storm”

As much as I want to write and do an analytical and detailed write-up I feel that this picture ( from a fellow blogger) tells more than a thousand words put together. “1998 to 2008“. Evolution in politics,Nothing is impossible is it? So many hidden agendas within this weekend of 27th to 29th June 2008. It’s all fast tracked and Malaysian politics is so fluid at this moment. We leave it to Fauwaz Abdul Aziz  who filed a report in Malaysiakini under the heading and the full text can be read at  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85282

“Supporters told to remain calm,leaders fully behind Anwar.” In the report it includes- PKR is fully behind its de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim and has vowed to give him “full support and belief” in his leadership. Information chief of PKR Tian Chua said that despite the attack against the dignity of the party and Anwar, he urged members and supporters not to take actions that go against the laws and regulations.”We also call on our supporters to stay calm and carry on our work professionally and with discipline,” 

The Federal CID Director Bakri says that they will be fair in their investigation. He said to the press/media present at the press conference that ,”Please do sensationalise the issue and let the police carry out the thorough investigation as there are a lot of factors to consider.’ We must ensure that justice is served for both the victim and the alleged offender. We do hope and pray that the police will do the carry out their work in accordance to the law provided.

Dr.Azizah said “When he was detained the last time, he was beaten to a pulp! So you must take it into consideration. It is serious! This matter is serious!” “A lot of people, a lot of Malaysians seek the leadership of Anwar, and so we have to protect him. Not only is he my husband and the father of my children, he is a leader of our country,”

Now, it is not only Malaysians watching with interests but the world is “eagled eyed” on the country. The next few days we will be watching events folding in front of our very own eyes. Let’s take the best seat in the house……..  

11 thoughts on ““Stay Calm before the Storm”

  1. ashley says:

    In Malaysia, the innocent becomes the guilty, the guilty becomes the innocent. So what Dr.Azizah say is true..Remeber the black eyes episode 10 years ago!!

  2. nara says:

    We would like to call on all Pakatan Rakyat supporters to remain calm. Leave this matter to DSAI and his attorneys to challenge it.
    This is a ploy to DIVERT ATTENTION from Altantuya. Keadilan Keadilan and ANWAR i sbetter prepared now!!

  3. zamil says:

    I urge all malaysians to stay calm as we did during and after the recent elections. Let’s pray, let’s be positive and continue to express our dissatisfaction in cyber space for now. Let’s not give the authorities an iota of justification to call for an emergency. Pakatan will not yield to their threats!!Let’s be united in our voices, and sharing of information.
    :D :D :D

  4. chloe says:

    This is another desperate attempt by shadowy characters in BN trying to bring Anwar down. BN has too many issues to address and seems to be in a hopeless position to govern, there are scandals and more scandals and misdeed expose’. To accuse Anwar of sodomy is another evil ploy to create a diversion away from current issues raised against BN.Hidup ANWAR!!!

  5. eugene says:

    Way to go in this one-up-manship, such a good move by Anwar. This dramatic international exposure is good mileage for DSAI. Am quite certain Badawi strategists have not thought about a way out.hehehehehe

  6. sam says:

    Information chief of PKR Tian Chua said that despite the attack against the dignity of the party and Anwar, he urged members and supporters not to take actions that go against the laws and regulations. Well Done YB Tian.. Good statement..

  7. Gani says:

    We must ensure that justice is served for both the victim and the alleged offender. Aiyo! Was justice served in 1998. Only 2004 it was dropped the charges but damage was done to Anwar then. He is back and he does not have the time to be in Jail again!!

  8. unilight says:

    How is the nation to believe that the police and attorney general for that matter the whole investigation can be fair? Remember the Ink episode? and now claims of evidence of the collaboration between the IGP and AG to frame AI during his trial of sodomy and corruption. Not forgetting a judiciary curtailed of its independence by the Government under former PM, Dr. Mahathir. Even the manner the prosecution handled the Altantuya’s case was without zeal and lame. The current PM has very easily referred the matter of AI being accused this time around to both institutions of tainted reputation. The whole scenario smacks the death of BN and the ruling Government in the eyes of Malaysians and the world. What goes around comes around. The end is near.

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