Sabah crossovers?

Our report Storm Brewing in Sabah? It has however quieten down now. I interviewed the immediate family of a former Chief Minister Tun Fuad Stephans (the 1st Chief Minister of the state of Sabah in Malaysia) on what he thinks? He simply said we know what Jeffrey is like and to expect leaders just to hop/crossover its not so simple. The goodies that the PM brings will not be known to the people/cronies or for that matter journalists. It certainly reminded me of the “Godfathers” meeting of Junior Chamber International  where discussion was held from 12midnight and you have to wait for your turn.  Teresa Alberto a former personal aide to Dr.Jeffrey Kitingan said that his former boss is very persistent and there is a lot of negotiating still to be done and its a lot of Money/Power Talk.

A Kadazandusun leader with PBS said that the Prime Minister is scheduled to officiate tonight the national-level Pesta Kaamatan Open House in Padang Merdeka in Kota Kinabalu. But its been raining heavily today and this is unusual for this time of the year. He even went on to say their God (Kinoigan) does not seem Happy.

Latest at 5pm..UPKO Youth ..As the Kadazandusun celebrations of Pesta Kaamatan reaches its finale tonight the heavens open up.Some read it as the God is shedding tears for the peoples situation. Some of them still live in the rural areas where development is at a bare minumum scarcity. Some of them dont even have “Identity Cards”  and have not even voted in the General elections. Many felt that Sabah will be left behind from the rests of Malaysia. Sure the PM brings goodies to Sabah but announcing is easy but delivery is another thing. What a shame!! The illegal immigrants are treated better than Sabahans he said.!! 

The ADUNS/MPs are happy. Are the people happy? Their pockets are filled while we have to work hard to fill our stomachs. Sabahans of Kadazandusun origin are in a holiday mood now with the Kaamatan Harvest festival but what will happen after the festivities/merry making is anyone’s guess?  Watch this space…


25 thoughts on “Sabah crossovers?

  1. Terence ak.Boniface says:

    Jeffrey talking Big again.Hmmmm We have rescheduled the announcement till after the harvest festival. So you see it now and you dont see it anymore.Dunno lah!!!!

  2. Hatta bin Salleh says:

    Jeffrey sudah beritahu seluruh Msia tetapi nampak macam mustahil. Kawan saya semua cakap PKR macam Tin Kosong… kuat berbunyi tapi KOSONG di dalam. DAP ada katak, tidak kurang PKR juga.. UMNO peluk sdr.Ezam. Anwar
    mesti buka mata kerana orang disisi dia hanya menggunakan dia.

  3. Lee Howard says:

    Seems Sabahans are a very unhappy lot. So much problems i heard from my friend who works in Sabah about the illegal issues and squatters. Well the YBs have to sort this out cannot only depend on Prime Minister….

  4. Low CC says:

    The ADUNS/MPs are happy. Are the people happy? Their pockets are filled while we have to work hard to fill our stomachs. ( I like this Statement…)
    Wake up before too late……………

  5. Gertrude S says:

    \(^_^)/ Jeff always the same same one. Anyway all the Sabah YBS talk too much. illegal issues solve it lah. We feel unsafe now.

  6. Adriana stephan says:

    Everyone has a different view on how the political situation will unfold. There are so many uncertainties and for me there should be another General Election to solve this 140/82 and 30 or more to crossover/hop. Enough and we should be more mature and look at increasing oil prices,food prices and so on. Please enough Politiking!!!!.

  7. Chang TS says:

    I pick this up from Malaysianinsider which is good……
    A huge number of illegal migrants is now rocking the fabric of Sabah culture,” Anifah said

    But the illegal immigration issue is not the only thing which concerns Anifah.

    He is also upset with a long-standing problem faced by Sabahans; while the state is rich in minerals, being an oil producer, it is the second poorest in the country.

