Crossovers.?.Credibility.? Preposterous Lies..!!!

 June 17th, Crossovers,”What happens if Nothing Happens.?” In (Malaysiakini ) Ong Kian Ming and Oon Yeoh opened up the Pandora Box when they carried an article.Not to be outdone Azmin Ali also came out with a statement to Malaysiakini and he said that two Government Component Parties are to defect.   

As the PM makes his way to Sabah to overcome the problem of a BN component party “SAPPs” unhappiness in the coalition the headlines from NST screams ,Defections of Anwar’s claims of MPs a preposterous lie. Not to be outdone Khairy added more “fuel to the fire” by questioning Anwars credibility of the September 16th Date as carried by Malaysianinsider.

While we were all caught up with the political climate in Malaysia it pays to be informed of this before i go into the finer details of my writeup. This morning for breakfast I had an oppurtunity to be together with Jacob Emang @ Imang a 69 years old NGO who said to me that ,”Kuching is only 10% of Sarawak” Why….? Sarawak is no different from Sabah he says in that we are really not enjoying the fruits of development. Why because all longhouses in the interior are not covered by the basic neccessites of clean piped water,electricity and road infrastructure while the concentration is only on cities while the farm lands are being taken away for Oil Palm Plantations. 

 So to him he says,” Malaysia is already 51 years Old the government of the day whether it’s Abdullah or Anwars they must look after the natives rights first and ensure development reaches the people.’ As an 18 year old he must have dreamt that Sarawak in Malaysia in 50 years would be like Japan,Korea and all first world countries. Our politicians be it BN or PR now are just living on a dream and there has been too much politiking. Isnt it just great coming from someone who was born just before the Japanese occupation days.

Call what you may but what we see today is a very charismatic man on the move. Anwar reminds me of Martin Luther King Jr on August 28 1963 in front of 250,000 people he said ” I have a Dream ”  BN party members and analysts are trying to tear down this invicibility that Anwar posseses and his cornerstone is of course the date Sept16th. He has started the rounds of negotiating with the legislators who feels that they should be part of the bandwagon in charting the countries future and not just be the ” Yes Boss” and have taken the right turn in the country’s history. Take away September 16th the whole process fails.

KJ was quick to tests the credibility of Anwar,“The question I have for Datuk Seri Anwar looking as how he is confident of setting up a government by Sept 16 is this: What will happen if he fails? You answer me this too.. Am I a believer…? Did I not cover this subject earlier on June 8th with Crossovers.” To recap Anwar said just before Polling day that ,””We will deny the BN Government the 2/3rd Majority and we will be getting close to 70 seats” Not many people believe him. To reinforce his point Anwar also told Sdr.Lim Kit Siang(DAP). How did PR do 82 seats..!!! 

Credibilty of September 16th…..This gives Anwar 3 months to prove his worth and KJ is just waiting to pounce harder at Anwar if he fails to deliver. “I challenge Datuk Seri Anwar to resign as the advisor of Parti Keadilan Rakyat if the Barisan Nasional is still the government on Sept 17. If he fails, he should not only step down but also face up to the fact that his credibility with the public would have been destroyed.”

While KJ like a boxer goes for his head MCA Sec-G Ong Ka Chuan went below the belt with calling Anwar’s claim of MCA MPs defecting a preposterous lie. Anwars stunt was merely an attempt at psycological warfare which has no truth in it. It is a lie.He leaks to the press so that he can go to other BN component parties'” see MCA has crossed over,you should join us too.” 

Simple,of course Politics is the art of warfare and didn’t Sun Tzu teach you all about the tactics of moving your soldiers and generals around to deceive the enemy. Anwar has “Waged a War” and MCA should be able to have an “Offensive Strategy”.The timing, the terrain and the needs are all covered by Anwar  and MCA should be able to divert the attention by not only finding solutions but giving an injection of treatment like my earlier story of the scorpion and the tadpole. 

Ong and Ooon covered PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim’s recent political statements by going for the body with asking questions which are not answerable as yet when Anwar moves his knights and castles across the chessboard. On them they he depends as a tries to question the values of each and every legislator who wants to join him in the Pakatan Government. There are a lot of details to be ironed out especially on Crossover MPs or for that matter the case of SAPP if they so decide to join instead of parking outside independently.( see Press conference by Yong tomorrow.)  

Anwar watches but he moves with the responsibilty of the peoples aspirations and trusts they have on him. It is also to be noted that Abdullah is not that bad a man himself in running the country but the truth is the BN governement has seen its bests days. Truth always prevails at the end as some PKR members who was at the table listening concurs and nodded. They will be preparing for their protests this afternoon where an estimated crowd of “200”opposition leaders and supporters in Kuching will make their feelings known on the recent “fuel hike” outside the Federal Building. We were later told it was to hand in a “Protest Note”

Anwar and Abdullah will be asking all their allies.What is our aim? Is it victory at all costs? The ideals of democracy hinges on our leaders and Malaysia will continue to live in peace and harmony and with equal oppurtunities when all this politiking has died down. The future is not one of ease or resting but incessant striving for the people. So its up to you both Anwar and Abdullah……. 



2 thoughts on “Crossovers.?.Credibility.? Preposterous Lies..!!!

  1. All the talks of crossover from Penang to Sabah is fascinating. No doubt, Anwar is riding high, driving a wedge between BN component parties, but it seems time is running out for him. Anwar is behaving erratic showing his hand to the public before confirming his deal. Could BN be playing a high political poker with Anwar? Just to see him destroy himself in the end when he fails to deliver?

    In a high game of politic, credibility is a real serious issue. PM appears is suffering from declining credibility after several unpopular and failed policies announcements. Public perception is very important in order to lead a restless nation. Do you think Anwar will fall victim of PM?

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