RM1 Billion allocation to Sabah

bn mp retreat 190408 abdullah pak lah Will this do for Sabah..? The threat of defections from BN and unhappiness of the MPs from Sabah is under control for the time being. At the mercy of Sabahans the Prime minister announced a RM1 billion allocation from the  prime minister’s special allocation to be distributed according to development requirements in  Sabah. Full report:- http://themalaysianinsider.com/mni/sabah-federal-development- department-scrappedh.html Are you all satisfied? Who benefits? Is this enough……………? 

13 thoughts on “RM1 Billion allocation to Sabah

  1. LK Tiong says:

    He he he so my boss sure very happy one. did u not see his smile. This even make more UMNO Sabah boys richer ha ha ha

  2. Sabah Boy says:

    The decision would not change anything if the DELIVERY system was inefficient.
    The committee i still wonder how they are going to resolve the “IC Project” issue.
    We shall see…..!!!!!!

  3. Keningau says:

    Oh,Oh,Oh, Sabahan has their own choices..!

    why never use it..?

    Do you still believe BN will do something for you… yes, maybe another 50 years..!

  4. Mohd.J says:

    Abdullah has given 60% of what they wanted.The rest will be thought of seriously as it might affect the other states.Sabahans should sleep peacefully and should not think of crossing over.The Federal government had been stretched and any more goodies depends on their performance.Abdullah had done his homework well

  5. KRavendran says:

    Pak LAh’s efforts to please Sabah politicians is every bit a last-ditch measure to prevent the last nail on the coffin from being hammered by Sabah politiicans.

    Now, if Pak Lah can stand Aman Musa’s track record amidst all those allegations of corruption and put him back as CEO of Sabah, then Pak LAh may be just as guilty of being a slimy poitician. In any case, Pak Lah has zero credibility left today. He should call for fresh elections and be shown he is an emperor without clothes

  6. George D says:

    Sabahans are definitely in for another disappointment as the new Cabinet committee is not likely to resolve the problems. Can the authorities identify “legal illigal” immigrants and take back the Mycards? Or is this just what people say only and not true?

  7. Allan Bong says:

    Badawi, do not try to claim credit by promising “goodies” as we sabahans do not consider that as goodies , because you have first robbed them from us now you are only giving back a dismal portion of what is rightfully ours !!!

    All credits should be given DAP, PKR , PAS and all PR politicians who have pin-pointed all the short-comings that BN had inflicted upon sabah for 50 years.

  8. PKR Boy says:

    Pak Lah’s “goodies” are not impressive as compared with the 20% oil royalty offered by PR (if we are in office).

    So long as there is corruption in the system, there will be no end to the illegal immigrants problem.
    Let PKR solve it for YOU……………..

  9. Anton says:

    The PM have thrown bones to feed our hungry MPs. And they are happy with the abolition of JPPS (@ Malayan colonial office) and kena “tai” lagi RM 1 billion. Musa Aman is happy, the politicians are happy to continue on riding on well-loaded BN gravy train driven by the PM (BodohWE). And the people involved in “treasonous” Project IC and illegal Malaysians (holder of Malaysian ICs obtained through the backdoor by dubious means); and the PTIs are also extremely happy because they will be no Commission of Inquiry to get to the bottom of this UMNO/BN created Mother-of-all Sabah’s problem! Instead we will only have a committee to no where on the PTI headed by our Sifo DPM.

    The chameleons of politics have changed their colour. They have got most of what they had wanted. They are Happy!

    But to you the people of Sabah, are you HAPPY too?

  10. Jedyoong says:

    Desperate times call for desperate measures.
    The question now is, what does Anwar have to offer?
    OOOooooOOOooPPPPPPPPSSSSSS, principles. That’s right….

  11. Ted Kiong says:

    If the BN government didn’t lose their 2/3 majority in March, these issues might be overlooked once again after the election. Still, it’s better late than never.

    However, don’t take their promise for granted yet. One of the biggest issues with our BN government is on implementations… they do come out with decent ideas and policies occasionally, but often failed to meet the objectives due to poor executions.

  12. bondoun says:

    The so-called “goodies for sabah” is short lived after all. Even before the first sign of relief, we are already reeling from the sharp rise in fuel prices. The appeasement for Sabah is sadly inadequate and we are just gullible to see it as a win. BN should be careful, it takes more than appeasement to regain the goodwill of the people.

    The neglects, abuse and abandonment by BN over the years have taken its toll on the people. It is only through our contribution of MPs that enabled Badawi to form the current government. After weeks of continue demands by our disgruntle MPs that suddenly an appeasement was struck and announced during the kaamatan festival.

    Meanwhile, Badawi was way ahead of the political game, even prior to the setting up of parliament. Badawi appeased sabahans by appointing Pandikar Amin and Roger Kiande as speaker and deputy speaker of parliament respectively.
    The sole purpose of appointing sabahans to the speaker of parliament was to out maneuver the call by the opposition for the setting up of RCI for illegal aliens in sabah. Roger Kiande sold his soul for this position and had to fall in line with BN to deny Lim Kit Siang’s call for RCI for illegal aliens in sabah. Roger we will not forget you! You are like Judas, the only difference is Judas was forgiven by Jesus. But think about it, where was Pandikar Amin? He sterilized himself from this issue as far as he can. This is what we called CYA or rather Cover Your Ass! This move by BN surprised everyone, but Badawi was slick enough to transform himself as santa claus with “goodies for sabah” announcement.

    No matter how it was done, Badawi out maneuvered us, using his right hand to deliver appeasement and left hand for poison. That is “Madu di tangan kanan mu, racun di tangan kiri mu”. For once, we needed our MPs to do our bidding and make sabah issues their number one priority. This is also the time to reflect on our values as sabahans and quickly figure out where we to go from here?

    It is time we take from Dr. Mahathir’s playbook and support for independent candidates instead. This will undoubtedly create options for us. Later, we can issue a referendum with the voters on which way to proceed and/or which party to form coalition with. This is the only way we can get our voice heard and not control by anyone. The PBS era was a good start, but slightly ahead of its time. But as is, PBS is no longer the PBS we used to know.

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