    Consider these numbers: Malaysia’s poverty rate is 3.7 per cent, but Sabah’s is 23 per cent

  8. Tommy Lim says:

    Does this statement mean that Anwar doesn’t mind if there are no crossovers???Former PKR Youth chief Ezam Mohd Noor may possibly act as a Trojan Horse for PKR with his recent re-entry into Umno, said former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad Wow!! political conspiracy

  9. Alan cheah says:

    Whatever the colour of the shirt they wear the most important thing is the Peoples needs should be looked into! No need to tell everyone what and how many want to JOIN YOU>>>>>>>>

  10. Mortimer says:

    If its not broken no need to fix it. Ai!!yaya!! Apa lagi?
    Get to the bottom of the problem in Sabah and the people will not turn against the government. Fix it now before too late..

  11. Wee HS says:

    There is always a Price for everything we do. Political ways are sometimes very dirty. Wonder besides $$$$$$$ what will they do next to entice the “FROGS” if they can be called……

  12. bondoun says:

    Jeffery is a big joke and nothing else! He is nothing, but empty can make unbearable noise. Both Jeffery and Anwar cannot be trusted, they build up our
    expectation and cannot deliver! What is this?!

    Now think about it, Anwar said he is free to run for MP after 15th April. That is another lie. He cannot do this until Badawi gave him leaving certificate from ISA(“university kedua”). I found this last week when he was interviewed in singapore. Again he withheld the truth and kept all of us waiting. He is not a trust worthy man and we sabahans cannot support people like this!!!

  13. bondoun says:

    If Sabahans want to change, I suggest going independent all the way! and show them what we mean! They can then bid for us. To me at this point, politic is about $$$ and we need the money. Everything in Sabah has been sold without our referendum.

    The only resources now is our MPs. If we have to we can sell our frogs if the price is right for Sabah. Forget about Jeffery, Anwar and their PKR promises. UNTRUSTWORTHY!!

    Even BNs is not willing to set up RCI on the illegal immigrations. Our own MP Ronald Kiande need to be roasted after denying RCI for Sabah. Ronald you are judas, unlike judas you will not be forgiven for your betrayal…

  14. daoren says:

    why all the secrecy. what happens to ‘total transparancy’? u bluff some of the people all the time. U bluff all the people some of the time. BUT u can’t bluff all the people all the time. take a look at my blog and see what it means the mind of a child.

  15. Johari M says:

    Happy Now…..RM1 billion allocation from the prime minister’s special allocation to be distributed according to development requirements in Sabah.PM also announced that a 300MW power station would be built in Kimanis, Papar. Moreover scrap the Sabah Federal Development Department. High level commitee set up for illegal immigrant problem. I copied this phrase …..
    The ADUNS/MPs are happy. Are the people happy?

  16. anton says:

    The PM have thrown bones to feed our hungry MPs. And they are happy with the abolition of JPPS (@ Malayan colonial office) and kena “tai” lagi RM 1 billion. Musa Aman is happy, the politicians are happy to continue on riding on well-loaded BN gravy train driven by the PM (BodohWE). And the people involved in “treasonous” Project IC and illegal Malaysians (holder of Malaysian ICs obtained through the backdoor by dubious means); and the PTIs are also extremely happy because they will be no Commission of Inquiry to get to the bottom of this UMNO/BN created Mother-of-all Sabah’s problem! Instead we will only have a committee to no where on the PTI headed by our Sifo DPM.

    The chameleons of politics have changed their colour. They have got most of what they had wanted. They are Happy!

    But to you the people of Sabah, are you HAPPY too?

  17. Lionel Wee says:

    I think everyone is getting sick, restless and frustrated hearing just talks and claims that PKR has the numbers to unseat the BN Government
    I think Anwar Ibrahim and Jeffery Kitingan should just keep their mouths shut and work on their plans quietly.

  18. bondoun says:

    Hmm! the so called “goodies for Sabah” announced by PM Badawi recently is simply not enough. I hope he will continue to work with our MPs to provide more reliefs for Sabah in the future. Forgive me if I don’t seem excited and appreciative over what was unveiled recently. In a manner of speaking, I welcome all of this, however, we have to put things in greater perspective and begin to understand how, why and what brought us here in the first place. All of a sudden, everything that was orchestrated to make sabahans feel good doesn’t measure up.

    Comparing to other states, we are at roughly 15 to 20 years behind. This new infusion of cash is much welcome, but let us not forget we are not par over what we lost. The lost is not only in term of ringgit, but has direct impact over our lifestyles.

  19. anak sabah says:


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