“OilHeat on PM and his Cabinet”….

Malaysiakini posted  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/83952 that rising prices of food and fuel were a major factor in the ballot, which has triggered repeated calls for the Premier to stand down. We are a major exporter of crude oil.How then did the government subsidise our petrol? No!!!, ‘subsidy’…….. Government did not  pay any money for it in the first place? Subsidising and getting the money from the government coffers (hefty sum of money) is completely misleading.

Looking for answers? Where and what does the PM and his cabinet do?  All our ‘leaders’ are engrossed in fighting and bringing each other down and the attack on the establishment is of “epic proportion” and it seems that the Powers to Be are charging forward.

An informed source has that the “September issue would be done sooner than later” It is the right time to move and as our earlier reports have mentioned POLITICS? CROSSOVERS? CHANGES? “Sabah MP defections is a ”meticulous strategy” put up by Anwar to deflect from the real crossovers taking place. All attention and energy is on the Sabah MP’s and the UMNO MP’s in West Malaysia were free to plan the defections. Abdullah knows what he is up to and knows what is coming.”

tengku razaleigh forum 260408 ku li speakingUMNO MP’s have to be balanced with at least 15-20 to balance the defections from East Malaysia. it is without doubt an arrangement of “Great Financial Minds” The person in question is Tengku Razaleigh and Anwar Ibrahim both of whom has served as Finance Ministers and has access to all the dealings of “Petronas,Bernas and Malaysias Banking Accounts”. There is a deal so it seems involving giving Tengku the Interim Premiership in the event that Abdullah is forced to “ABDICATE” or he calls for SNAP elections. The King holds the Key and Constitutional Power and he may even appoint Tengku as PM which of course is acceptable by Anwar. 

Will this sealed the deal even for Mahathir? It must be noted that there are still a lot of Mahathirs “Boys” in the cabinet and their allegiance are not to PM but safeguarding their own territories and their UMNO party positions. Anwar was after all brought into UMNO by Mahathir and though they had more than a “fallout” Anwar could be seen as the Man that saves UMNO. We know that “Enemies become friends and friends become enemies.An enemy of your enemy becomes your friend,even if the former is also your enemy,but as long as the latter is a bigger enemy.”

Isn’t this very true in the present Oil and Fuel Crisis and saving the country would be the call for the day? Ordinary Malaysians do not have great agenda. They simply want a comfortable life without too much hassle and bother. The rethinking and moving forward of Malaysian economy needs to be addressed as we are falling and falling.

Will street protests that has happened and are being planned work? The BIG ONE on Saturday July 12th 2008  http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/83988  Excerpts:- This morning (The protesters marched a short distance – about 200 metres – to show their anger with the 41 percent fuel hike which took effect today)  Not really, as it will only bring more hate,frustrations and anger. They say but……. its the only way to tell the Government that the people are not HAPPY.

It is without a doubt that there is a need to turn this heat on the PM and his cabinet by going about with deliberations with both sides of the house.They should be answers and above all they have to come out with the policies plus strategies. Only then we as Malaysians will be proud of this elected representatives and are willing to be associated with.

Do we need to be bullied by all the outside forces which are determining our peoples daily lives. Malaysia is truly blessed with Oil, natural resources and has vast agricultural lands which any other forign country would crave for. The Rakyat are Bleeding………………..smilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gifsmilies/angry.gif

We compare the price with some OIL PRODUCING countries.Have your own opinion…..!!! 
UAE– RM1.19/litre
Bahrain– RM0.87/litre
Kuwait– RM0.67/litre
Saudi Arabia– RM0.38/litre
Turkmenistan– RM0.25/litre
Venezuela– RM0.16/litre
MALAYSIA– RM2.70/litre

They can afford to provide petrol at these prices because they have surplus for local consumption. After all Anwar did promise us to lower the fuel prices the moment he becomes PM. So is the heat on Abdullah and his cabinet…….

19 thoughts on ““OilHeat on PM and his Cabinet”….

  1. Jean Y says:

    This country is full of natural resources but the rakyat is still “poor”. Why?This country is going to the dogs.

  2. Pete says:

    Petrol increases all transportation will increase, thus commodity will increase, raw materials, food items,ie the whole shebang will increase. They still want to have the seat of the PM? Can Anwar do it? To ‘decrease’ government subsidy and after that our oil sell it for hefty profits………..Enough is ENOUGH!

