PKR’s Press Conference after meeting

The late MGG Pillai (bless his soul) told me at a lunch meeting about 5 years ago that in Malaysia everyone loves to go to court especially when it involves “defamation of character.” It was a chance meeting as I was introduced to him at a restaurant by my brother in laws mum. He told me the “truth hurts” and the rich and politically powerful will always try to find ways to get a scapegoat willing to take “that” fall.

Anwar allegedly sodomosing one of his aides?  This can’t be true can it..? Oh No, not again..1997 revisited for Anwar. A report can also be read in Malaysiakini  There will be a press conference scheduled to be held this afternoon. Meanwhile Anwar had an emergency meeting with some party leaders after the report was was lodged.

Who will be taking the fall tomorrow ? Is it politically motivated ? All will be answered tomorrow. MGG Pillai would say the spin miesters are at work again. Its Anwars call tomorrow……….

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4 thoughts on “PKR’s Press Conference after meeting

  1. bondoun says:

    What a bombshell! I thought I never hear this again. Well, but what if it’s true? Typically, we have the tendency to blow it off and say no it’s impossible. Then again who knows…

    There is a saying if happened before it can happen again. Now, is Anwar really thiat stupid?
    The government may be playing politics and took this opportunity to derail PR from continuing their match to putrajaya.

    Everything is so cloudy to even contemplate with his past conviction …. I still haven’t come to term with what actually happened then, but now we have to deal with a new allegation. I don’t know what to think. Tough tough tough!

    Again, politic is dirty and may be this is what Anwar will have to deal with after being a high flier in politics recently.

  2. bondoun says:

    Here’s a contrarian view point. Could Anwar be playing politics to make him look like a victim since his momentum is slowing down by staging a government sodomy case against him?

    Here are some ideas to ponder with:

    1. After numerous failed attempts to buy frogs from Sabah and Sarawak. Anwar continued loud claimed the frogs are coming… and then nothing, has really hurt his credibility. Anwar popularity has definitely hit a snag. With this new allegation, it has riveted malaysian back into the current affairs of politics.

    2. The diminished and reluctant SAPP to continue with the vote of no confidence against PM did very little for Anwar. Infact, it hurt Anwar’s effort since none of the others are likely to come out and support him.

    3. Anwar will definitely gain international interest and they will be sympathetic to his situation. I don’t know why since BN has won the election by respectable margin even though it’s less than 2/3 majority. Not too many countries has 2/3 majority in government. May be Anwar is trying to undermine this government by hook or by crook and I think it is sad.

    4. The government gain nothing by putting him back in jail since PM was the one who let him out in the first place. Putting Anwar back in jail will only draw international criticism against the government.

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