DCM-Abang Jo…..?

abang johari abang haji opengWill June and the closing of the “National Gawai Dayak 2008” celebrations in the State today echo the new Political Platform for Datuk Seri Abang Johari Tun Openg Sarawak State Housing Minister. Our earlier report we carried a report on him where he mentioned the Sarawak(BN) government has never pressured the federal government for important posts, including the post of deputy prime minister, since joining Malaysia in 1963. Now his name has been thrown in the hat in the impending State cabinet reshuffle.The “foreign powers” that the CM mentioned is clearer now as its just plain “Intense Lobbying”

Abdul Hakim Bujang correspondent for Sarawaks (Malaysiakini) has this to say in his report. For full text and excerpts please click to http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/84491.  The dates keep changing and we started the ball rolling on the 14th May 2008 with our full report and on 3oth May we were all surprised with CM’s very straight answer of “foreign powers” in play to call of his announcement.

The Sarawak cabinet re-shuffle is indeed in the pipeline and the speculative date has been set.The Chief Minister holds the names of the Ministers and Assistant Ministers close to his chest and it will be a matter of time before he announces it. It could even be a few day’s time or one or two month’s time. However the  speculative date did start from the 8th of April 2008.We will continue to say that the CM will go through the lists at least 7 times and will only disclose the names on the day of announcement. 

After all it is “CM’s Team” in the cabinet re-shuffle. The Lobbying will Not Stop Just Yet…………………

Read also this report:- https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/05/15/sarawak-cabinet-re-shuffle-new-blood/


18 thoughts on “DCM-Abang Jo…..?

  1. There is too much wrong with Sarawaks Leaders.If you watch DAP PAS AND KEADILAN there are lots of NEW FACES>>YOUNG AND Vibrant and NO SKELETONS IN CLOSETS..DARE TAIB call early elections….????


  3. He looks Innocent and they say his conscience is CLEAN..HAHAHA. To be deputy to TAIB,soon also be like him.Not enough makan but want to makan.How? toe the LINE. We dont care we want to have NEW GOVERNMENT IN SARAWAK> SATOK WILL FALL*****

  4. What has he done for the US in Satok area…? Can he change the lives of all the the people in SATOK AREA if he is DCM..NO way under Taib nothing will change for the MALAYS.

  5. There is no righteousness in Sarawak,Everything NAIM,CMS,PPES AND ALL the crony companies.
    there must be accountabilty. Its enough of the reign of the Present CM. ALL his man should be change and we will change them ..WE are young and have TIME>>>………..<<<<<

  6. Don’t ignore the calls of the people in Sarawak! The message is CLEAR and every Sarawakian will make sure that the EMPIRE WILL END THIS TIME ROUND. Abang Jo you also not safe..Taib will bring you DOWN!!!

  7. CLEAN..? Who is Clean under Taibs Administration..? DCM abang Jo,will go the same way.In the end Keadilan will overpower you as BN hehehehehe

  8. One more or another day, WE in SARAWAK will suffer more if Taib still stays in Power!! We will be sucked dry of our resources and every contract will be all for his people. Abang Jo you will be part of it as DCM.
    We in Keadilan hear what he say.NAIM has Proven itself. IF I am CM my cronies will also be able to do it. How much MORE YOU WANT TAIB? Give CM to Abang Jo lah…

  9. Even Tun Dr. Mahathir never ruled more than 20 years, but look at our CM! Gosh…when is he gonna stop?
    Dude, the Gawai celebration which was shown on tv just won’t work to win the “Young and Dangerous” generation’s votes. We have to wake up the big giant from his sleep so that he snaps back into reality that the people’s mentality has changed.
    People are bored of the same old stubborn folks ruling Sarawak. Give way to new faces who won’t bow down to anyone.

  10. Now the time taib go down bkos so long in charge sarawak.give abg jo the first governor sarawak son.his gud talent and humble.we support him 110%.not just malay but iban,bidayuh,chinese also suppot him.gud luck abg jo.

  11. Daripada langsung sik ada syukurlah Abg Jo. Ngenang juak Pehin ngan kitak!!Tapi munlah benar.Mun sik benar nonggeng agiklah kali tuk. Kawan kita dari Lawas ya lelah ajaklah ngeraung kulu kilir sampe sik bersuara. Kesian tedah nya.

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