6.26am SMS…Bau (Gold Town) awaits Oil Protests..

Malaysiakini was informed by sarawak fuel hike demo kuching 080306 dominique ngDeputy State Chairman Baharuddin that more demonstrations are being planned at different locations starting from tomorrow. PKR Sarawak is on the move and the momentum is gathering pace.

He launched the PKR Mas Gading Division,Bau on March 31st 2008 where he mentioned that”the five percent oil and gas royalties for Sarawak and Sabah will be increased four folds should the opposition take over the federal government.“(PKR de facto leader) Anwar Ibrahim has made this promise to PKR leaders in these two states,” This time YB Dominique Ng (PKR Assemblyman for Padungan and Sarawak State chief ) is back at Bau .(Gold Town about 50km southwest of Kuching.)
What makes that statement more relevant was another “SMS” sent as early as 6.26am of “Protest against Oil Price Hike” at 2p.m infront of Bau District council. Please get as many people as possible  to come! BN must go! Please let Pakatan Rakyat Government save us now!

The Day of Reckoning is coming for the State BN which has to account for its actions over the past three decades and the Oil Price increase by 78 sen – from RM1.92 per litre to RM2.70 and also the price of diesel increased by a whopping 63.3 percent – from RM1.58 per litre to RM2.58 will obviously affect Sarawak.  About 3/4 of the constituencies are rural interior based where the main mode of transportation are by rivers and this will certainly hit the people hard.

YB Ng will be accompanied by top State PKR leaders which includes Nicholas Bawin, legal advisor See Chee How, Wan Zainal Abidin Wan Sanusi(Advisor) and many other Bidayuh Leaders as they descent to the Bau which was once famous for its gold deposits. See You there was the word………………..

* Latest.. In a telephone interview  PKR deputy Baharuddin Mokhsen says he will be leading a delegation to protests after Friday prayers in the vicinity of the State Mosque while in the afternoon a similar demonstration in Miri(Oil Town) at 2.30pm will be led by Dr.Michael Teo at Miri Central Square.

8 thoughts on “6.26am SMS…Bau (Gold Town) awaits Oil Protests..

  1. Kim Chong says:

    We understand that the fuel price hike is inevitable but the amount raised by the government is “too much.” Not only too much but they say in August but hit us below the belt by announcing it on the 4th. U think Sarawak people stupid Kah…………..?

  2. Devina ak.Norea says:

    I will be there. We Bidayuhs are also coming to support PKR this time round. Enough of BN and not looking after the people. We want a change!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jim Mayau says:

    According to Nurizzah Anwar the power of the youth in her interview with Francis Seah which I saw in youtube she said we have to vent our frustration somewher and this is an avenue for us Bidayuhs!!
    Power to the youth>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  4. Mr.Brooke says:

    we don’t really know who to trust these days
    i feel pkr is just a party trying to take advantage,but we don’t realy know what’re their agendas,but then again,barisan nasional is robbing sarawak from its resources in broad daylight
    so,who to choose?
    Liberate Sarawak!

  5. Mr.Brooke says:

    I’d like to invite u as a contributor for my blog,if u want.
    if u accept,just leave a comment at my blog with ur email,thanks.:)

    Liberate Sarawak!

  6. mark murau sumom says:

    We are going to launching our new blogsite for
    “PKR struggle in Serian” the majority of Bidayuh in P.199 Serian. I hope all saudara2 dalam perjuangan could share the idea and comment.
    You can call us at Mobile Service Centre and Public Complaint: 082-380719,013-5611025.

  7. Marabatn Ampor says:

    To Mr. Brooke,

    You are most welcome to contact any of the PKR Division Ajk members at your area so you can get further details of PKR agenda fighting the corrupt BN govt.
    Or you may personally go to the State PKR Office at Matang road situated at the back of Century supermarket or opposite Petronas gas station. You are most welcome..

  8. mark murau sumom says:

    Returns Land To the people:-
    God damned state BN leader’s, Because of to many corrupted leader.Example robbing people lands recently in Serian are. One of the former PRS Deputy President get a provisional Lease 3 lots acquire 3ooo acrs of NCR land for oil palm plantation project effecting few kampung as kpg Pasir, kakai,Munggu Kupi, Rayang,Sebangko,Ampungan,tanah putih within sungai Igom and Batang Sadong land district.
    I come to know this during my dialogue session with all the ketua kampung and Distict officer
    Lets sends a collon Cancer to this leader just like what Pek Mo get. Tulah maan duit ra-yat. they were more and more get cancer. Punish them.

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