Kuching Stages Oil Protests…Power of SMS works…!!!

 kuching satok petrol price hike demo 050608 03Yb Dominique Ng (PKR Assemblyman for Padungan) sent “SMS” messages to Kuchingnites to come out and protest against Oil Prices at Jalan Satok near the Kentucky Fried Chicken.Please get as many people as possible to attend. It says BN Gov’t must go!! Only A Pakatan Rakyat gov’t can save us now!!!

Did it work….? Obviously it did, as close to 300 PKR members staged a peaceful demonstration along Jalan Satok under the watchful eyes of police personnel. There was however a lot of onlookers/sympathisers which was close to 500 watching from nearby shops and buildings.

Malaysiakini reported that  Kuching OCPD ACP Wong Wai Loong allowed the protesters, led by Sarawak PKR chairperson Dominique Ng, that action would be taken if the protesters displayed any banners or placards.

Deputy State Chairman Baharuddin told Malaysiakini that more demonstrations were being planned at different locations starting from tomorrow. We can see that the silent majority are with us,” he said, pointing to the growing number of sympathising onlookers.

The “Age of Technologyhas finally made its presence felt and YB Dominique has made full use of it.

26 thoughts on “Kuching Stages Oil Protests…Power of SMS works…!!!

  1. Sharon says:

    A large part of Malaysia is groaning from the price hike.Our PM is empty of ideas. We in Kuching has played its part. I will try to be there in KL for the July 12 MASS HIKE PROTESTS!!!!

  2. Nazriathul Zafrinnye says:

    We should not be afraid of our government .The government should be afraid of us. The people are saying it is time to change government. When we shall see….Hope soon….or else my laksa will even be $10 a bowl. Now we are already paying $4.50.

  3. Ong Eu Soon says:

    Price Hike – Time for Change
    The government’s decision to allow the unprecedented hefty price hike of petrol and electricity is tantamount to gross negligence in fulfilling their responsibility as the government of the day.

    Badawi once again breach the election promise of BN; no price hike this year! It is time for Anwar to fulfill his promise; taking over the federal government! The people have lost confidence in the present day government. Barisan National finally proved that it know nuts about running a country.

    Well done YB!!!

  4. Fandi says:

    Change, change, change. The people want change; change of the government, change of policy, change of prime minister, change we can believe in. Anwar where are you?????

  5. dominiique ng says:

    Tks for the very fast reporting! Tomorrow we shall protest in Bau and Miri, and on Saturday we shall go to Serian. By next week we shall go national if it has not reach that by this weekend. The peoples anger is at white hot heat level and if the BN govt is allowed to continue we shall have an economic tsunami on our hands and whh will bring our country to ruination. Say no to BN and yes to a PR govt. Its time for change. Anwar has promised that a PKR led govt will bring the price of petrol down! See the latest copy of Suara Keadilan which also came out today!

  6. Christina Yong says:

    This is what Sdr. Anwar said in Malaysiakini.PLease read

    PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim described the 78-sen rise in petrol pump prices as “wanton in size and callous in effect”.

    He added the increase – the largest in four rounds of price hikes in the last 18 months – was the “compounded legacy of the now unsustainable secrecy in the way the profits of Petronas are disbursed and was also the cumulative effect of wanton waste in government expenditure”.

    In remarks made to Malaysiakini today, Anwar said, “Those chickens are now coming home to roost to the detriment of the ordinary citizen who has been scrimping and scraping for several years now.
    “The steepness of the price increase this time is simply unconscionable,” he asserted.
    Great!!!! Anwar has spoken…………………………

  7. Lynn says:

    It means they had finished off the whole year budget in the first quarter of the year..WE dont know where the money had been pocketed.But now they are asking the rakyat to pay for their mismanagement..

    Lets us finished them once and for all..Never let them come back to power forever

  8. C.Lim says:

    Has anyone ever come across Pak Lah, Najib and the Cabinet Ministers filling up their tanks and pay for the petrol??

  9. M.Kamal says:

    This is a Machiavellian ploy to dump Najib and hand over power to a more qualified leader for Malaysia – Anwar Ibrahim. It simply doesn’t make sense for Pak Lah to do what he did, under the current pressure he is under to quit. Orite! So we just waiting for handing over of duties..