  3. Kip S says:

    How come the government put all the rakyat at war each time you raise the petrol price!!!
    You just look at the long queue at all the petrol station all over Malaysia…don’t you have a better idea of announcing the price hike news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Leslie Wee says:

    Aiya! Aiya! Grrrrrrrrrr…It makes stupid sense to make a small amount of cash repayments to a small portion of the citizens but the cost of tolls, food, goods and services keep on escalating. I don’t know whether they are aware that not all registered owners are the actual users of the vehicle and how the repayments could go to the actual persons intended.

    This way of abrupt petrol price increase would be disastrous to the nation and once the negative chain reactions (stock market crash, run away inflation, economic slowdown, corporate under-budgets, etc) happen, the nation might not recover from it for a long time.

  5. Rahmat says:

    Oh my gosh….Pakatan Rakyat please hurry up take over the government of Malaysia before BN destroy my beloved country beyond repair.Adu……h!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Lee W says:

    I almost collapse with the new fuel price…

    My employer says..

    a. work harder so that the fuel increase will not affect us.
    b. higher fuel he says less people will drive.
    c. it means the road less jam
    d. Singaporeans coming to Malaysia will speed.

  7. Aslan says:

    The only way to have a check and balance is having PR to be the Federal government. Then PR can dig all they can about the rot of BN.
    Hidup semuaaaaaaaaa…….dan maaaa….sa…. dep…aaaaan.

  8. Jee G says:

    Street protests! Street protests!! It has started… The protesters marched a short distance – about 200 metres – to show their anger with the 41 percent fuel hike which took effect today. What next???

  9. Tuah I says:

    It seems that the fuel price hike is decided by UMNO alone. Why other BN component parties are keeping quite?

    MCA, MIC, Gerakan, PPP, PBB, PRS, SUPP, SPDP….where are your balls?

    Hahahaha tsunami awaiting you all!

  10. Justina says:

    We need to bring down BN once and for all or else our next generations will be slave and will never ever compete with other countries

  11. Tugau says:

    I suggest PM calls for a snap election. Let the people decide if the price hike is acceptable.
    The time is just right…..Will see how many BN candidates will lose their deposits.

  12. Shaun says:

    Come on Pakatan Rakyat Yang Berhormats. High time you really speak up and go for it!!We are suffering and please help to pressure BN until they bring the price down… We have done our part by casting our vote to PR and now is the time for PR to pay back to us….We gave you 82 seat

  13. audie61 says:

    Thank you all for your comments and your support to my blog.
    I picked up an interesting response from YB Lim Kit Siang

    The Prime Minister and all the Cabinet Ministers owe Malaysians a full and acceptable explanation why they could not fully involve the Malaysian public in the restructuring of the fuel pricing system which is fair and equitable to the low and middle-income Malaysians and done in a competent , professional and accountable manner as to avoid the seven-hour nation-wide chaos yesterday.

    When i wrote this report I did not evencheck up his blog. Really Surprised!!!! GM Think Alike Hehehe

  14. yct says:

    We should be angry with ourselves for the increase in the price of petrol, not with Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. We did not bother to ask what they did with the estimated RM2 trillion of Petronas money since 1984. We did not demand that the Parliament get to peep into Petronas’ accounts. We just vote for Barisan Nasional over the years without a care in the world. Petronas reports to just one man, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, we have to ask of TDM what he had instructed Petronas to spend on the major tickets during those 20 years. We all know about the Twin Towers, KLIA, Sepang F1 and those grand mounuments and infrastructures. But there’s more to these. What were the other major expenditures? We need answers from TDM before we proceed next with the current PM. Let’s get our priorities right.

  15. George says:

    BN government is go broke after the long hauled election campaign this march and all those projects that promise their cronies and supporters go empty and did not get off the ground, 3 months after the election.

    The recent crossover by 16/9 as aclaimed by DSIA also worry BN alots and also their inner politic war in UMNO itself…putting more and more pressure to BN overally.

    The present cabinet is damn poor in managing the country and they got no other choice but to INCREASE the oil retail price so that they got money to start their project so to keep their people (cronies, police, IGP, judges, businessmen, NGOs) happy and still to support them.

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