Sabah Backs Tengku…?


Definitely, Najib is the One as the PM keeps everyone guessing so says the report that is available in ( Malaysiakini ). A day earlier Pak Lah was extremely relieved to have Najib backing him and they had agreed a plan to hand power to his deputy when the time is right.The full excerpts The “Tag team” has been formed with Pak Lah and Najib while Tengku’s confidant is still underwraps. 

Under UMNO’s quota system, a candidate wishing to contest for the party’s presidency must obtain nominations from 30 per cent of the party’s 191 divisions. Ku Li seems to have the confidence of Sabah UMNO members to back him.

We earlier reported that Umno’s general  assembly which has been scheduled to be held from Dec 16 to 20, and that there will be some keen contests expected for the top positions. Ku Li has upped his tempo by telling Sabahans that he has no problem accepting a Sabahan to contest the deputy and vice-president’s posts. The quota is simple and Ku Li has hedged his bets here as he knows “dangling  the carrot” to UMNO Sabah will see one of their own being made a Deputy President if KU Li wins. The deputy president’s post require 20 per cent, for vice-president 10 per cent.

PM was in Kelantan yesterday briefing and meeting the UMNO members there and today he arrived in Terengganu also to meet up with UMNO leaders after launching the East Coast Economic Region(ECER) Development Council. So we see that PM is making his rounds to get the necessary support and Ku Li is following up very closely at his heels. Ku Li also said “I don’t think there are any differences between a Sabahan and a West Malaysian. If they have the capabilities why not..?” Seems the challenge is already been thrown down to the divisional level. 

The divisional meetings will be held between Oct 9 and Nov 9, while branch annual general meetings will be held between July 17 and Aug 24. The challengers we said are not from the global efeects of the Oil hike nor from the supposedly defections of BN members but from within UMNO itself as it gears up for the General Assembly from December 16th to the 20th 2008. 

PM will have to move his party elections machinery and gelled them to stop “Ku Li”making inroads. Furthermore Ku Li has reports that a component BN party is leaving the coalition which will hit Pak Lah hard. Both the UMNO leaders are criss-crossing each others paths. It is going to be interesting and Malaysia and the world awaits……….!! 


9 thoughts on “Sabah Backs Tengku…?

  1. Amir Sulaiman says:

    You are correct but it’s still UMNO..Let them fight it out but the most important thing is Mlaysia should come first and not PERSONAL GAINS>>>

  2. Hiro says:

    better Ku Li than the the mongolian assasin to if Pak Lah cannot go on as President. Anyway all the Same same 1

  3. Dom says:

    If its KU Li better .If its C4 susah lah! Sabbah UMNO have to make choice so will Johor UMNO.Where does this put Muhyddin>>>>>?????

  4. Conrad says:

    let’s party. Its party time! hahahaha… one two three… U think you can relax Pak lah…We in Sabah will support Tengku..We did once and we will again..

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