  10. Samsuddin says:

    Tunku Abdul Rahman – Bapa Kemerdekaan
    Tun Abdul Razak – Bapa Pembangunan
    Tun Dr Mahathir – Bapa Permodenan
    Datuk Sri Abdullah – Bapa Mentua KJ dan Bapa NaiK Minyak
    Ha! Ha! Ha!

  11. Kenny Ding says:

    Pak lah lied again …. Why can’t he tell the truth …
    Say Parliament not dissolved, the next day dissolved
    Say in August price review, then the next day increase…………We are waiting for him to LIE about his exit from Malaysian Politics……..

  12. Ang Poh says:

    C’mon Anwar!! What are you waiting for? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do something NOW!!

    All those bastards in BN are taking as much as possible before they go. They know their days are numbered.

    Don’t let them steal from from us anymore!! PLease do something now…..

  13. Princess Diana says:

    Time to stop travelling and let all the hotels go bust and the restaurants.

    Stay at home and entertain at home.

    Let all the busineeses go bankrupt bec too expensive to travel mah

  14. George says:

    People of Malaysia,

    It’s the time that we to unite again under 1 umbrella to fight for the nonsense colonisation of BN government and to put the end to all people’s miserable 50 years. Go on mass rally… or can simply refuse to perform your work by go on leave.

  15. Tim PL says:

    Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek

    This is part of the excerpt from his blog:_

    Rakyat will be watching how government will tackle inflation. Failure to address this issue which hits all Malaysian and cost the government a lot of good will and votes from the rakyat. I always feel that the Malaysia government overbuilt and over budgeted on building of infrastructure. A lot of primary schools, secondary schools and universities, new clinics and hospitals look like resort. The government wants to impress the rakyat with imposing buildings, forgetting that in the case of healthcare, it is the quality of services that counts. Government must start somewhere to curb this wastage to avoid it becoming worse and more public fund goes to waste

    Wah! wannabe opposition oredy!!!

  16. Patrick Goh says:

    Some are complaining that their Laksa is $4.50

    here in Sabah we have TomYam that is betweem RM 6.00 up to RM 12.50 !!! already in a normal kedai kopi.

    Ice Milo $2.00 before 5% gov tax is already normal here.

    and that is before the 80 cent increase.

    I believe we might have tom yam costing RM 20 in a kedai kopi and ice milo maybe $3

  17. KEN says:

    Sarawakian and Sabahan, u guys no right to protest for oil hike because both of u is strongest supporter to BN!!!!
    All of u should say thank you with few drops of tear and appreciate to BN Gov, u deserved for it!

    Because of u, we all suffer!
    Because of ur coward, BN still making the nation to be more corrupted.

    Lucky i am not part of u.

    One day if u no money to buy urself food pls not complain and goto eat shit! Whatever u face is ur karma, but we both in the same shit, very bad!

  18. ABD KALAM says:

    Serve you right for those rakyat who voted for BN-BARANG NAIK PARTY . Now you feel the pain lah, Shame on you people of SABAH & SARAWAK, undi lagi lah for BN. Anyway it is still not to late, let all rakyat of MALAYSIA come together as ONE and start putting pressure on the BN MP to cross over to PAKATAN RAKYAT. Because of ONE MP every one suffers.


  19. Johnny Cheah says:

    To my Sabah and Sarawak brothers and sisters, what had been done by the BN government to make your life difficult is partly your own fault. You people know they are not good as a government. Yet you voted for them. They have promised us that there will not be a price increase for petrol and diesel. Now you can see their action. With this big increase prices will be going up soon and a lot of people will suffer. Do you think the people in BN cares whether you suffer or can make ends meet. Think again. HOPE YOU GUYS OVER THERE HAVE LEARNT A GOOD LESSON

  20. kilroybob says:

    Hahahahaha….everyone seems to think that by removing the federal govt, and inserting anwar, life will change. He is the same like the rest of the politicians. YOu think BN is the culprit, sorry boys and girls….It is I, and I am a NYMEX oil trader. And boy and am I making a shitload of money off you lot. And the best part is, someone else is getting the blame. Yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!whoops, off to buy a new ferrari.

    Think who is making the money dickheads.

    To the malaysian populace, go buy an economics book, an oil trading book, and oil and gas industry book.


  21. Chris Chen Ling says:

    sarawakians with the exception of kuchingites…?

    our DAP rocket for bandar kuching smashed the dacing koyak bah!

    kakaka! :D

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