Tremor Starts in Sabah..!!

Its starting to happen…there are chinks in the armour as more than 100 members led by MCA Semporna Divisional Chief Datuk Thien Kok Poh quits MCA. There were also some members form Tawau Division who followed suit. They cited dissatisfaction with the changes that has been happening and the promises made in the manifestos since the last General elections.

Datuk Thien said its the right time for Sabahans to come out and voice their rights. Its the 1st walkout  from BN Sabah. Earlier we were told that SAPP was supposed to have taken the lead but we checked with SAPP party leaders first, they said its mere speculations and rumours. We don’t have any Press conference or Full council meeting and September 16th is still sometime to go refering to Anwars date. Will this MCA Sabah tremor lead to an earthquake for Sabah BN…………?? 

4 thoughts on “Tremor Starts in Sabah..!!

  1. Lily says:

    Sure start one!! The fuse of the firecracker has been lighted. Soon the cracks in the dam will give way to bigger Holes. BOOOOOOOOM!! The Walls will give WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY..SNAP elections called by PM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. bondoun says:

    BN is feeling the heat! I started blogging only recently after getting offended by Dr. Mahathir’s racist remarks, and how he tries to stay relevent in malaysian politics. Dr. Mahathir and his former deputy Anwar has done serious damages to Sabah. Sabahans still remember how Anwar behaves when he was the czar of Sabah.

    The current political climate in Malaysia is one that’s clamming for change. BN frogs are looking for a lily pads to jump to, but somehow PR couldn’t close the deal. What’s wrong with this picture, is it because Sabahans do not trust Anwar or Jeffery? Could it be that Sabahans are not too comfortable with Anwar’s promises thus far?

    This duo have been going around Sabah and Sarawak announcing the frogs are coming! They even gave the dates, but the frogs still didn’t come. They are starting to loose their credibility, people are saying they are tin kosong.

  3. bondoun says:

    Surely, I’d love to see which frogs crosses the finish line first. It seemed the chinese frogs are getting frustrated, but they don’t hold the overwhelming power. This could be a start, but it may be false alarm. Najib has been task with baby sitting and monitoring them frogs.

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