Power 140 to 82 ‘Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”

I would like to reiterate that the PM knows what he is doing. This morning in our monthly PRS divisional breakfast gathering in a members kopitiam of course the (35 out of 44)  wanita wing and youth wing members had this to say to the PM.

140 to 82 “Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban” which means “If I still live I’ll fight” Why.? Malaysiakini article,”Federal gov’t shows who is boss” http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/85150 is indeed timely and appropriate as the 5% oil royalty for Sarawak was mentioned besides the Penang Monorail and PORR which was shelved.

In our kopitaim talks members  brought up and discussed on a wide range of topics in relations to the local political scenario ( mergers,haha), price hikes (avoid expensive,unreasonable shopping and eating outlets), Pak Lah( his reforms), Fuel increase (cutbacks and tightening on travels) and component parties unhappiness.  We could have had 31 out of 31 Wins for BN in the General Elections. DAP won Bandar Kuching and till today fingers are still pointed.

Sure, we did help the our component party in the last GE but it was not enough to wrestle Bandar Kuching for reasons which we had earlier covered ( https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/06/14/159/ ) The 5% percent royalty was a hot issue as the members had a dig at the Penang Government especially on the monorail.

Some members of the youth wing said that Sarawak has been producing oil since 1902 but the Federal government gives us only a 5% royalty. There has been too many avenues for news and they said that Pakatan Rakyat’s de facto chief Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim promised higher oil royalty to court BN MPs from Sabah and Sarawak. If Anwar can do that why not BN government?  5% to 10%  “pun boleh” one of them said.

A vice chairwoman of the wanita wing Winnie chipped in, “Give to us Sarawak 20% and we can built a  “Railway from Lundu to Lawas” You know, we only have dual carriageway from Kuching to Limbang( Trans-Borneo Highway hehe.) What lah! Penang talking of just a monorail to solve the transportation system of the state before it reaches critical stage ? 

 Colin, the youth chief praised the the PM eventhough he comes from Penang there are no “Preferential Treatment“.  Thats more like it. Dont just bend for the sake of bending, there are other ways to overcome a problem. The way I see it weblog has this ,”I bet you that you will not get special treatment like Sabah and Sarawak, due to that there are not many BN MPs from the state to the Penangnites he said. (Well at least not many leaping frogs)

Imagine we have a railway track from Lundu to Lawas. Wouldn’t it be a romantic journey passing through all the beautiful countryside passing through all the major towns. As if this would happen during our lifetime we all laughed. Hold on… I interjected… tourism boosting for the state don’t you think?

I remember in 1986 when I was in the Sarawak Tourist Association,I mentioned painting the “sampans” (a small flat-bottomed boat with oars) with different colours and get advertisement on them. Well,being a “freshie graduate” I had to swallow and take the negative arguments. At least today the Kuching Waterfront looks bright and colourful. So I told them maybe when a few of you get into the Council Negeri  as assemblyman this “rail project” would take off. Ruffling a few feathers again….

Oh yea!  Absolutely power corrupts absolutely as KJ said in Parliament. Is there a point here? 140-82 is power to many other government but Malaysia seems to want “Absolute” which is 2/3rd. To end our kopitiam meeting our wanita chief Cilla (neuro science graduate) said on March 8 Malaysians gave a “Bloody Nose” to BN and there were calls for the PM to resign or go for reforms. She further added that the previous government under Tun really did more developments than any other PM.It was good and we were all very contented with all the facilities,subsidies and benfits which followed it. We had settled in our “Comfort Zones” Now its shaken and there are a lot of discomfort and worries.

There are three ways a person can react to this situation:-

  1. Accept the situation,complain and then retaliate
  2. Accept it and consider the current situation as a catalyst to do and try to earn more.
  3. Don’t care as they think they are not affected by it as much.

But we have to take note that the majority of Malaysians falls in the poor and middle class. Of course the “rich’will not be affected.Now its up to the government. It’s back to the basics,back to the people.The deferred project of the RM2 billion Penang monorail and RM1.5 billion Penang outer Ring Road is a good example that there will be more people centred projects. It’s not vinditive, she says as many have said.  We have to hear our people cry and we know infrastucture development is good but these funds are needed more urgently.

Forget about the political and hidden agendas the government is correct in going for rural development and seeing that clean piped water is available,solving the woes of the natives, electrification projects instead of mega projects. Peoples daily requirements needs to be addressed and when people are happy they will be less trouble and less stress. We were all stitches as everyone been chirpy and well fed called her YB. Priscilla our secretary said we have a “Hannah’ in our midst. Hannah of course is the Subang Jaya YB from DAP.

Wow..!!! such strong words after taking Laksa ( favourite breakfast dish for Sarawakians ). I haven’t finish she said as this is an eye opener to our usual thinking and spending habits and its up to the people to work with the government. Better than a question,”What kind of spouse do i desire to have?” is the question,What kind of spouse do I aspire to be?” 

An Assistant Minister in the State Cabinet once told me the first term as a YB the 1825 days will be easier than the following term. I’m positively sure that the PM is feeling this syndrome and as always I say he knows what he is doing. 

We are expecting between now and  Dec 16th the PM will go for the reforms as he prepares for the UMNO General Assembly. However he needs to consolidate,strengthen,secure his position within the party before he goes on with his reforms he promised Malaysians in 2004. Kopitiam was a good morning as we spend within our means. To our PM we agree he needs all the powers to stay in Office and we say “Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban” 

10 thoughts on “Power 140 to 82 ‘Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”

  1. cedric says:

    Wah u hantam us Penangnites! U wait u come Penang then we throw Rojak at you. Tot we Penang and Sarawak friends! How come u like that!! No Monorail what to do loh??

  2. Sim says:

    If Sarawak got 20% and if got railtrack aiyoyoo..that would be so much easy for me to visit my girlgirl..Also great for Tourism!!

  3. CharcoalArt says:

    Audi, if you must use the Iban war slogan – at least try to maintain the Iban spelling which should be “Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban”. It isn’t your fault though as Iban is not your language and in fact some appreciation should be given for the willingness to try.

    Coincidentally “Agi Idup Agi Ngelaban” would sound rather stupid if it is applied to politics – so beware of its implications. I am sure you know what I mean as your association with some politicians should have opened your eyes by now -where you must must have noticed how easy it is for politicans to change their agendas to suit personal interest. Contrary to the slogan, you will see some politicians including those in your factions of PRS will scramble like cowards in the face of challenges in order to save their own skins or self interests.

  4. audie61 says:

    Tks charcoalArt. Sori if I did not spell it right. I remember we used this during the Ngap Sayot days for football war cry. To arouse the feelings of the supporters a bit of bonding with “HIDUP”
    forgive me tks..

  5. markmur says:

    By the way your other rival faction president use to say that “Cultural Arrogant” he (masing) must be funny,trying to divert sarawakian feeling especially when Bisina YBs PakatanRakyat always championing NCR issue in DUN Sitting, n I salute you coz u care for us Agi idup agi ngelaban or lawan tetap lawan for next state election.

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