6 months later (June 1st -Jan 1st)

Datuk Suret Singh Road Safety Department (JKJR) director-general says that the enforcement of the rear seat belt law will only take effect in January 2009. ( see our earlier report –https://audie61.wordpress.com/2008/05/25/back-seat-belts-june-1stgreat/ )

“Enforcement is important but the impact could be temporary. It is not an inner-driven value but externally enforced. So, when advocacy is used, it (wearing rear seat belts) becomes a culture,” he told reporters today.He said that during the advocacy period,back seat passengers found not wearing seat belts would be advised, given pamphlets and stickers on its importance.

I take a significant interests in that when I was in England I was saved by the seat belt when I crashed into a wall in Bournemouth on 24th of April 1984. The XR3 Ford car then did not have Air Bag and also my friend Mark Battistini who was at my back was pushed forward towards me and that did not help in me getting severe facial injuries. It was headline news and I still keep a cutting of the Bournemouth Echo 1984 to remind me of that accident. I’m glad to be alive and its 24 years from that episode and I see the Malaysian Government has finally realised that back seat passengers also need to secure themselves.

 Well done Malaysia!! Read more also at  http://themalaysianinsider.com/mni/enforcement-of-rear-seat-belt-from-jan-1.html 


One thought on “6 months later (June 1st -Jan 1st)

  1. Jazz says:

    I guess the authorities finally come to their senses. They should first educate the public & give more details. Thats more like it…. ☆★
    I myself am a backseat belts user. SUPPORT!!

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